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So, as we all know being raw is the best lifestyle on Earth. For those who follow the lifestyle set forth by Doug Graham, success is extremely evident everywhere you look. However, for the people who are unaware of this lifestyle and its benefits, we all know how they feel about this lifestyle. Of course, we've all been in that awkward situation where you're eating a 13 banana smoothie and everyone in the room starts staring (at the minimum) or starts questioning you, or someoe who knows what you're doing and really hates it-so they get a violent tone. When They make it seem like because you're doing this lifestyle you think you're better than them or threatening them. And you're just like "Hold on dude, I won't FORCE you out of your comfort zone of eating corpses"(although I'd like to). But you all get the drift, right?

So, when I think of this it greatly pisses me off how WE'RE the ones considered out-casts or 'weird' so to speak.

As you can imagine, I'm thinking of the day when those eating meat will be considered the "out-casts" that everyone talks about behind thier backs or accuses for being self-righteous.

*** Sorry for being negative Nancy everyone, my mother, in particular is always making these comments or accusations towards me and sometimes (like today, obviously) it gets under my skin. For those of you who deal with the same things I applaude you for continuing on this journey despite this. If any of you have suggestions on how to get through this non-violently, please share. Thanks All!

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Out cast is not a feeling. http://www.cnvc.org/Training/feelings-inventory

If any of you have suggestions on how to get through this non-violently, please share.

Non-violently? Try non-violent communication.

Thanks MIC, I'm looking into that now :)

its just tradition and ego that makes them see eating 13 bananas weird. for example. i could eat 13 oranges and i wouldnt get the same response, because everyone thinks oranges and orange juice is cool. but 13 bananas is weird and might give you a potassium overdose. its just what people have been brought up to believe, hence why in some other countries eating a shitload of fruit is normal. its kind of like how in the u.s. we have pet dogs and cats, but eat chickens and pigs. but in china, they have pet chickens and pigs, but eat cats and dogs. its all what is culturally acceptable to them. and most people just cling to that and havnt learned what a contradiction is yet.  its kind of hard to explain but i hope you understand what im trying to say lol. like in the movie the matrix, you keep telling someone something over and over and over and eventually it becomes their reality. unless you wake up(:

Yeah, but if I eat 13 oranges they'd think I'm just as off, lol. I get what you mean though. I tihnk it's just that my mom is a control freak and I need to find ways to better communicate with her or anyone else that thinks I'm crazy.

I understand how culturally we're all raised with different ethics, morals, and practices. I guess I should just have more patience with my mom and others. I think that once they see me thrive on this lifestyle for a year or two they'll be less likely to criticize my actions/beliefs. I'll lead best by example (: Thanks Nathan!

That's how I felt yesterday. I'm tired of going to the wholesale store and loading my cart with fruit and people looking at me funny. A few weeks ago a lady asked if we had a monkey from all our bananas, I was like, "No, just us." And people saying, "That's  A LOT of fruit." Will be nice when the word spreads and more people get on board with this. I would just love to see one other person buying tons of fruit per store trip at least. That would be awesome! :-)

I bring banana smoothies when I'm out, people don't think drinking smoothies is as weird as eating lots of bananas whole. That might help...

You can just ignore them, keep your expressions neutral and minimal, use your body language to indicate you are not interested in interacting. You'd be surprised at how effective it can be. I call it "The art of avoiding people" and I'm pretty good at it. Keep your answers short when answering questions too. Also, don't hesitate to imply the other party is crazy, use terse logic and facts to communicate this truth. 

Act suspicious and keep your body turned away from other people, don't make eye contact, and hesitate to answer people. 


Hello MIC,

I hear you well, I think that's one of my few natural talents. In the past, some said I could rob a bank without a mask and get away with it. :-D

But I'm intentionally just slowly learning to do the exact opposite of what you suggest: becoming more and more open to others, having more eye contact, learn to smile at others etc.

(This requires / allows me to become more and more self confident too. :-) )

Each approach has it's pro's and con's; I just liked to mention that the other side of the coin might also provide a helpful approach.

Still it's of course best to apply your strategy whenever the other person is a part-time-thinker only. :-D Since I'm just learning to be more open I save my energy and attempts for people who looks like they are worth the effort.

So beeing able to master both arts and the art to decide correctly which one currently is appropriate seems like the way to go to me. Peeeh. Quite a challenge. A good one.

May there be always as much ripe fruit available for you as like! :-)


Word, I hear you on that, I'm learning to become more social myself, BUT only with others who are compatible with me and have a similar world view. Unfortunately this currently means making more friends online that I will one day (soon) be able to interact with in real life, and continuing to avoid the crazy (and dangerous) people currently surrounding me. 


Ha, thanks DonkeyKong, I AM totally thrilled that in 6 months the weight will be gone :) I do wish we could spread the message to others easier. So yes, our diet is the best and there's no denying how much confidence that gives us all.

sadly its those closest to us that are very good at getting under our skin. 

you just cant afford to care what others think when you do this lifestyle, or when you pursue a dream, or anything else. 

Dont let people bring you down. 

we humans care too much about others opinions some times :)  

so shake it off, focus on why you are doing what you're doing, 

look in the mirror and be impressed with your peserverance ..

and dwell on how healthy you are, etc.. 

andif its really bad, earplugs might be a good investment  lol



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