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it's because they always eat it together with or immediately after starches or fats... it's as simple as that. i've had many people tell me that whenever they eat anything sweet, even fruit, it always makes them feel sick, and that's why they can't eat too much of it.
but look: people have the unfounded and irrational habit of eating sweets as the last thing in a meal! after their stomach is filled with slow-digesting fats and starches! no wonder they feel sick!

so here's a tip for everyone: if you are going to eat fats, eat them as the last the thing in the day. if you still eat cooked starches, leave them for your last meal of the day, and don't eat fruits together with them or afterwards. instead, i find it a good idea to eat lots of greens together with any overt fats or starches you eat. a good rule of thumb is to eat at least, in terms of volume, 3 times as much greens as starches in this one meal. in regards to fats, it can be a lot more greens than that as fats are so calorie-dense.

also never mix fats with starches, it can really make you sick : {

this is very a basic tip, but following it correctly can be instrumental to succeding in a hcrv/hccv diet. otherwise, you may feel sick and end up undereating. eat lots of fruits during the day, and leave all fats and starches to your last meal, together with lots of greens.

there's also another aspect to it: meals should be as simple as possible. why? simple meals digest much better than complicated ones. also, if you eat a meal with few ingredients, then it's very easy to eat a considerable amount of food, allowing yourself to get more energy and nutrients, whereas if you mix too many things in the same meal, you will very soon feel full and bloated, as your digestive tube becomes filled with gases. one of the obvious consequences is under-eating, not to speak of discomfort.

regarding overts: i find that eating a small amount of almonds is probably a good idea as they are very rich in vitamin E, a nutrient which is difficult to find in other foods. other good sources of this vitamin include carrots and tomatoes (my favorite fruit!)

i would like to know what do you feel about mixing fats with proteins (e.g. avos + brocolli or cauliflower) i believe this is best avoided but i know some people here do combine those foods.

also, i would like to know what's your feeling on combining fruits and greens. i like the idea of starting a meal with only fruit and slowly add in more greens till you end only with greens.

it's funny. i prefer to eat greens in their pure form. when i add some dressing, the result is usually that i feel full much too soon... aditionally, i don't exactly enjoy the texture of dressings over the salad... but that may be just me...

so the main message i'd like to give is: sugar doesn't make you sick (i am of course refering to natural water-rich fiber-rich fruit sugar, not refined or processed dehydrated, fiber-free poison sugar), sweets don't make you sick, fruit doesn't make you sick. it's the slow-digesting stuff that will make you sick, or better: it's the combination of fast digesting simple carbs (i.e. sugars) with complex carbs (starches) or fats that can make you sick.

so if you're feeling sick:
don't blame the fruit without sufficient evidence! blame the slow-moving stuff that is rotting in your guts! (i'm refering to sad people; slower digesting foods don't necessarily rot in your guts...)


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yusss! you are right even when i was on a sad diet, I used to have fruit for dessert after eating like 10kgs of lasagne:P, mainly fruit+icecream!:P



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