30 Bananas a Day!

Enter a market, look over all the foods possible, and ask yourself:

"If I couldn't cook, marinade, season, dehydrate, soak, or deep fry(or that hasn't already been) any of the foods here then what could I just toss in my mouth and digest without trouble?"

The answer has always been, and will always be "Fruits, some veggies, and some seeds/nuts"...

Not sure why everyone is constantly trying to escape that fact and eat stuff not meant for them then invent all sorts of ways to justify it, lol. It's just safer, faster and better to go with the most obvious and common sense path!

I'd like to hear other people's comments on this. I assume I'm not the only banana munching devil to sit in a market and theorize this? xD lol

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Right!? I just don't understand how so many people can possibly not understand this!!

hahaha, that was hilarious, thank you for that xD I know our ancestors ate grubs, worms, insects.. etc.. but good lord, I've never seen a cockroach, snail or worm and thought "omg, you must be delicious!"

Pretty sure it starts out young.. There's rarely a kids show where a character in the show doesn't say "I hate *insert veggie here*!!" and almost every movie out there people are munching on hamburgers, hot dogs, random chicken flavoured chinese food, fish filled sushi, etc.. People mimic, it's a natural response. So it makes me think "Who is on our side?"


Agreed. I've spent a great deal of time preparing foods as well. I've always been up for a good challenge when it comes to cooking, but to do it on a daily basis is a chore at best. Which in that case raw is the answer xD Nothing beats 8 bananas, 2 apples, 6 dates and some nuts. But even there people would blend it all up and call it a smoothie xD

When you realise this is a profiteering world we live in, it becomes real simple to understand why things are how they are. ;)

Lot$ of rea$on$? xD

I love preparing food in front of my husband, whom I adore, but it takes him as long to make one meal as it does for me to prepare 6-7! I also like how it does take a minute to eat 1,000 calories of fruit, but that used to drive me nuts about cooking food, that it would take so long to make a meal and eating took all of six minutes. With hcrv, it's the opposite and makes so much more sense. I like to look at cooked food eaters as junkies. I am not a David Wolfe follower but did enjoy his book 'Nature's First Law' and I think that is where I got that from. Addicts, junkies, call it what you will, it helps to live in this cooked-food obsessed culture as living with a bunch of junkies in denial. They don't want to admit that what they love, their food, is their drug and is killing them. 'If I deny it it isn't true.' Can't imagine life without a fix. Sigh. :)

Agreed, cooked food is addictive!  Just had to mention about the book, that it was actually taken largely from someone else's book: Nature's first law plagiarism !!!

all 3 of his books have plagerism

and last week he was at it again lying on some dutch guys youtube interview

i got the book he plagiarized to verify

Wow, that is a rare book!

It's interesting how our perspectives can change:

I was checking out with lots of beautiful fruits and the check out guy said wow, lots of healthy stuff here as my total was coming up higher and higher.  And I said ya, I just can't afford to eat any other way anymore.  With the word afford having a double meaning (what can we afford health wise vs. what we can afford financial wise), it kind of took him back a bit but a shift in perspective there was. ;)



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