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I'll start us off with the Grand Champion, Greatest Hit, undisputed Queen of Questions:


Please keep this going with either a question or possible answer(s) to other questions.

Possible answers to protein question:

Serious Answers (only possible at the beginning of meal...before frustration sets in:)

1. From plants. They have plenty.

2. From plants. We actually don't need as much as most people think.

Slightly Annoyed Answers (around mid-meal when people have begun to stare at my plate:)

1. The same place gorillas and elephants get theirs.

2. From eggplant. It's part egg.

Pure Sarcasm (after the meal when people start to "teach" me why being a vegan is wrong:)

1. I lick cows.

2. I don't get any protein. Is that bad?! What have you heard?! Am I GOING TO DIE?!?!!?!!?!?


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The Pleasure Trap book and talk are both excellent!  If I'm not mistaken the point made in the book is that when people bring up the food issue, the vast majority of them just want to hear that what they are doing is okay.  And that the best thing to do is to change the subject.  A couple of good articles in my post on this thread on the social aspects of eating, pretty much say the same thing.  It is an excellent point to bring up!

Still I think all the answers have their place and that even sarcastic answers can be okay in healthy family/friend socializing.  It really depends on your relationships and communication style.  And it might be the best response if you are being attacked to get someone to leave you alone.  Again it depends on the person and the situation.  I never use sarcasm myself but I met this Chiropractor who always gave his family trouble for eating junk and he was funny and sincere but kind of sarcastic at the same time with his comments.

Totally agree, ednshell. Use of sarcasm is situational. With some people it will only confirm for them that you are wrong and maybe even a bad person. I only use sarcasm with folks who know me rather well and know that I mean no harm when I use it.

I haven't read/seen the Pleasure Trap book/talk. Thanks for recommending it!

Sarcasm here in the UK is a way of life, it keeps us on our toes!! and then there is irony both of which can be confused with eachother, they are also sometimes lost on certain people who get upset by it all!! mostly by people who take life too seriously...

Agreed - and I have to remind myself that not everyone likes to laugh as much as I do - gets me into trouble from time to time - but not enough to stop me.

Lol! :D  Me too!

Yeah, I see this  on a regular basis: People saying roughly what you just said - "if the meaning that I'm trying to convey is lost on someone, they're probably taking life too seriously", or worse yet, "they don't get my no-bullshit communication approach, cuz they're undercarbed".  I think in many cases, those are cop-outs.  One of my favorite NLP presuppositions is that the meaning of any communication is the response you get.  If the meaning of irony or sarcasm is lost on the target of the communication, it is not their falut, it's ours. Believing the contrary is just an attempt to shrug off responsibility, imo.  Both NLP and NVC describe this philosophy way better than I can. They're worth looking into.

I do appreciate the fact that in the UK, people get sarcasm and irony a lot more than in other countries. It definitely is a fun communication style.

I'm sometimes irresponsible. And I don't always hold myself responsible for the behavior of others. The presupposition that the meaning of any communication is the response you get is flawed. Have you ever played the game 'Telephone'? Communication fails. Humans are flawed. Each comes with his/her own filter through which they perceive/sense. The response you get is often unintelligible. It's frustrating. Frustration can lead to sarcasm - so can joy. We're all doing the best we can. It doesn't always go the way of reason. NLP is great. Real life is hard. It's not perfect, thank beets. I don't think there has to be fault assigned when miscommunication occurs. I think its miscommunication - takes two to mis-tango. 

True. Good point.

yeah I agree. I was in a situation once where someone asked why i would nto eat ice cream with the rest of them. I tried to keep it simple. Oh i know its enjoybale and tasty I just dont eat that etc.. But i kept getting pushed and pushed as to why. So I got scientific went on about the nutritional aspect of it and how I just dont want to eat a food like that etc.. I could sense these other people where getting offended by me. Almost like how dare he get arrogant with us and point out what we are eating is unhealthy. But i was not being arrogant at all etc.. I was just nicely stateing the facts its no secret etc.. But still these people pushed further how come I wouldnt just eat somejust this once. Thats when i busted out the baby cows and started to lead into rape cages for the mama cows and there babies beings tolen from them etc.. at this point the discussion took a horrible nosedive to the offensive arena. I stopped and they quit pressing the issue. But i was the A$$hole by this point.

I have a few people in my social circle who see how i eat how i run the weight i've lost etc.. and to be honest they look at me like like "F him" I'm kinda screwed before I even say a word. No matter what i say they perceive it as me being judgmental about there eating and exercising habits etc.. it doesnt matter ho nice i try and put it etc. Or maybe it truely does always come out all wrong though I dont think thats the case because its welcomed by others.

Sucks. Like people using peer pressure to get someone to use drugs. Always found that stuff weird, annoying - bullying really.

Alice, I couldn't agree with you more! Nicely said!



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