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I know on the raw till 4 the premise is that you eat as much as you want of fresh fruit and vegetables which some cooked starches as a fallback. However, I do want to be aware of what my minimum guidelines amount should be in terms of calcium/protein/iron/ect. 

I am 165 cm (just over 5"5), 53kg (117 pounds). I have a 24" waist but it feels a bit soft (I'd prefer a bit more firmness). I am mostly sedentary during the day as I am at school, with at least 7 hours a week of exercise Monday-Thursday (am working on more). I assume from the fruit that most of my vitamin requirements will be met fairly easy  but I am dismal at consuming the sufficient amount of protein, calcium and iron which leaves me looking pretty pale and not sleeping right.

I will try to follow the 80/10/10 but my upmost priority is to meet my nutritional needs and be healthy :) So far I have found consuming a lot of peas/corn helps with the protein and unsweetened almond milk is a good calcium/milk replacements but I'm not sure about the rest (and they can only do so much!)

Any recommendations for my nutritional requirements are welcome!

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get enough calories and your covered   get 2500calories measured by cronometer for free

calcium/iron =  romaine hand full of nuts/seeds oranges dates figs  beans 

protein is no issue if you eat 2500 calories 

I just made a cronometer account so I can start tracking - thank you so much for the tips on getting in the calcium/iron in easier (I personally love oranges so I'm happy those are on the list:) ).

At the moment I'm still adjusting to eating more calories as I seem to eat no more than 1500 a day (sometimes just 1000) - I know it's unhealthy so I'm slowly adjusting to eating more and getting that 2500.

A nice way to get those calories in right away so you have the energy to run and dance, (and not rely on your already overworked adrenals), is to eat one fruit for the day, mangoes are a good one.  For example 2 large mangoes, 7 times a day, will get you to 2800 calories.  No matter what stick to high calorie fruits.

How oes raw kale taste and can I get it in a regular supermarket?


Get at least 2000 calories from fruit before you eat any cooked meals and then eat a head/pound of tender greens at dinner, and at least one fully raw day a week, then you should be fine.> The 'Raw Till 4' diet 7 day food and exercise planner

Remember the nutrient requirements are based on people eating the SAD or the like and on what is in conventionally grown foods.  Grow your own and re-mineralize for best results: REMINERALIZE THE EARTH - Home

To read more on nutrients scroll down to C. here:


I am in boarding school at the moment so it can be hard to get instant access to fruit (they close off the kitchen with some school-stocked fruit after breakfast until lunchtime) - while I'm transitioning, is it ok to eat a vegetarian cooked pasta or veggie sandwhiches?

Going fully raw one day a week sounds like a good start (especially on the weekend when I can leave boarding to go get more fruit).

Thank you for the planner and I will try following something like this (though I am far too attached to my beloved vegan cereal to not have it nearly every morning so I will chuck more fruit in until I can get off it).

Sounds good, I think the main thing to take way is that you don't need to be perfect with nutrient intake.  When you are taking out the bad stuff, high fat, animals products etc. you will be able to utilize the nutrients you get so much better!

Very true! I'm thinking of maybe getting a blood test now before I'm too far down just to see how much of a priority it really is (then I can compare after).

Blood tests at the beginning are a great idea so if you have any questions 6 months or a year in you can get another test and compare.

Please check out this link https://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2007nl/apr/protein.htm

It shows the protein found in plants and how we only need around 5%  protein calories a day, which equates to about 34-37 grams per day if you eat 2000 calories.

And you don't even have to eat beans to get plenty of protein. In fact, extra protein beyond what your body needs is excreted by kidneys and into urine. The body has a hard time digesting extra protein, turning it into uric acid ( which is very acidic to the body ), can cause kidney disease, heart disease, and other ailments from extra protein.

It also says that you can grow muscle and recover from malnutrition by just eating potato's and nothing else, and apparently there were Peruvian children who grew healthfully and recovered from starvation who just ate grains, starches, and veggies.

This was all based on studies done in the 40s by Dr. Rose.

Very interesting. I personally eat 3000 calories because I have the appetite. I used to be able to only eat 2000 at first when I started this lifestyle, but I have gradually built it up. I don't even exercise that much, maybe 3 times a week. The more carb calories = the more nutrients and energy you get. 

As for calcium, you can get that easily with oranges/orange juice, romaine, dates, black beans. Fruit does have calcium also by the way, just not as much as other plants. I have used almond milk (light) in the past in my shredded wheat cereals (when I didn't have fruit) and it is good, plenty of calcium in almond milk. I personally think the calcium requirements are a bit too high, and especially if you are 100% low fat high carb vegan where your blood is alkalizing from all the healthy plants. Animal protein is known to increase acidity thereby increasing the amount of calcium that is drawn from your bones.

Just eat to your hearts content, but a little more if you are starting out, since it takes time for your stomach to get used to the high water content of fruits and veggies. Most days I do not get 100% calcium, maybe 50-70% depending on what I eat that day. I feel great and have reached peak fitness.

I did not realise oranges had calcium in them also so I will start using them as a source! I am glad to know calcium doesn't have to be an absolute priority...as a dancer with weaker ankles I do try to get the recommended amount just in case but it's nice to know I don't have to stress if I only get to around 70%. I have never been a diary person in my life (unlike the rest of my family) so it's always been a bit of a difficulty (especially due to the animal proteins sucking it out...)

I don't think I am able to eat 3000 just yet :) Just going to follow what my body tells me and maybe it will lead me up that path or maybe I will just increase to 2000...either way I will try my best! Thank you for your information and help - it has been invaluable!



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