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I was talking with my parants yesterday about what Im eating and their reaction was: "why you eat so much bananas, your aint a moneky" and also "Its not good for you couse you can get worms from (to) much bananas"... lol


Now and then I hear people saying there can be worms at the end of bananas and I was wondering how much of it is true. So far i've seen only 1 person saying he actually saw white worms inside an banana.

I gues this is right place to ask on this issue since some of you eat em like crazy! :P

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I've seen worms in bananas when I was in Thailand,  but never in Cavendish bananas that I eat in the states.

Ive seen worms in bananas in asia that had been stung by fruit fly. NOT a health hazzard and you cant actually eat em cos the bananas will taste like wine and you will be suspect from the get go. Same with other fruits Ive found.


So NOTHING to worry about.


BUT..please educate your parents on:

#Bovine lung worm

#Bovine AIDS virus

#Bovine Luekemia.

We also have tapeworms found in animal meats too. http://www.merckmanuals.com/home/au/sec17/ch196/ch196p.html




Show this vid to your parents next time they are tucking into 'lunch'. ;) Just pop open the laptop and say 'what you's think of this?'


The following is a video of a tape worm in human faeces. I thought the username looked familiar and then I realised he is one of the paleo/primal crew. Hey, eating animal products is the best way to get a family of worms inside you thats for sure!


And I wrote a blog today about worms.




People eating raw fish also risk worms that will eat up their stores of b12. Im thinking this is maybe why Ive NEVER seen someone raise b12 levels using animal products and lower homocysteine.

Thnx for replies, here is another shocking video on worms





(somehow I fail to add video on this forum so if anyone could be so kind and explain me how I would be really gratefull!)

Oh my god. I just saw a lot of tiny white worms (about 3mm long) in my organic banana when I used my knife to scoop off a brown spot. It totally freaked me out. They were squirming around pretty energetically. 


I know I eat a lot of parasite eggs/bugs/worms already when I eat my organic lettuce even though I can't see it but this incident has freaked me out quite a bit. 


I guess a lot of people in Africa even eat live worms or larvae and they don't seem to have problems with them...


Durianrider or Harley, if you see this - I want to ask what is the difference between eating the worms/bugs from organic raw vegetables/fruits as opposed to raw animal products? Both kinds of food have worms/parasites present, is it that the worms in animal products are more harmful? or raw animal products have more parasites? Thanks in advance.


Anyone that sees this is also free to respond! thanks!

I just found worms in my bananas today - lots of them and big ones.  I am trying to shut it out of my memory and I guess writing about it doesn't help the cause but I really want to figure out how to avoid this as I really want to go on banana island for a month.  i live in thialand - so i am not the first one to see worms in bananas here.  Its happened to me about 4 or 5 times now - once in india.  They always match the color of banana flesh and look like the fibers of a banana so now every time I eat a banana I peel it completly and inspect it for about 30 seconds before I am ready to take a bite.  The whole process is very stressful which does not seem healthy at all.  I am hoping if I but my bananas green and ripen them in my room there might be less bugs but my other problem is when I bring bananas in my room little baby ants come with them - I am worried its those ants that are laying eggs in my bananas that then hatch into disguesting worms.  I know I am going to get bashed for writing this but I really have to fight myself to resist the temptation to spray my bananas with roach poison.  I just don't know what to do, but I have things I need to heal and really want to do a long fruit island.  Please help...

no need for roach poison...I solved my problem by ripening fruit inside a luggage. I chose a luggage because the zips allow some air ventilation, as opposed to plastic boxes which might be air tight. If you are ripening fruit outdoors, completely zip up the luggage and no insects can get in.

thanks for the tip - I will try it. However I think here is thailand the bugs might be able to work their sick creepy magic and squirm there way through a sealed zipper.  I just bought a bunch of plastic containers.  I really like the fact that I can see through them but is seems wrong to not let fruit get any air.  I guess its all about experimentation.

I just had a batch of bananas full of worms. They're white in color about 1mm long and are found digging into the fruit so that that the surface of the banana's flesh looks mushed up. I've notice their entry point is commonly where the banana joins the comb/head is. I suppose they're maggots or larvae.

My mum also commented to me that she has seen worms like the fibers of the banana. Thread like worms in the "millions" was her quote.

**WHY** did I just read through this and especially why did I watch DR's video with the heart thing...  omgosh.

I found maggots on my organic baby bananas, so I cut off half of it(the part with it) and froze the rest. I'm afraid if the maggots travelled to the other good part of the banana and too scared to use it. May have it for breakfast today or should I throw it away? Help!



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