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Hey guys, I'm almost done with the book 80/10/10 and I've watched tones of YouTube videos on being 100% raw. I understand omitting those things from a raw prospective but I don't understand why its recommended to have such low amounts of salt, and be gluten free on the raw till 4 lifestyle. I feel like eating whole wheat is good, not as good as fruit but as far as cooked foods go I feel like it's a good choice.

Also ive noticed that garlic and onions are hardly ever if at all used in recipes, is that just random or are garlic and onions bad in some way? I've always thought of them as both being extremely healthy.

Thanks for your help, this lifestyle is really important to me and I really want to succeed!

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Garlic gives me nightmares...every time...obviously I steer clear of it. 

There are plenty of people on raw-til-4 who eat some or all of those, but 80-10-10'ers tend to avoid them. The best thing is to go without for a while and then see how you feel when you add them back in. If you're starting out you don't need to give them all up straight away, do whatever works for you.

If you eat enough green veg (particularly celery) and savoury fruits like tomatoes you'll get plenty of sodium without needing any supplemental salt. Some people, especially athletic people, find they do better with some supplemental salt, but only a little. When you give up salt food tastes bland for a while but eventually you become more sensitive to natural sodium in foods and don't need to add any for taste.

A lot of fuitarians avoid garlic and onions because they cause noticeable body odour. 

With cooked carbs, the best option is root veg, IMO sweet potatoes are number one. If you're eating grains things like buckwheat, millet, and quinoa are more nutritious than wheat, and rice generally digests better. Gluten is controversial but lots of people feel better once they cut it out. Instead of sandwiches, you can have wraps made with corn etc. and there are plenty of gluten free pastas & crispbreads. Avoiding gluten also helps  with avoiding all the junk foods - biscuits, cakes etc.- you might otherwise be tempted by.

Why do you rate sweet potatoes as number one out of interest, white potaoes taste sweeter to me than sweets ironicly, also are higher in cals and cheaper. Nothing against sweet potaoes though just don't get the ones better than the other mentality that ultimately just  serves to confuse people.

White potatoes are rather high on the glycemic index whereas sweet potatoes are more moderate.  Also, the Okinawan centenarians live on a diet where sweet potatoes make up the bulk of their caloric intake.

I'd put a 100 quid on the table and bet the Okinawan's would live just as long and healthy lives on white/blue/purple potatoes/yams/any root veg or white rice even. Imo the glycemic index is not a very good indication of anything good or bad as far as a particular carbohydrate calorie source. As long as it's lean, clean and there's plenty of it it, it's good to eat.

Wow thank you, that was extremely helpful!!
Hi,it's recommended to keep salt out as much as possible Cuz it makes you retain water and it's hard on your body. You don't have to give up gluten. It's just its recommended because most people are sensitive to it and most get better results without gluten. My diet is mostly gluten free but not completely.

While some respected doctors like Dr. Joel Fuhrman highly recommend onions, raw fooders avoid onions (and garlic) because no one would really want to eat them raw. 

Hi Mel,  in regards to salt,  table salt contains 40% sand and when consumed sand cuts up your arteries from the inside.  The body then sends cholesterol to plug those holes, this is a good thing because it prevents death, the problem is people keep eating salt and this build up of cholesterol keeps happening over and over until the artery is plugged.

What you want to do is throw your table salt in the trash and get some himalayan pink rock salt.  This salt is soluble in water and is full of trace minerals.

that sounds like rubbish to me dude.

Test that idea with some logical thinking...

40% sand right? go and mix 4 tablespoons of table salt into 500ml of water and see how much doesn't dissolve (sand), anything like 40% or even 1 tablespoon left that wont disolve?? I doubt it....

If your looking to use salt use iodized salt, at least you will be getting some iodine

The inorganic salt itself, including your himalayan pink rock salt promoted by your superfood guru scratches your arteries causing cholesterol to come in to save the day.



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