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Why i havent gotten any better on my HCLF vegan journey eating 1500 cals a day

... recently diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, I now have most of my questions answered as to why for 2 years on this life style ive only made minimal improvements. I was told I am on the severe side, and most dr's have recommended, at this point, hormone replacement therapy and cortisol injections. Ive refused as the side effects scare me.

Im heading towards startch solution as the starches seems to help with better blood sugar absorbtion and adding in some more fats. Im quitting cannabis (and man I cant sleep at all now), cutting back on huge amounts of water because of potassium/electrolyte imbalances, focusing on more greens, taking maca powder and supplementing with a liquid vitamin in a morning fruit smoothie.

For 2 and a half years I have felt like I cant move out of bed, feeling shaky and weak, not wanting to eat at all, had irregular menstrual cycles, been dizzy, light sensitivity, cold all the time, depressed, gained weight, extreme fatigue, extreme salt and sugar cravings and heeps of other things.

I never thought at 21 this would be the rest of my life but it is. I refuse to go to medical options as I don't want to make my life more miserable.

mostly these days it just involves laying around. Anybody else have any advice to make the rest of my life some what comfortable?

hugs <3

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Hi Ashley.

How's your caloric intake? Do you come from a history of eating disorders ie calorie restriction? Was your fruit of reasonable quality and varied when you were raw?

Low vitamin D has been associated with adrenal fatigue.  Do you get enough sunshine? Do you live north of 30 degrees latitude, in which case vitamin D supplements or a trip to warmer more southern climes for a bit each winter might be in order.

well darn...can you talk more about what you've tried, rather than just talking symptoms? That sort of thinking seems to be most productive...

"My exercise routine is this

I drink X much water

I eat these specific foods

I noticed or didn't notice a difference when I did X.."


Have you noticed any sort of change in anything you're done? Has ANYTHING effected how much energy you have? How can someone reply to you without knowing this?

Sure no prob :)

HEALTH HISTORY: Celiac disease, anorexia (for 1 year at 13), took birth control for a year at 16, from ages 3-5 I was on high powered antibiotics from chronic ear infections (until my mom found I was allergic to corn), at 5 years of age all my teeth had rotted out of my mouth despite constant brushing and many had to be removed, also have pulp stones in my gums that ive had sense I was a baby, 1 day old to 6 months old I was fed nothing but soy milk which resulted in low immune function and chronic constipation, and from 7-17 I had major bladder pains and burning in urination without infection. At 19 I very fast and suddenly feel ill with many symptoms, I eliminated gluten and felt 30% better. 

before diagnosis of adrenal issues:

1 year ago:

100% raw

100-1500 cals a day

a liter of water a day

result : felt HORRIBLE, no exercise

8-9 months ago:

started following rawtil4

1500-3000 cals (more towards the low end)

2-3 liters of water

results: frequent headaches, horrible digestion (yes I followed the combination charts and keeping raw cooked separate), gained 40 pounds, some exercise like cleaning house or walking my dogs down the street and back.


Startch solution

1-2 liters of water

instead of eating every 30 min I can eat every 2-3 hours(which still sucks otherwise I still crash super hard)

1500-2500 cals

im supplement with daily vitamin in smoothies so it has vit. d, b complex, etc. also upping salt and trying yoga for calming stress 

results : Some weight loss, a bit better energy.

Your new regime sounds much more appropriate for healing AF.  The only thing I would say is that 2 litres might still be too much for you in your early stages of healing, but this depends entirely on how much salt you're adding to your diet.  1500 cals is also too low to heal from AF, you'll have more energy if you eat more cals and your adrenals will heal more quickly too (you're stressing them by under eating).  Also, make sure you eat a soon as you wake up, to get your cortisol levels dropping down, following the natural downwards curve they should do for the day. And never let yourself get hungry, as the drop in blood sugar prompts the production of stress hormones, which is exactly what you don't want, you want your adrenals to relax as much as poss.

You say you don't sleep - can you describe your type of insomnia for me?  I might be able to help.

Thanks for your reply! I would say per 1500 cals im consuming 1500mg of sodium maybe less I shake some salt on my starchy foods. And I so agree with the cals im not eat ANYWHERE close to what I need. when I don't sleep my digestion is awful and then my appetite is way down ... its like cycle. And your very right as well with the whole eating first thing in the morning helps. I just wish my appetite was bigger haha ;) 

My insomnia varies: when I don't smoke medical cannabis before bed, I will sleep 30 min-2 hours wake up this will happen 5 or 6 times then by the sixth time im up and cant go back to bed. sometimes I wake up with low blood sugar and have to eat at 1 am lol. however if I stuff myself full and eat 2500 cals that day I sleep through the night fine....I just feel uncomfortably full lol.

OK my love, if you don't eat more (or should I say, enough!), you won't sleep through the night, and your adrenals will take even longer to heal, and you'll have even less energy. You've got to get those calories in, else you'll be ill for years.  Seriously.  And your symptoms will get worse, your health will decline further.  You're not not sleeping because you've given up smoking, you're not sleeping because you're not eating!

You're doing the right thing in adding salt, eating more starch and eating as soon as you wake up, which is great, but you've got to eat more to heal more.  Sleep is the one of the single greatest healers of AF.  Lack of sleep is one of the biggest stressors to the adrenal glands.

hi Ashley!

sending you best wishes for you to find what works best for you & to feel well soon! :) i know your 'perfect~combo' exists ... and you have the power to identify what your body needs to heal itself! :)

~ without knowing too many of the details, i just wanted to share that for me, including a lot of greens has been essential for me to thrive on fruit. when i am feeling my best, i am drinking about 32 ounces of greens-only vegetable juice a day ((along with a green salad)) ~ i love greens like dandelion, kale, parsley, chard, collards ... along with lettuce & spinach. i like to juice ~ because i get more of my green medicine more rapidly that way :) ... in the past, i went through periods of eating much more fruit than greens - and i realized clearly ((from not feeling well)), that greens were a non-negotiable central part of this lifestyle, for me. perhaps you eat a lot of greens already :) tho just wanted to share some green~centric love!!! :)

feel well!!! <3 :)

~ Eva Claire

I think this really valuable info actually. I personally hate salads unless the its got a good fatty unhealthy dressing...However I LOVE green juices! I wish i had a juicers cuz i would be juicing like no 2mrw!

And thanks so much for your kind words. It's so easy to lose faith when nothing seems to be working. That last thing anybody wants to hear is you just need a psychiatrist and carbs! Lol

I know im SO sick of food. Either I can't digest it or I get sick from it. I too agree fruit is wonderful...but let's face it the amount you have to spend AND eat can be daunting... and I HATE the feeling of being stuffed. I actually love the feeling of feeling empty or slightly hungry. I wish I had a magic pill.

The only cure there is to harley and freelee, unfortunately, is more carbs. I've even thought of contacting them as well but am afraid of the back lash they serve. I saw what happened to highcarbhannah. It was brutal.

I love the people here on the forum though. You have some veterans that bring valid points :)

Hugs :)

your so right ... I under eat all the time. its like 4pm my time and I have had minimal amounts of food...I hate food lol.

I still eat a lot, min 2000 but boy is it ever hard!

This is not even close to a lot, you are actually under eating, please make sure you have read Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! including all the links. 



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