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Hey everyone!

I'm starting this discussion because I feel it is important to share what can happen and WHY if you come to this unlimited calorie/carbohydrate lifestyle after years and years worth of dieting and calorie restriction (aka metabolic damage), like myself!  I came to this lifestyle in March 2012 after yo-yo dieting, calorie/carb restricting, fasting, taking stimulants and laxatives, smoking, drinking alcohol, binge/purging, and overexercising since 2006.  My health was suffering severely (anorexia symptoms, digestive disorder, hormonal imbalances), so within one year of following this diet and lifestyle my weight went from an anorexic 120 lbs to a slightly overweight 185 lbs (I'm 5'11"), whilst experiencing immediate improvements in my digestion, hormones, sleep, skin, mental state, and overall health.  I just published a very detailed blog post all about my experience here:  http://www.nutritionbyvictoria.com/blog/why-i-initially-gained-60-l...

I hope that you find the blog post helpful for your recovery if you are experiencing weight gain on this diet.  Just know that it's NOT permanent!  By sticking to the high carb low fat, unlimited calorie diet and lifestyle (sufficient sleep, water, exercise) you will recover the FASTEST, heal the QUICKEST, and experience weight loss EFFORTLESSLY once your body is ready to target the excess weight (after healing is complete).  Initially, weight gain is absolutely necessary in order to turn the wheels of the healing cascade.  My weight plateaued after the 1st year, and remained within 5-10 lbs of that weight gain after 2 years.  After year 2, my weight started to shift downward, permanently.  I've now lost a total of 30 lbs since coming to this lifestyle back in March 2012, and I'm experiencing the best health of my life!

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave me any comments/questions!


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Hi Lucie!

Thank you so much for reading my posts!!The weight gain can be so frustrating. It affected my fitness quite a bit as well as I was used to being so light and much faster. While going through recovery/healing I actually backed off my training quite a bit, just doing stationary cycling, walking, and restorative yoga as high intensity exercise was just causing me too much stress and injuries. The lack of stress from heavy exercise actually benefitted my body tremendously and my weight started to release some. No matter what our background, we all have healing to do (which is often reflected as weight gain) from stress and past abuses. It's hard to determine exactly how much damage is within our body as doctors don't diagnose those things but I've come to learn on this lifestyle that any damage within requires energy to be healed (which is supported by this lifestyle), and can delay the weight loss as energy must be used elsewhere for the time being. I had my doubts about this lifestyle because of my weight gain, but educating myself on the science of healing and finding that I literally could no go off this lifestyle (eating less, etc,) without feeling like shit keep me going and finally presented me with the results I was looking for. We gotta be patient with the initial healing process cause the magic is already happening!

Sorry for that long post! During the first 1.5 yrs on the lifestyle I ate 100% raw, fruit-based. Once rawtil4 came out, I started adding cooked starches which benefitted my digestion quite a bit at the time. Now I eat all raw some days and rawtil4 most days (I share a lot of what I eat on my ig account @nutritionbyvictoria). Most of my calories come from fruit but I also get in a decent amount through mainly potatoes and rice. I personally find fruit to be easier to eat in higher quantities because it's tastier and easier to digest. I do believe that as long as you're getting in lots of fruit and starch (aka meeting energy and nutrient needs) you'll be able to support your healing process and eventually get back down to a lean body weight, just keep the fat and salt low and stay consistent!

Thank you for sharing Victoria! Your story gives me so much strength. I started 6 months ago and I initially gained a lot of weight (I don't know how much since I don't weigh myself) because of my ED past (calorie restriction, overexercising, binging, purging). I felt so bad about my body that I wanted to go back to my old habits many times. Good thing is that I don't care about how much I weigh anymore. Instead of stressing over my appearance I enjoy the benefits of the lifestyle. Thanks again for sharing your experiences! Such stories inspire me to continue my journey! :)

You're so welcome!  I had to do a lot of re-programming of my mind and researching of this lifestyle in order to keep myself moving forward after going through the weight gain.  Everyone on the outside just sees us gaining weight, but reality is that we are doing what is necessary in order to heal and setting ourselves up to experience the most incredible health with an effortlessly lean, fit body for the rest of our lives!  Focusing on the benefits of this lifestyle is definitely the way to go!  You got this!  I'm here for ya if you have any questions or need support!

Thank you for your answer! It helps me a lot. It's very kind of you!

The "NOT CARING" is by far the greatest gift of all!!!!

I am in the weight gain phase and I love you for this Victoria!

Stick it out girl because the results are coming!  Weight gain is such a necessary healing component for many on this lifestyle, as it acts to dilute all the pollution in our body to get us moving forward in the right direction.  Right now you're body is doing some serious construction work, and it definitely pays off! 

Wow! I am so happy for you. I can't even imagine how difficult recovering from anorexia must be. Great for you!

Thanks for sharing! I went 801010 in September of 2012, and have gained about 60lbs since then, plateauing at the beginning of 2014. I was coming from anorexia and bulimia behaviours, and have dieted since elementary school. I was never clinically assessed as unhealthy (all my doctors assessments and blood tests didn't show abnormalities), so it's kind of frustrating that I still haven't broken through this 2.5 year plateau. It's getting hard to stay strong and not cave to negative thinking. It's good to see someone who has been through a plateau. 

ya know this is why so many folks think carbs make them fat. since there so carb starved / undercarbed they startt o eat them and there bodies go into storage mode they never fully recover cause they give up and abandon the carbs long before the slim down can ever come nor do they ever eat the carbs properly to begin with (high carb low fat vegan). 

One thing that cant be denied is eating like this I have way more energy and endurance etc.. despite some gain i got going on as well.

Wow! That's incredible! I'm so happy for you! <3

Thank you so much for sharing you story! You seriously gave me hope :)

I started this lifestyle exactly a year ago. I was severly underweight due to anorexia (was anorexic for b month in the beginning of 2014). I had been fasting for 6 month without solid food but waterdiluted veggie juices chewing gum and salt i lost 100 pounds in 6 month went from 170 - 70 (im 5'4 and 15 , i was 14 then) when i started recovery a year ago i fisrt went raw but i underate and didnt give my body enough fuel to recover. So i switched to a more starchy vegan diet and started eating 5-6000 calories a day (extreme hunger) and i gained 2pounds a week. I started to cycle for 2 hours a day and lift weights 3x a week 2 month into recovery (i thought i was weight restored, i recovered without real medical supervision) . I ate only rice and potats with some lettuce (i was extremely fat phobic) then winter came around And i was burned out and stopped all my exercise (i was ashamed of my weight gain) i incorporated things like pasta and flour and more veggies and fruit and rested more. (I basically just went to school and laid in bed). My hunger was still extreme. I went raw or at least tried in an effort to lose weight (even though i technicallly still wasnt weight restored and i still was amenorheic) i weighed 150 pounds and i became severly depressed due to that. I stopped Sozializing quit school and neglected my horse (i rarely visited her. She lives in an open barn with 8 other s and has lots of space but still....she obvs needs someone to look after her!) I vegane really sedentary (not really by choice i just had no energy whatsoever...) i gained more weight but got my period back and my hair started growing back (anorexia made me semi-bald)  i went to an endocrinologist to get my thyroid and insulin cortisol etc checked and everything was fine. But the weight gain continued. Now here i am 180 5'4 exanorexic. I tried to incorporate some exercise but it made me undereat somehow (1h mod intensity cardio daily ate 2000 calories . Dropped from 3500 (still sorta extreme hungry) tried to eat that little but started to consciously restrict and binge in the evening. Gained 3 more pounds since then so ditched that!)  Really want to exercise as i got my period back and am (hopefully) weight restored now but i dont know how much to eat i feel good at aeound 3000 calories but i dont wanna gain more weight but i came to zur comclusion that i should just Do it and allow my body to heal to not confuse it even more?  I also dont wanna eat as much as my diet kinda sucks atm (i eat heaps of bread and jam, low fat and no sodium though but white flour and sugar, and pasta..(tried to tackle some fearfoods thought it i gotta be that heavy i could at least take advantage of it and attack some Fearfoods on the way (nothin high fat though. ) ieat lots of brocoli though so probs 92 % carbs 4fat 4protein) im afraid that i Öl only be able to maintain with a hclf vegan lifestyle which wouldnt be too ideal as i probs wont grow anymore (doc said anorexia stalled my growth maybe 4ever.. :(  ) btw i sleep around 9 hours 11-8 am and i drink 3 litres of water. Sorry for this long rant, but i would really really appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks in advance :) -Sally



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