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Can someone please explain to me why gluten free is recommended? I thought gluten was just wheat?

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I think you'll be able to find a lot of data about gluten on the Internet. However, if you're more interested about what a gluten-free diet can do for YOU (not some random benefits others experienced), the best way is to try gluten-free for 1, 2 weeks or a month and notice the benefits if any. Then, return to you basic diet and notice some side-effects.

Gluten is found in more than just wheat, it's also found in spelt, rye, and barley.


This article may be a bit biased, but it explains why eating gluten is bad for everyone, not just people who are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease.

I found out I was allergic to gluten two years ago.  Before that, just about everything I ate contained gluten on the SAD diet.  I had stomach pain everyday and only went poo twice a week along with many other symptoms.   Once I stopped eating gluten I no longer had that stomach pain and started going to the bathroom everyday.  I also lost 15 pounds within a couple months.



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