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Why i havent gotten any better on my HCLF vegan journey eating 1500 cals a day

... recently diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, I now have most of my questions answered as to why for 2 years on this life style ive only made minimal improvements. I was told I am on the severe side, and most dr's have recommended, at this point, hormone replacement therapy and cortisol injections. Ive refused as the side effects scare me.

Im heading towards startch solution as the starches seems to help with better blood sugar absorbtion and adding in some more fats. Im quitting cannabis (and man I cant sleep at all now), cutting back on huge amounts of water because of potassium/electrolyte imbalances, focusing on more greens, taking maca powder and supplementing with a liquid vitamin in a morning fruit smoothie.

For 2 and a half years I have felt like I cant move out of bed, feeling shaky and weak, not wanting to eat at all, had irregular menstrual cycles, been dizzy, light sensitivity, cold all the time, depressed, gained weight, extreme fatigue, extreme salt and sugar cravings and heeps of other things.

I never thought at 21 this would be the rest of my life but it is. I refuse to go to medical options as I don't want to make my life more miserable.

mostly these days it just involves laying around. Anybody else have any advice to make the rest of my life some what comfortable?

hugs <3

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she says she has been eating 2000 cals on the startch solution diet I believe

minerals I think

Have you had a biopsy of your intestine to check if your villi are healthy?  If not you cannot digest and absorb nutrients properly. You could be experiencing what Dr Furhman describes as "toxic hunger" which may be leading to the weight gain.  Fruit can be difficult to digest for a weak GI like myself and eating more cooked starches since it is heated is easier to break down and fit enough in our systems to get enough calories.  Eating really high nutrient easy to digest foods like greens is vital. I also feel better eating 1/2 to 1 avocado a day. My skin and hair are much better.  If you can do nuts or seeds do that but I can't they really make me sick and after my colonoscopy Doc found 2 week old undigested flax in my gut stuck to the sides of my colon.  No bueno! I will do a raw day once in a while but honestly feel better with some cooked avoiding processed foods like white rice and pasta.  Try to get those greens in everyday! At least a head of lettuce a day. I also sprinkle himilayan on my food daily and sprout my own legumes as well as get some fermented foods in once in a while.  We aren't all clones,we all have our own histories.... Make sure you get that V D and B12! I am using a lichen based Vit D.  And use nutritional yeast non GMO for the B12.  Good luck!



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