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honey was the last animal product i gave up. i always was cool with it cos i thought it was ethical and the bee's got a house to chill, live and work in. but then i spent time on my mates organic farm. its australia's largest certified organic farm in terms of fruit tree diversity.

to harvest the honey we had to smoke the bee's and wear a protective suit otherwise they will sting your bum! i remember weeding near their hive once and forgot they were there and then a small swarm just hit me on the head and i hit max heart rate running away from them! lol! anyways, back to why i stopped consuming bee products. i saw so many legs in the honey. dead bee's and i wondered what we would feed them instead as they only produce as much food as they need. we fed em sugar water. but it was organic sugar...lol!

the bees didnt want to give up the honey. they fought with their life unless we smoked em silly and they were to toxed out to fight back.
they need sufficient amounts of honey to produce healthy immune systems, fuel and young.
they do the hard work and work HARDER than any animal on earth and i was stealing their food simply cos i wasnt eating enough sweet fruit calories.
honey always made my teeth feel sore. i thought it was the fruit but when i gave up honey, my teeth were cool again.
honey has no fiber and it would whack out my blood sugar something chronic. again, i thought it was the fruit, but when i gave up honey, stable blood sugar again.
honey is full of toxic pollen from toxic flowers. its full of digestive enzymes from the bee's digestive system and these enzymes are very acid forming to the human body. i got that from dr gabriel cousins.

honey works for glycogen replenishment for sure, but sweet fruits work better. better for us and better for our pollenator friends that produce most of the food that we eat today.

CCD aka colony collapse disorder is happening worldwide. bee's are dying and there is 'no reason' for it. its a mystery the researchers say..mmmm i wonder what is happening..bee's get fed sugar water...compromised immune systems....genetic mutations....failure to thrive syndrome.... :)

everyone loves sweet. EVERYONE!! sweet fruit is mothers natures creation and if we eat enough, sweet fruit ensures satiation!! :)

Lastly, here is some facts about honey that dont make it that sweet for your health..

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Thank you very much for that!
I was still confused about honey , had read Dr. Gabriel Cousin's opinion but then read a lot of other people saying it's very good specially for kids ( I have two) so I started using raw honey sometimes, but still not sure about it.
Also read it's good to have raw honey and pollen to avoid hay fever that's another reason why I decided to use them.
This helped a lot!
I meant " cousens " :)
its so common for those eating high fat and cooked food to eat honey,as they just arent eating the fruit to satisfy there sweet tooths...I know when i ate high fat i craved things like honey,and dried stevia leaves...
Thank you so much, DR. What you wrote is all I need to know about honey and why it's NOT ok to use any kind of bee products. Such simple truths, they really brought me clarity on this topic. And, absolutely, with 811 honey isn't even attractive, I've got 2 huge jars lying around and I don't know what to do with them.. actually I've got it - I could give them to my dad's friend to feed hid bees (we buy the honey from him in the first place, he claims he doesn't feed his bees sugar because then the honey they produce isn't pure and as fragrant. Apparently they get used to making more honey than they need in the winter time, just imagine, they'd have to work twice as hard and maybe even still starve part of the cold season..). I think now I realize veganism at a deeper level, the way we treat bees really is not at all better than we do other animals, we need to just realize it and stop parasitizing on our fellow eartlings..
What a great post...very informative, and validates my decisions. THANK YOU!

And lets not forget....if the bees do not have enough food, then neither do we! We all need bees to survive!
We sure do need the bees Megan,right on :)
Great post,

I’d like to add some words about sustainable beekeeping.
I had the dream of beekeeping for about 5 years, yet I postponed it. Until a friend of mine started beekeeping himself last year. Lots of talks about the serious declining of bees inspired me to go for it. Yet I could not seem to agree with the conventional beekeeping methods, which seem to be based on exploitation and self-interest.

So, I found the work of Philip Chandler, who wrote the book "Barefoot Beekeeper". He uses a completely different hive and methods that are truly inspiring. Minimal interference, a natural home for the bees. He also promotes not to harvest honey, although he writes that he will sometimes take a little bit of honey after winter, if stock is high and the bees are happily doing their thing. I highly recommend his work. His website is www.biobees.com and his writings on sustainable beekeeping are very inspiring.

Anyway, So last year a friend gave me a swarm of bees. I put them in a woven beebasket, since I did not knew about Phil Chandlers work at that time. The bees were very happy in their basket. In a few months, the basket was completely full with bees and honey. They grew out from about 15000 to about 50000 bees. All was well. I felt as if I was in paradise.

I did not intervene with the bees, did not feed them sugar, did not taken honey. I just sat next to the basket, observing these magical beings. All was well.

Some months before the winter, I came back from a holiday. The beehive was almost empty. Only a handful of bees were left. I called a local beekeeper and he said it often happens these days, as bees get lost and do not find their way back to the hive.
I felt devastated. The only thing I could do is see that this handful of bees got good into the winter. So I placed a roof over the place were the basket is and placed some boards to protect the hive from heavy wind.

It is still winter here in Belgium, the only thing I can do is wait until spring and hope for the best. My dream of sustainable beekeeping has only become stronger. I made a beehive as it is taught by P. Chandler.

I agree with the viewpoints of this post. Currently the bees are very unhealthy, due to years of exploitation by the beekeeping industry (organic and non organic), pesticides and pollution. Bees are dying at rapid pace. Since the honeybee is responsible for 90+ % percent of the pollination, our beloved 30 bananas a day life is largely dependent on these humming friends.

We could state that we just need to leave the bees to do their thing in nature, yet research shows that the decline of bees is going very rapidly. In large cities in France they now pay beekeepers to keep bees, so nature can stay healthy. I believe a new generation of beekeepers will show itself, in service of the bees (who basically do their thing and are happy with a nice home) and most of all, in service of our fruity planet.

As things go in this moment, I believe sustainable beekeeping is essential for the wellbeing of the planet. We definitely need the honeybee. No bees, no fruit, no veggies,…
Sustainable beekeeping provides good homes for the bees, where their life is as natural as in a hollow tree. No harvesting of honey, no feeding of sugar, just an observing eye to make the hive larger or smaller according to the needs, and to make sure the conditions for winter are good and find good ways in case of disease.

I completely agree with P. Chandler that the only reason why bees are suffering from all these diseases, is that they are weakened by continual exploitation. I am sure that proper sustainable beekeeping can help to create optimal conditions and bring positive change in this condition.

It is great to read that so many people choose not to use beeproducts. I hope beekeeping may find a new way, that serves the bee. In that case, beekeeping is not about harvesting 'bee products', but an act of love.
And with the bee, we can happily keep eating those juicy fruits.

So.. Bee Happy!



great quote!
Yes this is pretty scary when you think about all of the things people do that kill off bees- all the chemicals and radio waves in the environment..
I am agreeing with you on the blood sugar thing. Honey made me nuts during a race once and I could not control the downside that came so fast into my run. I hated the effects.

Did you ever see the annimated blockbuster with Jerry Seinfeld called Bee Movie? It kind of explained all of what you talk about and it was geared towards kids, so that was great that my kids saw it and asked questions about how important bees are for the human race to even succeed as a speicies.

Without Bess, we as humans would die, b/c they pollenate the flowers and plas and without plants like fruit trees etc, we would all perish.

Funny, I was just about the only kid that never freaked out when a bee came along. I always knew instictively I guess that they didn't want to bother with me unless I ruffled their wings and it was the case..The bees don't want to die, but they will put up a fight if you swat at them for sure. I was stung once, b/c I didn't know it was a bee that was on my stomach..I thought I was scratching an ich..yeah, that was fun!
Anyway, back to the bees..I didn't really care if the bees died if I ate the honey, to be honest, but I didn't like how the honey messed me up/..how do I feel now about the bees dying? More compassionate than I used to..I guess I am evolving and growing a bigger heart. aw, I feel a tear drop coming!
thanks for the post Harley. Raw Honey is something that I've been meaning to give up, try something different for my short race fuel. I know I would be better off (at least karma wise) if I blended dates with celery juice or coconut water. Raw Honey has always been 'easy'/convienient' and that's really why I've kept using it since going lfrv. I hear coconut water blended with dates is epic, I gotta try that.

Another reason I've kept dates out of my reach is that they are so damn easy to over eat on when I don't need them - like hanging out at home, not doing a really hard workout/race. When dates are around I tend to eat them when I'm not working out and they can rot my teeth out and don't help keep me super race lean/weight. With Raw honey I never eat the stuff unless I'm literally in 10th gear mid race, so having it around the house is not a problem. ugh, I gotta just man up and make my datorade and let the bee's do thier thing.

You're also 100% right about the blood sugar roller coaster, the stuff is super dangerous, if I'm not careful I can crash super hard on it and almost black out. It burns super fast and hot, the stuff is rocket fuel, but as you said it's not cool and plus one of these days I'm gonna run out of it mid race and end up passing out, then everyone will say, see he's fallin apart on that fruit diet...and we don't want that!



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