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So, yesterday I went into my backyard and suddenly realized I was about 20ft. away from a cotton-tailed rabbit. I think he was just as surprised to see me. We both froze, and when it didn't run away I sat down in place and started eating my bananas. The rabbit kept a watchful eye on me the whole time, but it relaxed a little and started eating grass.  This went on for about 8-10 minutes.  When I finished my bananas I tried to delicately move a little closer, at that it bounded away, took one last look at me and hid under the barn. It didn't seem particularly frightened or hurried, I guess it just didn't trust me any closer.

THEN! Today, I went to my usual swimming spot where there is a dam. I was standing on the foot bridge above the dam when I heard an adult duck and some peeping ducklings. I looked down and three of the four ducklings had been swept over the dam by running water. They were frantically trying to climb back up the slippery slope with water rushing at them.  So I went down onto the dam to try and give them a boost up some how.  I approached as delicately as possible, but they were very frightened.  One of the ducklings made it up over the ledge when he saw me coming, but the other two were still struggling. As I got closer they changed course, ran away from the dam and out on to the grass, and I encouraged them in the right direction to get over the hill and back down to the water.  Then all four babies and the adult duck got back in a group and swam away.  How cool is that!?! Two days in a row!

Does anyone else have stories about friendly random encounters with wildlife?

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Last summer I was walking on a trail deep in the woods.  I heard some noise ahead of me but didn't think anything of it seen as there were so many birds/squirrels around.  I came through a dense part of the woods to realize what I heard was a full grown porcupine walking down the trail towards me.  We both froze and starred at each other for a good minute.  Finally I decided to take the initiative and shifted to one side of the trail and continued forward.  The porcupine did the same and we passed each other no more than a foot or two apart.

I feel like animals can sense our intentions just like we can sense theirs when we try.

I had a similar experience with running into a porcupine on the trail. He went to the side of the trail though, so I followed him a bit and watched him climb up a tree. He looked like a big spiky slug slinking up it.

one time i was having a bad week and i sat down and asked the universe for a sign that i wasn't alone and as i'm thinking this a chipmunk comes bounding towards me from the other side of the lawn and sits right on my foot. it was amazing. a few hours later i got inspired to write a piece on inter-species communication and the words were just pouring out of me so i took a break and the same chipmunk comes running over and sits right on my computer. 

this happens more often with birds and squirrels now, they never sort of check me out first or walk towards me slowly and cautiously, i always catch them running at me like they don't even see me.. but they do

Great chipmunk story Naga, that must have made you feel good!

My experience came during my enlightenment. It was dark and rainy and I was on my way home after sitting on my bum for the last 5 hours at the local gaming center. As I walked I caught a fluttering glimpse on the ground and decided to investigate, it turned out to be a small sparrow drenched in water and could not fly. Now usually I was never interested in helping those in need, but something hit me and I gently scooped up the little guy and brought him home. He wasn't hurt, just couldn't make it through the rain. So I dried him up and offered a nice box with some nesting material I had left. The next day it was perfect weather sun and blue bird before he flew off into the distance. After that my vegan journey began.

Nice animal story!  I get a wicked kick out the squirrels in my yard.  I heap about 4 gallons of fruity compost into my compost area every day.  It's like a fruit palace for the animals built up with wood pallets.  Anyway the squirrels are always climbing over it, dragging an orange peel with them around or sitting in a cantaloupe halve.  It's a seed extravaganza for them 24/7 year round.  The fruit gets all over the place but I don't mind so much and just rake it up once in a while.  So you'd think that the squirrels, after me living here for 12 years bringing out food (mega fruit for about 3), coming out to the compost 3-4 times a day, that they would stop totally freaking out like I'm coming out to massacre them - It's like, relax guys, I bring the food, remember from yesterday?  They are so lightening fast it's amazing and I get such a kick out of how they act every time I go out there.  THERE SHE IS OH MY GOD GET IN THE TREE!!!!!!!!! 

There's also a loft in our wood shed that my husband and I have never been up to.  It is a squirrel nesting area and also, in the spring time, the 'honeymoon suite'.  The first year we lived here I called the police one time because I thought there was someone trying to break in and it was just the squirrels making a racket (the woodshed wall is opposite my kitchen wall).  They let us stack and load the wood, we leave them be, it all works out.

There's been moose prints in our garden this year and I heard it one morning - it heard me get out of bed and thrashed out of the yard and into the woods - still haven't seen it yet.  She/he stepped on a part of some peas but other than that has left the garden in tact.



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