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I'll start us off with the Grand Champion, Greatest Hit, undisputed Queen of Questions:


Please keep this going with either a question or possible answer(s) to other questions.

Possible answers to protein question:

Serious Answers (only possible at the beginning of meal...before frustration sets in:)

1. From plants. They have plenty.

2. From plants. We actually don't need as much as most people think.

Slightly Annoyed Answers (around mid-meal when people have begun to stare at my plate:)

1. The same place gorillas and elephants get theirs.

2. From eggplant. It's part egg.

Pure Sarcasm (after the meal when people start to "teach" me why being a vegan is wrong:)

1. I lick cows.

2. I don't get any protein. Is that bad?! What have you heard?! Am I GOING TO DIE?!?!!?!!?!?


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I get these questions EVERYDAY, no one mentioned this but my main go to response is:

"This diet makes me feel great and I can do things I could never do before. YESTERDAY I RODE MY BIKE 90 MILES/I AM RUNNING 50 MILES A WEEK ON THIS DIET/I WOKE UP THIS MORNING AT 4AM EXCITED AND FULL OF ENERGY/ETC and I can't imagine going back. But hey, if you can eat big macs everyday and feel awesome, more power to you, I can't do it."

Inevitably the next words out their mouth is "I can't keep eating like this either! I feel like crap every morning when I wake up!" Then I ALWAYS say to them a second time, "If you can eat that whatever you want and always feel good, I would go for it, that's not an option for me..." and they say again "No I can't either! I'm trying to tell you!" 

ALSO if people tell me "That's amazing you can run 20 miles!" I ALWAYS tell them: "Anyone can do it. Did you know that the average age for ironman finishers is 40 years old? Did you know there is a man with no legs and one arm who competes in ironman? Have I told you the story of the blind AND deaf man I watched finish an ironman? Have I ever told you about my friend Mike, who is 65 years old and competes in full ironmans? Have I ever told you about my friend Sally who is 55 with 4 kids and does 10 marathons a year and full ironmans on top of that? Ever hear of Terry Fox, the kid with cancer who runs a marathon a day for 180 days straight with one leg and dying of cancer???

Terry Fox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjgTlCTluPA

Rajesh Durbal: Ironmans with NO LEGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wALU8ZMiC0U

65 year old couple a marathon a day everyday for a YEAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY4HUmLbT3M

Andy Granda: Blind deaf ironman. http://www.woodlandsonline.com/newsarchives/archivedetails.cfm?id=5...


Amazing. I like the way you use the teaching moment - for lack of a better phrase - to also empower them. 

Love, "I won't let you tell me that 'I'm amazing' or that 'I'm special.'"

People try EVERYDAY to tell me that I am "amazing/special/awesome/talented/athletic, and they try to tell me "I could never do that". People try to tell me these things everyday and I NEVER let them compliment me like that. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT ANYONE CAN RUN A MARATHON/IRONMAN/DO CENTURY RIDES ON THEIR BIKE etc!!!! 

90% of training is mental. People can have whatever mental outlook on life they want, its none of my busines, BUT I WILL NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE TO USE ME TO CREATE A NEGATIVE/PESSIMISTIC OUTLOOK FOR THEMSELVES. I am always kind about it. I am always friendly about it. 

If you try to tell me that you can't run 20 miles, (I just ran 15 miles on a random workout this morning NO BIG DEAL), that's okay, but I will insist you listen to me for 30 seconds tell you about my friend Steve WHO IS 55 YEARS OLD, RUNS TRIATHLON WITH HIS WIFE...AND HE ONLY HAD ONE KIDNEY!!!! HE GAVE ONE OF HIS KIDNEYS TO A STRANGER TO SAVE HER LIFE...THEN WENT ON TO MARRY HER....THAT IS WHO HIS WIFE IS!!!! THEN I WILL INVITE YOU TO TRAIN WITH US!!! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TRAIN WITH US, ITS ON YOU...YOUR CHOICE..BUT YOU WILL BE REPEATEDLY INVITED, SO YOU WILL KNOW THE TIME AND LOCATION!!!

This is the show stopper everytime. No need to argue with people. Just invite them to train with you every time. I am riding or running 7 days a week.

Let your actions speak louder than your words. Everyone I care about who is killing themselves with cigarette, drugs, alcohol and poor lifestyle choices, will spend the rest of their lives watching me perform at a high level and live life passionately healthy and enjoying endurance sports. THEY WILL HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION NOT TO JOIN ME.

I don't even bring the topic up in conversation...they see what I am doing and they come to me. Already several people I know have wilted under the pressure already and started trying to eat vegan...because at a certain point, they become very uncomfortable watching me run and cycle everyday...how much energy I have DAY IN AND DAY OUT. At a certain point, it just becomes easier to join me than to resist. And if they don't want to join me, hey its a free world, that's okay too. I am constantly looking for people to inspire and motivate me. I love surrounding myself with people who push me to be a better person. 

Love it.

these aren't 'bad', just expected:

"the diet seems too expensive. all i can afford at times is fast food." (from my cousin)

me  -  "my experience is i spend about 10-15$ a day. i bought about 10 bananas the other day for 2.30$. best way for me to eat!"

me - "i actually don't have to buy any medicines, make up or perfumes any more. my money goes to electric bills, grad school, car gas, internet bills, and food. rarely anything else. pretty cool way to live for me! > other bills might be parts for my bike, music recording equipment, tee shirts to screen print, books for my preschool/elementary classrooms, craft supplies

"do you eat out?" (could see my uncle asking this)

me - "yep, but if i don't find good food, no worries. i just eat after. i don't get hungry if i have to go some time without eating, like i used to..."

"is it healthy?" / "iron?" "calcium?" "vitamin b12?"...  (perhaps from my aunt or sister)

me - "got my bloodwork done a year in... able to maintain 65-70 pound weight loss (i was NEVER able to do before... and still maintaining 65-70 pound weight loss 2 years in)... cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, vitamin levels, mineral levels, fat lipid profile, thyroid, adrenal glands... all 'perfect'. only thing questionable was my low estrogen and slightly raised testosterone. all within normal levels but approaching low and high. considering all the weight i gained and lost prior, i expected my hormones to be a little off-balance."

    > i have hard copies too  ^_^

if someone questions me, here's what i can always say back (and you can too):

"i don't know what's best for people, but what's best for Me, from my experience (*you can't argue with experience*), is this lifestyle: vegan, low fat, raw as much as possible.

    > periods stabilized (i had abnormal cycles from ages 16 - 22. they've been normal since age 22, when i started "80-10-10")

    > happy almost all of the time, *effortlessly*, rarely pessimistic, rarely judgemental, just a clearer and sillier way to live. (i used to strive for 'happiness', by every method in the book: therapy, diets, medicine, self-help books, etc...)

    > when i am sad or frustrated, it's a normal emotion i accept. pretty cool.

    > weight stabilization. been at ~115 for 2 years now.  (prior from ages 16-22 i fluctuated daily in weight, lowest weight being ~98 pounds, highest weight ~185 pounds)

    > Easiest way to eat. no cooking, cutting, cleaning, serving... just buy fruit - place on towel or plate - eat as i read or watch a movie ^_^

    > don't need:   deodorant, soap, toothpaste, perfume, makeup, medicine in any form, vitamin/mineral/macromolecule supplements, lotion... easy peasy

thanks guys ^_^ 

So much helpful info here. Awesome!

Maybe not but I think it probably hurts the animal concerned! How would you like someone putting a hook in your mouth and then pulling on it for instance?

Indeed, I've heard that too. It's probably repeated so often that many people believe it to be fact - or at least they want to believe it. It would more easily allow them to justify the eating of the fish they catch. A lack of any critical thinking process.

On the second point even catch and release may lead to fish suffering a significant level of stress - and many of those released dying shortly afterwards. I will have to examine this further to get a better understanding of catch and release fishing. One can however imagine that a fish that has battled for a long period of time and then released becoming very weak and therefore falling pray much more easily than would otherwise the case.

One way I've witnessed fish being injured due to catch and release is when people quickly pull fish from great depths to the surface. I have seen fish bleed from their gills after this and suspect it is from the rapid change in pressure they experience when unnaturally hauled from the water. It's horrible. It's promoted here in NYC as a great activity for kids and families, yet the fish are suffering right in front of everyone. 

We give the raw food and plant based movement a bad name with these snarky sarcastic responses.  They do nothing to "manage the uninformed" or "manage the irritated" as Lisle and Goldhammer teach in "The Pleasure Trap".  Sarcastic answers also do nothing to promote strong friendships and family bonds, and completely miss the point of a social gathering like a thanksgiving dinner.  Even the serious "educating" and scientific responses will most of the time backfire, as all they do is foster resistance from the target and increase their need for self validation.

For best ways to navigate around family and social gatherings, do check out "The Pleasure Trap". There's a chapter in there on that subject that is fantastic.

Hey Bart, I'm seeing some silly responses but a lot of serious responses too...not sure if you're maybe reading a different thread or something...



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