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I'm starting this discussion because I feel it is important to share what can happen and WHY if you come to this unlimited calorie/carbohydrate lifestyle after years and years worth of dieting and calorie restriction (aka metabolic damage), like myself!  I came to this lifestyle in March 2012 after yo-yo dieting, calorie/carb restricting, fasting, taking stimulants and laxatives, smoking, drinking alcohol, binge/purging, and overexercising since 2006.  My health was suffering severely (anorexia symptoms, digestive disorder, hormonal imbalances), so within one year of following this diet and lifestyle my weight went from an anorexic 120 lbs to a slightly overweight 185 lbs (I'm 5'11"), whilst experiencing immediate improvements in my digestion, hormones, sleep, skin, mental state, and overall health.  I just published a very detailed blog post all about my experience here:  http://www.nutritionbyvictoria.com/blog/why-i-initially-gained-60-l...

I hope that you find the blog post helpful for your recovery if you are experiencing weight gain on this diet.  Just know that it's NOT permanent!  By sticking to the high carb low fat, unlimited calorie diet and lifestyle (sufficient sleep, water, exercise) you will recover the FASTEST, heal the QUICKEST, and experience weight loss EFFORTLESSLY once your body is ready to target the excess weight (after healing is complete).  Initially, weight gain is absolutely necessary in order to turn the wheels of the healing cascade.  My weight plateaued after the 1st year, and remained within 5-10 lbs of that weight gain after 2 years.  After year 2, my weight started to shift downward, permanently.  I've now lost a total of 30 lbs since coming to this lifestyle back in March 2012, and I'm experiencing the best health of my life!

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave me any comments/questions!


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thanks for sharing! I'm in the begining of my 3rd year. I started 150 went to 140 then gained to 150. latly i'm gaining again up to 160 I'm baffled. I'm running more then ever my fitness is great but i'm gaining and dont appear to be loosing any flab. 

I can only guess my body composition was off going into this and my body is just correcting itself. I doubt i'll be the morbidly obese guy who can run marathons. there is no other logical explanation. If my fitness was suffering i'd be worried.

It could be that you're stressing your system with too much training without compensating with more carbs, water, and rest. I notice whenever I back off my training a bit and get more carbs/rest/water, my body feels less stressed, drops weight faster, and has more energy! Kinda contrary to what we've been told but too much exercise can create a lot of stress aka damage that must be healed in order for our body to move forward with fat loss and health and fitness gains.

Also, how much excess weight you have to lose depends on your current BMI. If you're a tall guy (6'0") you're already at a pretty lean body weight.

I'm 5'7 but I was 275lbs then i did a low carb diet down to 150lbs then this way of eating. I have that extra flab that just doesnt wanna burn off. I looked flabbier at 140lbs then i do now at 160lbs. So just having a lower weight doesnt always mean much. 

I've backed off on the running in the last however many months. It started off becuase of foot pain I had but also becuase of like yoru saying I thought well more rest might do me some good. I'm past the foot pain but I've kept the 2 rest days in my cycle but ran the same amt over all. Now i'm running even more but still keeping those 2 rest days going. But i'm also gaining weight now suddenly. So who knows I'm baffled. I just assume I'm putting on muscle and my body is working this all out.

Victoria, this is true. I was doing HIIT and experienced no weight loss. Then I just stopped doing cardio and lifted weights and I thinned up.

i always ponder if i drasticly cut back on running and pick up weights more maybe my luck would change. I just like running too much to stop or slow it down it seems. Besides theres plenty of lean folks to run way more then i do so it cant be all bad.

I think a lot of it has to do with the intensity of the exercise.  Harley suggests that 95-99% of training should be easy at talking pace, with only 1-5% of training where you are really pushing it and out of breath.  I've personally found that consistently doing low intensity, talking pace cardio my fitness has increased more so than it was when I was doing HIIT training 3-4 days per week AND my body is able to recover faster.  I also experienced a major shift in my body composition when I opted for easy cardio (stationary cycling) plus restorative yoga  I think low intensity, sustained cardio is the best for fat loss because it can be done for long periods of time without creating a ton of stress on the system and you're able to mobilize excess body fat through the exercise.  Same with low intensity weight training.  Low stress=lean body overtime. 

Yeah I was just reading in finding ultra by rich roll that his coach had him train slow and steady i think he was not allowed to allow his heartrate to go above 140 while training. for basicly all the reasons you just described but long term this improved his fitness. 

it makes me wanna go get a heart rate monitor for my garmin. 

I know the routine i'm doing now is giving me more recovery time and i'm able to go out longer easier and recover better etc.. since switching to it i've noticed the scale go up a little however though. But who knows whats going on. it could just be muscle gains.

I appreciate your post tho I'm just over the 2 year mark myself. and I swear i appear leaner but the scale and body fat meters dont say the same. But of course I dunno that they are worth a crap.

There are certain HR training zones that are suited for different things... If you train at a 65% max hr (talking pace) you're going to lose fat; however, there won't be as much benefit to the cardiovascular system as opposed to HIIT or long runs. It all depends on your goals really... and people SHOULD be including fats... fats comprise cell membranes, aid in the production of good cholesterol, and are essential for optimal brain productivity. Its about balance! If you have a well rounded diet, get lots of sleep, and drink water, you should be able to exercise how you wish..

as far as carbs go geeze yest i think i was over 1200 grams maybe more i cant recall i was over 5000 calories etc.. 

i'm certainly smashing it in and my appetite is all there etc..

Hey just wondering are you raw or raw till 4? What do you eat for cooked foods?

late reply at the time of my original post i was mostly raw till 4 but i've been on a raw kick for a while now.

for what its worth in the last few months i've dropped about 13lbs so i dunno maybe i'm back on the loosing streak for now who knows.

try not to allow the negative stigma of the weight gain to affect you when you exercise. I find if i'm all bummed about the weight gain my performance will suffer. But if I put it out of my mind it seems to be irrelevant almost like its some mind game.

maybe it'll help? I dunno.



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