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Sorry for this topic but i just came back after spending a week with friends and family and their diet is so far from 80/10/10 that i started feeling their is something wrong with me...

And I start thinking that i  should eat a more balanced diet.....

Your experiments?

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Thinking in terms of right and wrong inspires propaganda. Cooking/ processing food makes sense for a lot of people economically and has done for a long time. If 80/10/10 works for you i.e. you have more energy, you are in better health etc, then it's certainly not wrong. People eating other diets aren't wrong either, it's all about what's best for you. 80/10/10 is a balanced diet too; the balance is just different from standard western diets. This is all about self experimentation for me and so far I haven't found anything wrong with it.

This is all about self experimentation for me and so far I haven't found anything wrong with it.

yep I went vegan got a little bored and thougth I wonder if i can just eat fruit then found this site etc.. and thought heck why not give it a try its sure more exciting then shoveling in rice beans etc.. easier too not have to cook too. I was not sure how i'd do in only a few days feeling so good I just laughed my butt off at how rediculous it is to eat this way and still feel good people thought i was insane and i just laughed the whole tiem feeling great. that was about a year ago and i'm still doing it.

be careful not to let your mind get the best of you. I've had battles wondering if this is right or wrong etc... I cant argue with how i feel and the results i'm getting at the same time it goes against everything I know to some degree. Not to mention the fact that I simply like to eat other stuff. So I dont always like feeling so boxed in sometimes. I also know if i eat the other stuff i dont feel the best i can feel. I've got the blood work to back it up. I've got a great fitness level i'm certainly not deficient not yet anyway. If I reach some kind of a crossroads where me and my doc are looking at my blood work and he says you know you really need to start eating meat to get X nutrient numbers of if you want to solve this ailment our having then so be it I'll shovel in some flesh once a month or something. I somehow doubt that will happen however. 

I guess it depends what sort of diet do you think is more balanced? More balanced by who's standards? there is always going to be someone who can argue with you as to why your diet is bad no matter what diet your eating. 

That being said pick one that works for you and stick with it. But be careful your issues could just be stuff your cooking up in your mind and not really issues at all otherwise. I know i'm guilty of this. 

Thank you guys, Yes i know i love eating like that and feel fine when I am at home....

On the other hand it is so different from what other people eat that I can't find anything to eat when I am in family, restaurant, friends....They are nice they buy me some fruit s but most of the time they are not riped or good quality and hard to find starches not fried except bread and I don't feel eating a whole plats of those, for one meal that is not à problem but for a week that starts being hard. So i finished the week eating a little of what was available and sharing between the 7 night  the only fruits i brought with me or could buy(could not  bring more of it since it was an expected trip) and finished very hungry and thinking that i may have problem: not respecting my hunger because i can't find anything i like among all those foods and that i should get used to eat again  like others more often: cooked food, more fat, bread., cheese, eggs...

A couple good articles on how to succeed socially on HCRV:

Raw foodist, educator, and ultramarathon runner Grant Campbell is a great guy and fountain of inspiration for anyone looking to improve their health":


Grant Campbell: Raw Social Life

Andrew Perlot: How does being raw affect your social life? Do family/friends understand? Does your family eat raw, and if not, does that cause conflict? 

My social life is richer than ever before. The quality of the social interactions in my life is much higher and more rewarding. I seldom go to clubs, cinemas or restaurants as such environments aren't generally conducive to nurturing our relationships with others. Clubs are generally filled with inebriated people engaging in health destroying activities. They are choosing not to feel, which isn't conducive to growth and doesn't inspire or motivate others. 

The cinema is mostly stimulation and an individual experience. 

At restaurants the focus on the food is too high which detracts from the ability to engage in profound, nurturing conversation and sharing experiences. With non-raw, non-vegan food on their plate, people tend to feel judged by our mere presence. Whether someone feels judged or not depends on their perception. There is no judgement given where none is taken, as the presence of judgement falls in the eye of the beholder. 

It becomes almost a moot point, as to whether we have actually made judgemental comments/gestures or not. Developing the communication skills to effectively make it known to others that they are not being judged, gives them the chance to  enjoy their meal. But your dining family/friends also need to know that you are enjoying your “basic salad with no dressing” which is often the only raw vegan meal most restaurants can reliably prepare. 

If people feel that you are “missing out” while they are “treating themselves”, then they won't be able to enjoy their meal. You have to convince them that your tomato/cucumber/celery salad is actually delicious and exactly what you wanted. The psychology behind eating is fascinating :)

Grant Campbell Run 1My family is supportive of how I eat. They think they understand it, but I don't think that is possible without experiencing it. They eat a standard diet. The difference between our diets caused conflict in the past mainly due to a lack of social and communication skills. 

Now I feel I have developed a better knowledge of my needs and the needs of my family/friends, as well as developing skills to effectively communicate about those needs. I find I am now usually able to effectively put in place a common understanding in a timely fashion. In my experience, when our thoughts and actions become congruent with our belief system (our inner truth/innate wisdom), integrity follows which brings the emotional poise and confidence required to create more nurturing relationships.  

Grant Campbell: Raw In A Cooked-Food World

Andrew Perlot:
 What are the hardest parts of being a raw foodist in a cooked-food world, and what do you do to cope?

Grant Campbell: It really isn't very difficult, apart from occasionally holding my breath until I am clear of toxic smells like cigarette smoke, animal-diet body odor or burning oils and animal fats. Now that I've educated myself in nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and a little psychology and sociology, as well as having worked on removing incongruencies from my life between my thoughts/actions and my belief system, I find life to be very rewarding almost anywhere I am.

I think the hardest part of going raw is that it takes time to educate yourself and develop the social skills to effectively communicate the reason for your choices in a compassionate and nurturing way.

I no longer hold judgements of others when they choose a path of health destruction. Life is much easier since I came to the realizations that not only do we have no right to have expectations of others, but that expectations don't bring us any value. Expectations open the door to frustration and disappointment and place unnecessary pressures on others. Instead of expectations and judgement, I hold hope that people find a source of inspiration to entice them to make true lifestyle improvements.




Great article from Robby Barbaro on the social aspects of eating 811rv:


Social Situations (NVC) – I’m Quoted in a Mike Arstein video!

January 10, 2012 by  · Leave a Comment

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Arnstein at Health & Fitness Week 2010. He is an great inspiration for me, especially in my pursuit of improving my fitness.

A quote of mine was featured in one of his videos about social situations.

“In my experience 99% of the people inquiring about my lifestyle are not really interested in learning, they are are interested in making sure what they are doing is OK.”

I’m very grateful for his willingness to put me in the video. He is working incredibly hard to spread the message of health. We talked about his website/outreach intentions at HFW and he truly does what he does because he wants to give back. This just another example that confirms what NVC is all about, which is that humans love to give. Nothing feels better than helping somebody and hearing them express how much they appreciated it.

I look forward to making many videos on the topic of social situations. Mike said a lot of stuff I agree with in this video. I am going to interpret and add some stuff to great points he made.

  • It’s important to set an example based on action
  • Don’t talk about food/diet with most people
  • If people ask and are genuinely interested, it’s a gift to answer their questions and help them learn more about healthy living
  • Emphasize similarities. Why talk about food/diet when you’re at a main stream corporate office party? If the social situation is not about food, then don’t bring up the subject with people you know don’t live healthfully. That’s just asking for trouble.  Every person can inspire us in some way. Find out what they are passionate about and focus the conversation on that. I promise, you will learn something and you will see them glowing throughout the conversation.
  • When the topic does come up and people ask the inevitable questions, down play the situation. Speak their language. We have to have presence and let the proper words flow based on the situation and person we are talking to.
  • Let people come to their own conclusions, in their own time.
  • Don’t make fun of other people for not having the same perceptions/beliefs as you have. Mike mentions it took him 15 years to get to where he is. Was he a bad person during those 15 years? Was he stupid during those 15 years? Was he an ignorant person not caring about the environment for those 15 years? or was he just human being doing the best he could from his present state of consciousness?
  • Take care of yourself first so you can take of others

I have a one alternative perceptions, I think is worth noting.  Mike said,

“It’s occasionally quite difficult to not be the subject of constant questions, even ridicule, it’s difficult, it’s one of the things that is a negative about eating this diet.”

I love social situations, especially the ones where I am “weird”. They are one of my favorite parts of this lifestyle. I have gained a lot of skills by studying NVC which is why I have this perception and really enjoy social situations.  It’s like running a 100 race.  You will dread it if you’re not prepared and don’t have the skills to do well.  You’re going to love the challenge and growth opportunity if you’re prepared and have the skills to do well.

I’ll be sharing more in upcoming YouTube videos.

All my best,


most ppl on this planet do eat cooked food because its easier to get in the carbs/calories. 

100 g of raw rice : bout 350 calories

u d need almost 4 kg of bananas to get those calories. 

Most "poor" countries have  stuff like rice, potatoes, millet, flour, corn, beans or other starchy things as a staple.  

In some parts of the world u just dont have access to abundant fruits ( i guess ) and thats why they have other staples. And those usually have to be cooked to be digestable . 

Humans arent meant to eat cooked food.  No animal in nature has to prepare (cook, process, etc.) its food before eating it.  There are studies that show when a cooked meal is consumed, white blood cells are activated to "fight" the intrusive cooked food. Balanced is a term used by people who want to deny and feel better about their unhealthy lifestyle. 

That study is super old though (30 or 40 years ) or is there a new one?

From what I've read there have been multiple studies.  What does it matter if its 30-40 years old though?  That is nothing (practically brand new) compared to the timeline of human existence.. you know?  

Are birds regurgitating their food not preparing it.  How about bees with honey, regurgitated and dehydrating. 

That is their normal biological / physiological function.. Im pretty sure most birds regurgitate just to feed their young. They dont have arms and hands (obvs haha) so they store food in their stomach to bring back to their own.  I think some birds also swallow small pebbles to aid their digestion as well.. could be wrong on that one.  Anyways, its necessary to do these things for these animals. 

The question/thread topic was about cooking food.  Those animals arent cooking their food and they certainly arent creating new ingredients then adding it to the food before consuming. 


How did it become their natural function?  Because heating/processing it through their guts before final consumption allowed them to survive.  Just like cooking food allowed humans to increase the range of food we can consume enabling us to survive.   Is cooking then only natural because we would be dead without its advent?   It was necessary at times for us to cook.  

How does honey not have new ingredients in?

So you want to live 'according to nature?' Oh, you noble Stoics, what a fraud is in this phrase! Imagine something like nature, profligate without measure, indifferent without measure, without purpose and regard, without mercy and justice, fertile and barren and uncertain at the same time, think of indifference itself as power — how could you live according to this indifference? Living — isn't that wanting specifically to be something other than this nature? Isn't living assessing, preferring, being unfair, being limited, wanting to be different? And assuming your imperative to 'live according to nature' basically amounts to 'living according to life' — well how could you not? Why make a principle out of what you yourselves are and must be?

-Beyond Good and Evil  F. Nietzsche



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