30 Bananas a Day!

Enter a market, look over all the foods possible, and ask yourself:

"If I couldn't cook, marinade, season, dehydrate, soak, or deep fry(or that hasn't already been) any of the foods here then what could I just toss in my mouth and digest without trouble?"

The answer has always been, and will always be "Fruits, some veggies, and some seeds/nuts"...

Not sure why everyone is constantly trying to escape that fact and eat stuff not meant for them then invent all sorts of ways to justify it, lol. It's just safer, faster and better to go with the most obvious and common sense path!

I'd like to hear other people's comments on this. I assume I'm not the only banana munching devil to sit in a market and theorize this? xD lol

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You have achieved the status of HCRV "Sniper"   lol

Tell me about it. At uni I'll be sitting in my lectures thinking 'Soil erosion huh! If only there were a way to grow food without the loss of rainforests, biodiversity, topsoil and nutrients... Oh wait, there is! Fruit wins again!' It is so damn frustrating, I know the feeling, just looking around thinking 'seriously, no one else can see this?'


I know that fruit isn't the answer to everything as many of the world's problems, such as war and access to resources, are more complex than that. But most of the big issues really aren't! Deforestation, murder (of animals, though I'm sure poor diet has contributed to at least some people's psycholgical disorders), diseases - from heart disease to degenerative diseases to cancer, climate change and starvation. All these issues and more could be prevented by a collaborative global effort to grow more fruit trees and educate the public of the dangers of animal products and the benefits of sweet fruits and greens. Everybody should have the right to know the consequences and decide for themselves.


I'm pretty sure that the change in mindset that many people develop when eating this way would also drive a change people's values, shifting priorities away from consumerism and economic growth and towards global peace, health, sensibly controlling population growth and letting the planet's carrying capacity guide our development.

Really well said. I didn't know about the Wolfe plagiarisms; I have to admit that when I went raw, he was instrumental in  that and I was always kind of jazzed when I saw him in the media. Seeing this new buttface side of him has been kind of an eye opener :) Anyway, another point made in one of his books was that a huge part of the problem of deforestation was that the trees being cut down for wood were, for the most part, being used for cooking. Not sure if that is true or not, but if it is it is stunning. Do you ever feel like a prohibitionist? They saw alcohol as the sole reason for all the world's problems. I know raw can't cure everything, just 99.999(% of things, but walking around with the cure for cancer just blocks from St. Jude's Research Hospital is a conundrum for me sometimes. I am going the God's will route and believing there is a higher power at work, a higher plan unfolding. I really agree, btw, with the idea that people have a right to know about hcrv and should have the choice, not have it be so demonized that it is trivialized to the point of it never being talked about in the media. No one even thinks of food as 'cooked' or 'raw' except for raw foodists. 

Alright, let's start with Emma Watson! Or someone who's already vegan ... well, we've got Woody Harrelson :)

Woah I didn't know he was a plagiarist either. Yes in LEDCs one of the biggest contributers to deforestation is people cutting down trees for cooking and firewood. I'm not a prohibitionist, I don't think that's the right way to go and it doesn't work- just look at the mess of the drug war and the failed 'fat tax' in Denmark. People have the right to do what they want with their bodies, like I said they just need to be educated and told the truth so they can make their own informed decisions. It breaks my heart that so many people are obese around me, friends and family, and so many people are dying of cancer and torturing animals to get some answer when these diseases can be prevented. Personally, I'm an atheist and so I don't think there is a deity pulling the strings, but more and more people are learning about veganism and making better choices. It may not happen in our lifetime but I will devote my life to getting the ball rolling here.

I just found this interesting debate on The Young Turks when I was looking up to remember which country had the fat tax. They have a debate over how to deal with obesity and whether or not the government should get involved so I thought it was kind of relevant to what we were saying about prohibition, as well as the overarching topic of the thread:


We could start by not subsiding the meat and dairy industry and industrial farms with our tax dollars! :P  So if the governments just got uninvolved it would be helpful! ;)

haha most of the government has their hands in the livestock industry. Great chapter on the China Study covered that topic, when he tried to change school and get milk/meat out of lunch rooms to save the kids from this early diabetes onset nonsense that's been going on xD

Jeez, this post reminds me of a hater on the comments for one of DR's vids and this moron kept saying how during the apocalypse we'd have to cook animals and eat them, thus, the fruitarian lifestyle & eating style is so unrealistic ... he just didn't get it. LingOL/head-desk. 

odd, I was just having this convo with someone... I pointed out that humans are no longer capable of doing such a thing. The new wireless generation is hardly capable of foraging let alone capturing, skinning, deboning, and properly preparing an animal to eat. Plus, what animals are they talking about? Cause we just about killed everything on the land with pollution, mass hunting, and car "accidents". If we all relied on hunting, the deer population would be extinct in 3 months(rough guess, lol), and all the animals which are being prepared for mass slaughter will die of starvation/dehydration within the first 2 weeks because no one would be around to take care of them. let's not forget with so much being IN meat, it'll probably be the meat eaters who contract some sort of apocalyptic virus or plague, lol. It was mad cow disease in zombieland, after all, not mad mango disease. Regardless, being in tune with what's edible and yes even the post earlier with the insects safe to eat, is what will prolong most of our existence.. Not.. cooking animals which will not exist, lol. That's my opinion, anyways.



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