30 Bananas a Day!

I eat approximatelly 3000 cals of fruit during day.

When the sun comes down my apetite for fruit decrease rapidly but I still have apetite for rice and veggies or potatoes.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

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Maybe that is a good time to eat your greens and veggies then?

So when ever I crave potatoes or rice, it might just be that im lacking carbs? :)

Because I have given into cooking some potatoes, but after a big meal of those it feels like I swallowed a huge rock. 

i can so relate about the potatoes!!

I dont know what happened but i can' t seem to digest them anymore!

they seem to stuck to the lining of my.. stomach or something

and i can't breathe almost, cause they take up a lot of  space.

I used to love potatoes but now, plain, without oil and without salt,

i'm starting to find them awful !

but how is then that I don´t want rice in a day but only fruit, and when the evening comes it´s all around

well I don´ t use salt anymore, but it migth be mineral issue

me! Totally!  And I realized that it's cause i crave sodium because that's when I also start craving salads..

so i increased my salads.


Cool, ill go get some salad whenever i crave more potatoes. :)

Well, for quite a few people here the ideal scene is to eat fruit all morning and afternoon and then when dinner time comes around it's time to make a huge salad loaded with vegetables and maybe some avocado. 


Eating a big savory salad as the last meal of the day (after already eating enough calories earlier in the day from fruit) is usually all it takes to put an end to cravings for things like cooked rice and potatoes.  


If you normally put salt on your rice and potatoes your body may be craving the sodium and since greens are a good souce of sodium you can fix the sodium cravings by eating greens in the evening.   Of course it could also be a sign that you aren't eating enough earlier in the day, but since you said that one of the foods that you are craving late in the day is vegetables I would urge you to go ahead and try eating a big salad for dinner for a while and see if you are still getting cravings for anything cooked.  (Absolutely nothing wrong with you if you choose to eat something less sweet and more savory in the evening.)

I will try that and see what happens, also I don´t use any salt or condiments

I do, haha...bu for me its lack of quality and variety of fruit



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