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When I undereat on fruit (though that happens less and less), I constantly end up "craving" overts... I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of why I hate them so much, so I can remind myself why they don't serve me when the time comes that I do crave them:

1) They are too easy to overeat given that you can only have them in such minscule portions & WE DON'T HAVE ANY SENSORS ALERTING US OF OUR SATIATION POINT ON THEM.
2) They wreck havock on the digestive system.
3) They are dried and storaged for months (the ones you get here), and so the fat has gone rancid and they are not raw.
4) Eating them leaves me energy drained and make me dizzy.
5) They don't really taste that good.
6) They don't serve me and so should be regarded as a non-food. (The ones you get here.)
7) My mood plummets and my "natural buzz" is lowered.

I'd love to get more pointers so I can keep adding to the list ;-)

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Definitely. It was difficult in the UK because the British market is used to having fruit all year round. Strawberries out of season grown in special heated conditions in Spain and stone fruits flown all the way from South Africa.
8) They affect my life motivation
9) I gain weight on them
10) I have much more mental clarity without overts
overt fats are natures way to slow us down and fatten us up for possible famine.
slowing down our creative thoughts makes us more sedentary and we conserve calories.

i focus on eating overts when i want to gain body fat for a bicycle trip, otherwise i keep it lean.
I've had a cold twice in the past 8 months I have been 811. I realized though that both days before I started getting symptoms I had a lot of overt fats.
i can't stop eating them, once i start, like yesterdays jar of seed butter :-(((
and they make my tummy really hurt
and my head go bleary
and the cravings are as bad as for cooked
today is all oranges :-)))) which love me back
make sure the oranges are nice and sweet..like all ripe fruits. should taste amazing..

eating a lot of nuts or seeds is just cos we aint eaten enough cals from fruit in the last week..
Oh my Gog, I eat around 5 avocados a day and I can't stop but I love it!
I'm a little confused as to how the fat eaten preferably at the end of the day would be out of our system before watermelon for breakfast. How long should we ideally wait before eating sweet fruit again.



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