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Why/how is there so much more calcium in oranges than orange juice?

I love freshly squeezed organic orange juice. When I juice, I get approximately
3-4 ounces of juice per orange, depending on the size of the orange. According
to cronometer.com, 1 large orange has 73 mg of calcium, but 4 ounces of orange
juice has 10 mg of calcium. How is this possible? When I juice oranges, there is
very little pulp that gets wasted (I love lots of pulp!), so I fail to see where
all of the calcium goes.

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It's because half of the calcium is in the pith/pulp/tissues

that and u have to understand that alot of nutrients are in a delicate stasis and they go bad easily like metal rusts when exposed to air etc theres chemical reactiosn that take place after the skin of the orange is opened and the existing natural structure is changed there is bound to be a change in nutrient value aswell. im not an expert.. just my way of looking at it... rate of decay.. expiry etc

I'm glad you pointed this out. Most people don't realize how much healthier it is eating a peeled orange compared to drinking orange juice. This is also true in many other fruits.

If you check around the web you'll see the calcium is from 5-8 times less (per calorie) in Orange Juice compared to eating a peeled orange. The tissues and pulp are loaded in healthy vitamins and minerals.

Not only that but whole oranges have a lower glycemic load and lower glycemic index compared to orange juice and 20 times the fiber. Many other minerals (but not all) are 2-5 times higher in oranges compared to orange juice.

This site really breaks down everything but has a slight calorie error (showing incorrectly high in oranges)


Thanks.  Very informative, although the information compares the juice versus the orange with skin.  Makes me wonder if anyone actually eats the skin...

Yea that part had no logic to it.

If you go here http://skipthepie.org then search for a raw food then adjust weight from 10 to 1000 grams. Then click: "11 Compare this food to others" Now add a cooked version. This will allow you to compare how much of the vitamins are lost when cooking on most foods.

I love pith!

Although the pith obviously contains lots of calcium, i kinda doubt that much of it gets digested.  It's fiber.



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