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Why I have decided to continue eating raw till 4 despite getting fat, and why others should too! :)

So a couple of days ago I made a thread about the weight gain I've experienced on this lifestyle, because I was doubting its validity for a time. However, the more I think about it, the more I realise that this lifestyle is amazing and I have to stick it out for as long as it takes. I want to make this thread to try to encourage others with similar experiences to do the same.

Yes, it's true that I've gained a lot of weight (almost 30 kilos) on this lifestyle. It's also true that I abused my body badly in the past by starving myself to get thin, and continuing to go hungry to try to stay there. Calorie restriction simply can't be healthy (whatever anyone says): I've been there, I've done that, and boy does it suck. Starvation is a horrible experience. It isn't good for the body or for the mind in any way, and I will never go back to the hell of calorie restriction. You need to eat until you feel no hunger at all. 

And yes, it's true that I've gained a lot of weight. I have. But! I've also gained so much happiness (I used to be depressed, and now I feel like I'm on cloud nine all day, every day). I smile again now. I sing to myself all the time. I have energy to exercise, to play an instrument, to study and to spend time with those I love. I feel the best I've ever felt in my life, even though I'm fat.

Here's the amazing thing though - I've gained weight because my body is HEALING itself. Healing itself from the damage that I caused it. And when it's done I know I'm going to be fit and toned and slim for the rest of my life (or until I become a really old man). I've finally come to a place where I love myself enough to allow my body to gain some weight and heal itself. That amazes me and I'm so happy about it everyday.

So, if you're gaining weight on raw or raw till 4 and you're following the actual program properly like me, then don't worry about it. In fact, be happy about the fact that after all these years of self-abuse, you're finally healing, finally recovering. Don't go back to calorie restriction, or leave veganism, stick with it and I know we're all going to make it. Love yourself enough to keep going, to keep living, because believe me when I say that you're worth it. You ARE worth it.

PS: I'm going to try to keep a blog on here with a diary of what I eat, how I exercise, how I sleep etc and how my weight changes over time. I think it will be interesting to have a record over the coming years so that in the future, when others experience restoring/healing weight gain periods, they can read the blog and they'll know that this community isn't full of nonsense, and that this really works.

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This is awesome:D

Well said, Mick

Nice! I totally get what you mean by gaining happiness from this lifestyle. :-) It's not all about weight.. Wish you luck as your journey continues

thanks so much for this post! this is truely inspiring :D

and good luck on you journey ! :D

Hi, thank you so much for this post!

I've been struggling with this weight gain, and feeling really down as my favourite clothes don't fit anymore and I don't like the way I Iook. But on the other side, I have realised that I've found a part of myself again. When I was younger, I used to sing all the time, but a few years ago I stopped, I felt so self conscious and eventually got depressed. But a few weeks ago, I started singing again, not caring about what whoever thought, and it feels so good to be back, despite being fatter.

What I find hardest with this lifestyle is getting support, and not judgement. I already get judged for my veganism, and telling people I have smoothies or just fruit at breakfast and lunch brings many comments. Someone even suggested I go see a therapist... And my mum (who was anorexic at my age, and still very thin) keeps saying I shouldn't put any more weight on, that I'm getting too big, it really doesn't help.

But anyway, thank you so much for your post, I really needed to read it :)

Are there any overweight people like my friend.  She was 209 and has gained on this to 229.  Should a heavy person gain on this as well?  This doesn't sound right.  Please help me help her.

Yes. Myself for one. I was 220 when I started this lifestyle a bit over two and a half years ago. I gained a little more than 40 pounds in the first year. Only within the past six months has my weight started to slowly come back down. I come from a back ground of over 20 years of various restrictive diets and even gave Atkins a go trying to slim down to be what others consider healthy. I am so much more happy now going this route. I have a lot of energy and am doing things most others my size only dream of someday doing. The weight will reduce. Your friend just needs to find thier motivation to keep going and not give up.

Oh HR that's so sad :(...that you stopped singing. I am so happy for you that you are singing again now :D Music is so life enriching and singing so good for the soul :D 

It is hard isn't it...the judgement part...me and my mum put up with it every day. We know no other vegans and everyone thinks we are complete nut jobs. We are almost never the ones to bring the subject up but get constant taunts and crap for our choices. 

I am sorry for your weight gain but really what is the alternative?? A starvation diet? A non-vegan diet? I don't think so!! There are worse things in life so keep your chin up and keep doing what you know to be right. Good luck...we wish you all the best! 

Thank you for understanding :)

Yeah, I think people are just scared of what os different and try to get everyone to conform.

You got it HR. You do what you feel is best for you. 

Let them do what they feel is best for them.... they will soon see how healthy you look and start asking you how you do it. 

This is what i have found..... first the laugh, then they try to scare you away from your lifestyle to make themselves feel better and then they become interested, start asking questions etc...

They are still asleep and they need awake strong healthy people such as yourself to show them the way. Spread your light my friend. 

Peace, love, healing waves to you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Amazing! Keep it up Mick! I too am beginning to gain weight on this life style but I know I am healing as well I can just feel something inside almost a light happy tingle! lol I love being happy all the time I paint more now I get up early I run I play with my dogs its so nice to know there is someone else out there who feels it too! 

OMG i get that same feeling. I have never felt so light in my life even though i have put on 5lb i don't feel it ..... it does feel tingly. 

I go cycling a lot more and play with my doggy too. 

Peace and blessings xxxxxxx



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