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Woodstock Fruit Festival – Yet another raw event that doesn’t want to get its hands dirty? :)

I ask this because it appears that every aspect of the raw lifestyle is covered from multiple angles, except for one.  You have; what to eat, how to eat it, how to transition to it, how to prepare it, how to work out once you’re eating it, how to have a relationship once you’re eating it, etc.  So what’s missing?

How about how to grow it?!

Is the raw community not interested in such information? 

The way we currently obtain our food has a huge environmental impact on our planet.  Transportation, importation, mono-crop production... the list goes on!

Isn’t it time to get our hands dirty and re-learn how to grow our food the way nature intended?

Just my two cents. :)




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Good idea, Stephen! 


However, I think many people live in apartments and in cities where it'd be difficult to grow your own fruit and veg. BUT it's still great knowledge to have if one ever decides to move somewhere where this is a possibility.

It'd be great if we all got together and planted fruit trees all over the world to show people that THIS STUFF GROWS IN NATURE!!!! ;) It can be free if desired!!!!

awesome, harrison. i've started saving my seeds for this very purpose.


i babied an avocado pit for a month or two and it sprouted into the cutest lil tree you'll ever see. had to give him up for adoption when i went traveling and i'm curious to know what happened to him. 


sprouting 3 in a dish as we speak!


for anyone wanting to grow their own avocado tree:


poke holes (i used a pointy knife) in the pit so water can reach the middle

put it in a jar or container and fill it so the pit is half emerged in water

change the water once a day every day

don't put in direct sunlight until it starts sprouting

and be patient! (unless you live where avocados grow) 


Avocado tree, here I come! Thanks for the tips!
that is AWESOME!!!! I grow veggies and herbs (chocolate-mint is soooo good to add to dateorade!)
It takes years to learn all this stuff and I'm yet to meet a 30badder who doesn't want to eventually be growing there on fruit so even though a lot of people currently live in apartments I'm sure that will change.  Knowledge for life!
Fantatic idea! I'm going to the Woodstock Fruit Festival and would love to see this as a part of it.

"Other than parenting, I know of no more spiritual experience than picking fruit off of plants you planted from seed."



The idea of going into my backyard and picking my own mangoes is SUPER enticing. Sounds like a great idea!

i completely agree. i thought for sure there would be an emphasis on local, fresh picked fruits too. 


but this is a great focus to have on next year's (??) woodstock.  or sooner. :)

How bout you bring this knowledge to the event? Volunteer to host a class there, or if they're all booked for events, you can surely discuss it with others there during down time. I'm sure you'll find plenty there interested.
Would love to do just that but unfortunately do not have the funds to be getting myself over there for this amazing sounding event.  Maybe next year...

I agree Stephen it would be great, i am going self sufficient in 18 mths, selling up and buying land. I set up a group here.

I am a gardener and have qualifications in commercial horticulture so if anyone wants help growing their own, feel free to ask.

In London my brother grows tomatoes from a box hanging down from his balcony. In Cuba they grow food in empty spaces between buildings.



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