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hey guys i am doing research and i heard healthy eating especially Vegan & Raw Vegan can cure HIV?what are your thought on this and what is the best raw food and drinks to clear the virus? is their a good detox and or juicing to do?? what are your thought on this??please let me know thanks:)

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I am also curious in regards to this issue.  A doctor friend of mine was exposed recently due to a needle prick accident.  I was recommending the low fat raw vegan lifestyle if not as a cure, then as a way to keep the immune system boosted whether or not this individual should test positive.  (It will take a few months to know for sure.)

I have read a few anecdotal stories on the net, but due to a computer crash at the time, I lost the links.  However, there do seem to be some individuals who claim to have been cured and or under control with a fruitarian diet (although they were not strictly 811). 

This is my opinion on the issue.  

Many of us carry viruses (and bacteria) in our blood and and bodies.  As long as our immune systems are strong, they do not cause us any problems.  If our immune systems are weakened, then these things proliferate into conditions like colds, flue, pneumonia, herpes, etc.  One can die from pneumonia sometimes quicker and easier than with HIV.

So the key is if one has been exposed or is a carrier of HIV, then a low fat raw vegan whole fresh fruit and green approach to diet would be ideal.  This would keep the immune system strong, and in most cases, the virus would be kept in check without the use of medication. 

It is my opinion that sometimes the medications make HIV patients just as sick or sicker than if they just treated the disease with diet and rest.  It is a similar scenario with cancer patients.  Many people have accidentally discovered that they had some form of cancer in their bodies with the possibility of having carried that cancer for years.  It is not until after the medication, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy start that they end up very sick and or dead. 

I will be following this discussion with interest, and if you find anything interesting out on the net, perhaps you can post it here and or pm me.

Thanks and Peace, PK

Do you know that book: Roger's Recovery from AIDS: How One Man Defeated the Dread Disease , by
Bob Owen

Maybe it can help you find some answers. Sorry I don't remember all the details, but I recall a detox based on fruit juices.

Hey Vincent


Eating a vegan or raw vegan diet won't CURE anything. However, if the body is provided with the conditions that may boost overall health and well being and immune system functionins and if the body is not participating in the activities which deplete the immune system and overall health and well being, then its chances of achieving high levels of health are significantly improved. The body is a self-healing organism. If it is sick, it is because the body is trying to communicate with us that we are doing something that is not increasing our chances of health.


With infections, it is important to look at what factors in ones diet and lifestyle are creating the conditions that allow pathogens to proliferate and the immune system to become over challenged. 


There is no drink or cleanse or detox or remedy that will 'get rid' of the virus. The liver is detoxifying all the time. However the degree to which one can detoxify depends upon the degree to which we practice healthy living. If you are drinking alcohol, taking toxic medications based on anti-retrovirals, smoking cigarettes, drinking loads of coffee, having screwed up sleep patterns, never getting any sunlight, and eating high protein, high refined sugar, high fat, processed junk foods, then detoxification is going to be much more of a challenge to the body. It will be so nutrient deficient and so over-worked with day to day toxicity, that dealing with more imbedded toxins stored in the fat tissues of the body will be an impossible feat.


Practice healthy living: Eating a low fat, high fruit, nutrient sufficient, varied diet, that is based on raw whole foods, ideally organic; Sleeping as much as your body needs, and in synch with the circadian rhythm; exercising in a variety of ways on a daily basis; getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine; getting plenty of love, affection and support; living a life that is inspired and inspiring, meaningful and deeply satisfying; avoiding toxins like recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, medications (prescription and non-prescription) etc. and you will notice improved detoxification, deeper healing, improved sense of mental and physical wellbeing etc.


Health is the byproduct of healthy living. It occurs when we live healthfully on a consistent basis; day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.


Sickness (including infections and all other challenges of the immune system) is the byproduct of unhealthy, unnatural living. It occurs when we live unhealthfully on a consistent basis; day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.


That having been said, the question of whether HIV is even a disease in its own right is a subject of controversy and contention in and of itself. Many people on this forum believe that whilst AIDS is a syndrome in and of itself, HIV is not. Many people question whether HIV even is the cause (or sole cause) of AIDS and whether the original lifestyle hypothesis has ever really been disproved. Certainly, the HIV=AIDs hypothesis has still not been proven, despite the fact that it is so widely accepted a theory that people assume it must be true (much like the germ theory of disease in and of itself, which denies environmental influences such as diet, lifestyle etc as being significant, and views germs as a cause of disease, rather than a symptom of disease). And there are some (such as the Perth Group) that doubt whether HIV has even been proven to be a retrovirus at all, or whether it even exists. I certainly find many of the dissident views interesting and compelling and would consider it worthwhile at least looking into these perspectives to decide for yourself one way or another.


There are many good videos available online now such as:

HIV=AIDS fact or fraud?

The other side of AIDS

AIDs Inc.

Deconstructing the myth of aids.


There are also lots of really great websites out there that are worth checking out.


I wish you the best of health anyways and hope you get a lot from your experience here. 


Take care


Adam x

There is also the "House of Numbers" documentary. I've not seen any of them personally however.

Well remembered, thankyou. I have only seen the start of that documentary, it was streaming too slow for me to watch.Will have to get round to that one.


Take care


Adam x

that is quiet a controversial documentary

adam that is an awesome reply if i've ever seen one!
Whenever i see a post from you Adam. I want to write it into my mind or at least save it on my computer. You are awesome and your knowledge? I cant find the right word :-P
Same! I have so many quotes form Adam stored on my computer! :D
well said ...

Adam....Best post ever. Should share this with every human in modern society. (Good luck.. "Don't wake them up"... from their "Matrix Coma".....) 

Hey Adam- what everyone else said, haha.  Such valuable info, thanks!



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