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Hi guys! I have one tough question maybe you can help me with… It is related with work and dinner meetings.


From time to time I have to attend lunch and dinner meetings that are completely centered on food and alcohol. I find it a bit hard to find a main dish without any animal product, but I am doing ok.


My boss kind of gives me a hard time with the fact that I am vegan, and don´t get me started with the alcohol. What the fruit!? Why do people pay attention to what the rest eat and drink so much!? 

In these situations I do ok, and I handle them as I can. But at this moment what worries me more is a trip I am doing to Rome (first work trip since I started the 801010 2 months ago). It will only be for 2 days, but I won´t be left alone, so it might be hard for me to go find some fruit. If I do find myself alone though I will for sure try to go buy some fruit,  but I want to be ready in case I don´t. 


So Rome… Pizza and pasta! And the only thing I can think of is:  “ oh my, Gluten World!” Hahaha.

I will try to get a salad whenever I can, but  on the other hand, I need to carb up! So, there are always two dishes on every Italian restaurant menu, which are: Spaguetti and Rissoto.


So my question is…  If I don´t have any other option, what would you guys choose between these two options?

-          Spaguetti with tomato sauce or pesto: it has gluten, but fats are a bit more limited.

-          Rissoto with vegetables: which is rice (no gluten), but it has much more fats than the spaguetti, and the recipie includes butter and cheese for sure.

-          Or would you just try eating salads all day? My carbs then would be so limited…


Hope you can help me and thanks so much for your help!



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I would avoid the butter and cheese at all costs. If you haven't had any in two months you WILL be sick. The last thing you will want on a business trip is an upset stomach. Plus we know that these things aren't good for you anyways. Do you have a gluten allergy ? If not then go with the spaghetti and include salads. I am sure you can find a grocery store or a market that would sell fruit. Try to do some research ahead of time.

 You could ask the hotel for a fridge with fruits and veggies in your room so you could snack on that or for them to bring you fruits for breakfast? I agree that researching best veg restaurants/shops beforehand is key. I would try to make the best choices given the situation, not to be too hard on yourself and enjoy your trip! :)

When I travel for business I always pack medjool dates in my bag, usually around 2000 calories for each day as it helps to keep carbed up.

As a backup you could also buy some baby foods in the local supermarket (Tim Van Orden tip!) for a bit of variety along with whatever ripe fruit you can find.  Generally it's not ideal but a combination of these three usually allows me to "get by" for a couple of days when I'm away from my stash.

If you've been on raw for any length of time, eating that may put a serious damper on your trip, not to mention butter or other animal fat or rennet may be in any of those dishes.  I would bring a large stash of dates and a blender with an adapter for the outlets.  I would order fruit juices and/or fruit dishes or salads with no condiments when going out.  You could call the hotel ahead and ask them to have a fruit basket for you in your room or ask if they have room service and if there is a fruit plate.

Thank you guys so much. I will do my best, trying not to get obssesed, so that I can enjoy it.

I wish I could eat the dates, but whenever I eat one, I get a huge zit, and since I still have some on my face ( guess it is detox) I am trying to avoid them. Let's see what happens with the time.

Have you guys ever felt scared at all, of the fact of getting sick for incorporating foods? I know those foods are not good for you, but the fact that the most pure the most sensitve you become, scares me a bit. I wonder if anyone who has not eaten fruit for a year would get sick after eating one... Probably not, that would really be a good sign we are designed for them.

Anyways, I really really appreciate all your support. I will post my feedback, when I come back from the trip. I am going on the 18th. Again, thanks!

Hi! I am wondering how did you copy on your busy trip! What did you eat and how you felt???
Let us know!!!!

Thanks for asking Elena!

It was a Summit so we were all staying in a hotel. Lunch, dinner and breakfast was all planned by the arranger.


When I arrived we had lunch, and it was a buffet. There was meat, fish, salads loaded with cheese (no no J), and then there was some pasta with tomato and, most importantly, baked potatoes!!! So I filled my plate with those two. When I started the pasta I realized it was filled with cheese, so I just ended up eating the potatoes. Of course, there were more people at the table, so I could not fulfill my plate only with potatoes, or they would have looked at me wondering what was wrong with me. Hahahaha.


Then at night there was fish and I asked the waiter if I could change it for something vegetarian dish (in this cases going for vegan is just too difficult for them to understand), so they brought some vegetables, topped with cheese. So I left the cheese aside and ate the rest.


Morning was just easy: Fruit and, since it was not too ripped, I ended up eating baked potatoes. J 


For lunch we went to a restaurant in Rome and I had gnocci with tomato sauce. I thought gnocci (which is made of potato) would be better that regular pasta, but I cheked it out on the internet when I got home and it does have gluten also, so I am not really sure if it is a better option in case I had to choose again.


Also what I did was that I packed like 10 ripped bananas in my suitcase so that is what I had for dinner in the airport (when my boss didn’t look, I would take one out of my purse, hahahaha, seriously, if he would have seen me he would have freaked out).


So, basically, I didn´t get obsessed over it, but I did have a lot of oils probably, and I had some cheese by accident for sure. One very veeeery annoying thing was people putting pressure on me for drinking alcohol. When you go out with friends, or at work even, and people start drinking and they don´t see you drink, they feel horrible or something and they just want you to get drunk as they do. And I just hate that.  With the people that know me well it is ok, I don´t drink. But in case you ever see yourself in a situation like that, here is my trick. I will ask for a Gin and Tonic, a while after I will go to the bathroom, and I will do the change for water. It has the same colour and if you have a nice glass with lemon floating and ice, it just looks the same.  Trust me, don´t ask for orange juice on a bar, everybody will attack you and their goal for the rest of their night will be getting you drunk.


I didn´t feel sick at all, so that is great, though when I came home I had like one or two days with digestive issues and a lot of bloating (but that still happens to me when I go fully raw, I am guessing by transitioning to fast into the raw diet, so that was really not a surprise for me).


You made me laugh! I see myself in your explanation!!! Luckily I don't have any more pushers to get me drunk :-) but I have pusher that will place under my nose any type of evil food asking me "why you don't eat this? Is good, if you have it in little quantities..."

I have to learn how to reply in order to shout their mouth at once... :-)

I usually eat with a colleague that most of the times complains because she places too much oil on her salad (she would like to use a table spoon, but every time this ends to be a table spoon and a half or a little more...), so from time to time I say to her "don't use it at all, or use something else..." and her immediate reply is that is not possible because she cannot live without olive oil because it is soooooo good and it is soooooo good for your health too!

So at the end it turns to me and that’s me that I am wrong because I don't use it, not her.

And when it happens to talk about her high cholesterol is not because of her eating habits, because she has a salad every day but maybe because she doesn’t move enough….

This type of person that are judging but that at the same time don’t want to be judged or commented are difficult to deal with.. I am sure that in this “raw journey” after the irritation I will end to have a laugh about all the strange comments I will receive…if I won’t eat bananas hidden somewhere (and also their skin) for the rest of my life! :-)



Definately. One of the best things of this lifestyle is that you realize how people have a saying for absolutely everything, and usually they know nothing about it. Becuase at lesat we do try to learn and read about what we are doing, and we make efforts to tell them what we have learned, but they just do what they have been tought, and judge us for doing different.

So for all these little things, it is just great to have a community to share them with. :)

At the moment I am a big observer and I am noticing many things that i didn't care before and you are absolutely right!
You have to stand up for yourself! Be proud of what you eat, not ashamed. I know it can be hard in the beginning but the sooner u do it, the sooner they will become used to it and perhaps interested.
At the moment I am 'hiding' because I don't want to bring it up but I am more careful about the habits of the people and I noticed that the society and ages of consuetude has affected us and made us food addicted and intoxicated!
We have to get free!!!!!



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