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I'm just curious why if fruit doesn't make you fat, why you gain weight when you first start this lifestyle? I understand it's just part of the process..but why? I'm trying to not let it get to me..but it kinda is. How long until the weight comes off? Does everyone gain weight? I don't think I have gained yet but I've only been doing this for a little over three weeks. I'm still loving every part of this lifestyle, my curious mind is just wanting to understand!! :)

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I lost about 7 kilos in two months, but i have been badly injured and unable to workout and also had to deal with the excess of xmas. Then again im overweight. If your underweight it's a different story.

If your underweight your obviously going to gain weight.

Yeah, I've gained 11lbs in just under 3 months, but I'm sooooo happy. I was seriously underweight and still looking to gain another 1 - 2 stones. My body couldn't seem to process so called standard food. Now it's finally getting what it needs :)

Some people lose weight and some people gain.. I do not know why.

I lost weight when I was LFRV but then ... nothing lasts forever.

I started eating things like chips, chocolate, nuts, breads etc... and I gained weight.

Now I am back to some discipline, raw till 4 - and I think I am starting to lose weight.

So, I guess it depends on the individual and how strict they are with the diet.

i dropped 10lbs in the first couple weeks and kept it off for months then out of no where i put it back on in 2 weeks. I dont understand it at all. I've stuffed in massive amounts of fruit and not gained anything for montsh i did that never gained a thing then out of hte blue i put on those 10lbs?

i'm baffled. I htink in my case i eased up on running those 2 weeks well not really but i took 2 days off in that time frame and spent a lot of itme in the car sitting as i was traveling. I think my body might have just healed up and built up some muscle. 

I have not lost the last of my flab however. I've done this since last march and i can still get a big handful of fat on my gut. I was pretty obese at one time so I think its different for people who have lost 100lbs + people who loose 50lbs and under I think snap back easier I'm sure age and genetics play a role too.

I've read some of the more technical stuff peopel post about why people gain vs not. I dunno what to make of any of it. All i can figure is the closer your body is to your ideal weight the more interesting the ride is as your body stabalizes itself out and its more then likly slow go. 

I guess i fyou wanted to starve weight off it might go faster? but thats a pretty bad idea. I was never able to pull thatone off. I tried reducing calores i'd make it a day or 2 and that was it I only tried it maybe 3 times friggen impossible and anything i lost i just put right back on if i even lost it to begin with. 


That post should answer most of your questions. Regarding how long it takes to lose weight (if you gain), there's no definitive answer -- it's different for each individual. It can take anywhere from months to years. For example, according to DR and Freelee, she gained weight and it took years for her body to heal and then began to lose weight. But, the important thing to remember is that any weight gain is temporary and that you are healing your body and becoming healthy. All long-term LFHCRV's are lean. It just takes time -- less for some, more for others.

Everyones different I guess. I went from pescatarian for years too vegetarian and gained weight, then too vegan(Cooked) and lost weight and then too raw vegan,gained weight and back too cooked (mainly raw) and lost weight and evened out. Everyones different I think but definitely stick at it It is worth it in the long run

Adrienne wrote about it beautifully, please read this.




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