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In this  post on his blog Bill Gates explains why he thinks meat consumption is a good thing:

"Meat is a great source of high-quality proteins that help children fully develop mentally and physically. In fact part of our foundation’s health strategy involves getting more meat, dairy, and eggs into the diets of children in Africa."

Bill Gates is a shareholder in Monsanto is pushing GMO's on African farmers through his 'charitable' foundation.

If you buy WIndows you are putting money into Gates' pocket. Switching to Linux will not only save you money, but save the lives of countless innocent animals.

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linux is without doubt a far superior operating system than windoze!

unless you enjoy slowdowns, breakdowns and being continuously mocked by someone like me in most unkind ways, you really should change to linux!

we particularly like debian linux (which is what our server runs on). recently we switched to our desktops to linuxmint (debian version LMDE) and are finding it is very nice.

nice thread sextain!

in friendship,


bill gates' position may be a peculiar one considering he's invested in plant-based efforts:


may be he's chasing the money or may be he wants people to eat corpse so that he can get them to switch over to plant-based, cultured meat.


nothing can be done to save windoze!

in friendship,


I have never been more certain that meat was a bad thing than now, hearing that Gates recommends it. He is obviously interested in depopulation. If meat really was good for you, then Gates wouldn't recommend it.

Find out what Gates wants you to do, then do the opposite.

Anyone even half-ass about being vegan could do hundreds of times better than switching operating systems to save animals.
If you ride in a car, you have even for one mile endorsed the vast depopulation of countless animal communities disrupted by strip mining (or any type of mining) for the iron for steel.
Compound that with the endless amount of rain-forests wiped out to grow rubber trees for the tires.
Compound that with the over-the-top animal communities wiped out or disrupted by the oil industry, whether in the sea, deserts, urban or mountains....if electric, then same as above applies to manufacture the generators, and the metals used to convey the power to you.
Then the animals and birds that die as roadkill.
And the CO2 generated by every step of manufacture and use of ANY vehicle. A good vegan would walk, or at least ride a pedal bike to minimize the damage.
My point is not really any of the above, but the absurdity of having a "serious" vegan discussion when using an extremely "un-vegan" appliance such as the computer.
While I have had a vegan diet for over 4 decades, and have not worn "dead" in that time-period, I have adamantly refuted that I come anywhere close to actually being Vegan.
Though I will admire anyone who attempts to avoid driving as much as possible to chase the incredibly honorable "marijuana fantasy" of attempting vegan.
My first introduction to vegan decades ago did point out that vegans would NEVER get in a car, not buy anything (like an apple or banana) in a grocery store that was transported by combustion, rubber tire vehicle...
And when I became Vegetarian, no vegetarian would actually think that eggs grew on eggplant, and therefore were vegetarian...nor did they ever see dairy as vegetarian beyond being weened off human mothers milk.
We do the best that we can, and some of "us" (not including me) do go far and beyond what most of us feel is reasonable in the attempt to be Vegan, instead of just eating and dressing vegan.
My criticism is NOT aimed at Vegan, but at the inane concept that the operating system discussion could possibly be meaningful in even a microscopic way when there are hundreds of ways to actually make that difference....and any of those other ways would actually make a difference.
My love of Travel disqualifies me...I ride "space available" for free on open seats, and even the small amount of weight I represent does have negative impact on the CO2 of the world, as well as all of the metal-rubber-petro problems...and oh yes...how about all that pavement laid down all over the animal environments for roads and runways?

at the inane concept that the operating system discussion could possibly be meaningful

ha!! heresy and blasphemy!!!

and just how much did microsoft pay you for your computer's soul, rock?

just how many trojan horses, viruses, blue screens of death will it take before you finally find enlightenment?

we belong to the stallman church of emacs and will uphold gnudness to the last byte!

in fiendship,


I do not have a computer, just an iPad...a jr. version of the big evil things.

I do not have a computer, just an iPad

ipads use ios, a unix-like operating system so in that sense it is similar to linux which is also unix based. in fact, linus torvalds created linux because as a student he couldn't afford a unix system. thanks to him and countless others we have the wonderful operating system!!

so, rock, while you may not be a brother, you are certainly a cousin!

what a relief! it gladdens what heart i have left to know that my cousin has not succumbed to superlative sin, that you have not hit rock bottom!!

in fiendship,




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