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I just saw the above video on Youtube by Durianrider


As far as a no meat diet, some say that no large group of people has ever done this for very long. But Buddhists are vegetarian and they have been here 2,500 years and at one time numbered over a billion people. I am saying this since they are known for being peaceful and non-violent. Whereas Muslims and Christians have been killing each other since the holy wars.

When I saw this video, the people on it reminded me of durianrider. They were also angry and used profanity except they did not have the Australian accent. They could say that their job makes them angry but they need the money. So Buddhists have been able to promote a vegetarian diet without being angry so maybe that is a better way. Take a look at this video and notice the anger and profanity:


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'Buddhists have been able to promote a vegetarian diet without being angry so maybe that is' -why most people don't even know they are vegetarian.. most of them do eat meat if offered though so they are pretty hypocritical..

What you call aggressive I call passion, caring, wanting to help people, frustration with lies and people out to take advantage of others and the list goes on.  If you are offended by cursing because that is how he expressing his frustration, and passion and caring then I feel that may be an issues with you that you have to evaluate, not an issue with him.

Additionally, the buddhists live in a different world and have a differnt cause.  They are not out there trying to actively inform the public and attempting to put an end to people taking advantage of desperate people looking to improve their health, energy and life. 

DURIANRIDER speaks the truth and he wants to spread the word and that is by no means aggressive.  That is honeslty, character, resolve, passion for life and others, and it is a true desire to help others without feeding people lies.  To me that is the opposite of aggression, because he speaks loudly, clearly, honesty and passionately you call that agression.  Well my friend perhaps again that is an issue with you and should be evaluated.  Where do your values lie?

agreed :)

durianrider has to be aggressive.  because the meat industry indoctrination is really large.  people have to stand up against what surrounds them everywhere.  someone's gotta be aggressive and stand up, otherwise the meat industry will continue to dominate and people will continue to be sick and kill animals for food when we have plenty of other food.  if you search there is a video on on his take of why he is so aggressive, it's because he cares.

He does do what he can to get lots of views so people can be swayed towards a better healthier lifestyle and not being scammed.  Yes, he does make money from his large amounts of views, but in the end, he is helping people regain health and get positive results and less animals being killed when its hurting our health.  I assume I could get a job at mcdonald's but they are concerned about profits and not healthy at all so why would I want to contribute to that.

I see durian rider as a calm happy go lucky guy. He doesnt strike me as an angry person at all. He's just got lots of energy and using it to improve the world we live in.  He is playing an important part in the truth that noone is doing to the length that he does.  I give him a lot of props.

Durian Rider is Loving because we Love the Truth and he is a Truth teller and an entertainer ( he is funny)

Agree with Rawbert I spent many years in several Buddhist circles,  was shocked by the meat consumptions ,after Loving Kindness meditations we did for all beings but not those beings that were served as lunch

Some Buddhists  were were vegan but most were not  

this is my experience   monks be chomping down the dead animals bro 

My understanding is that it is simply a tool to rattle people and to stir up... and thus getting attention. Which again results in a lot of YT clicks and viewers.

It is a successful way of spreading the message after all.

Doesn´t say anything about the man´s temper in general though.

It is a strategy. That´s all.


The dalaï lama says "I eat meat about twice a week. I'm a buddhist monk, not a vegetarian."
And maybe the buddhist society is not as peaceful as we see it. What about the women in this society ?

from what i read women& untouchables  were treated very good when buddha was alive when he broke the caste system

but after they were as sexist as any other society 

Every body has such wonderful comments and insights.  And so much truth in them as well.  And besides I see nothing in DURIANDERS behavior or actions that indicate he isn't peaceful, passion and peaceful nice can and should exist together.

I met Durianrider in person and he is gentle, kind, respectful, and articulate.  He is even quiet and peaceful at times.  I saw him so willing to give and share and help anyone, tirelessly.

But he is passionate about his mission in this world, thank goodness, and I believe he uses his YouTube persona to advance the cause and gain attention for his message.  Even though I don't love hearing the F word, I have a lot of LOVE and admiration for DR!!!!!  ♥

Beautifuly said.  I have never met Durianrider yet I feel respect, appreciation, admiration and love for both him and Freelee.  Without Durianriders persistent effort to get the word out and his passion for helping people and his desire to help I would have never found this lifestyle let alone been able to implement it.  His videos inspire me, speak to me and give me guidance.  Often I watch his videos and I it gives me the resolve to not give up.  I don't know what else can be more peaceful then that.  He gives peace, comfort and guidance to so many.  His passion is infectous. 



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