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I notice most use rice, pasta, and/or potatoes as their staples on this lifestyle but hardly do I see them include beans, especially chickpeas. Why is this? The kind I eat have 2g of fat per 110 calories at 25 mg sodium... If I have 4 servings of these chickpeas for dinner, I'd still be having less than 10 g of fat at 440 cals. 

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Personally I don't because I'm not particularly fond of beans, and never really cared for them, and they don't "fit" anything that I'm missing (or could use more of) in my diet. They also have relatively high protein content and omega-6 content. The only thing beans are really good for, looking at cronometer, for chick-peas, is protein and (maybe) fiber & Zinc, everything else is either abundant everywhere else in my experience or not a significant portion to make it better than other foods in that area.

It's also expensive to get non-salt added canned beans in most places where I live and traveled to in the US, in the sense of one can for $3 and canned isn't really optimal, but neither is a lengthy cooking process with many steps just for the above nutrition.
With that being said, I'm not sure why a good portion of HCLF vegans don't eat beans often, although I and they seem to on occasion, I figure it's likely just because it's less complicated to put some rice in a rice cooker, boil some pasta, or steam some potatoes, or to even bake some potatoes. With beans it's usually served in something else such as rice, or in a burrito, which needs other things to make it really a burrito, etc, which means adding beans simply adds more cooking, cleaning, prep (potentially), etc.
I mean, I don't think they're unhealthy, albeit canned foods are definitely not ideal, but maybe I'm forgetting something, but I think it's just ease-of-eat and maybe a little of the protein factor or digestive factor of beans.

I love beans and could / would eat them every day. cooking wise i have a pressure cooker and can cook them from dry with no salt pretty fast. I love them by themselves or with rice etc.. 

But i dont eat them to often. I know if i eat them regularly i dont have much digetstion issues but if i'm not eating them all the time the bloat can be frustrating. They also seem to digest slowly for me.

Black beans are pretty nutritious too etc.. 

But more often then not when i got a hankering for beans I reach for lentils they digest better for me without the bloat. 

I will go through phases tho with beans where I'm eating them pretty regularly.

I didn't discover electric pressure cookers until recently and OH MY GOSH the way it cooks beans!  I can go from dry chickpeas to ready to be blended into the best hummus you've ever had in 45 minutes!  It's a miracle tool for sure.

I also didn't get into lentils until a few years ago, right before I got into fruitarianism if I remembrer right.  I had no idea how tasty they could be...learned how to cook them with Ethiopian spices from a local shop, life-changing for someone who was only into bean & rice burritos or Mexican food before!

If you do chickpeas, definitely check out aquafaba...a recently-discovered miracle for vegans who want to have junk food on occasion.  Basically it's just chickpea brine, or the water leftover from cooking chickpeas, but you can reduce it & use it to emulate egg whites.  Not for baking stuff like bread persay, but for a lot of other stuff (butter, cheese, marshmallows, merginue, lemon bars & pies, mousse, pavlova, etc.).  Here's a recipe for chocolate mousse:


I'd be curious if we could convert that to a raw vegan version using black sapote with the same effects.  I never really got into chia for puddings, yogurts, and jams all that much, but the aquafaba stuff is surprisingly versatile, if you can get over the initial goopiness while using it hehe.

Yep I love my pressure cooker! Try red lentils I cook those up real thick then I make corn tortillas with make a and make vegan soft tacos top em with cilantro my tomatos peppers etc...

omg that sounds delicious!! :)

14. Chickpeas, beans, lentils are not high carb choices so should be kept to a minimum. They give too much protein if eaten in excess. They can be added if your fat & protein intake stays around 5% of calories for the day. Be aware that combining them with high carb foods may hamper digestion. If they are tinned make sure they have "no added salt" on the can.


What's bad about too much plant protein? Aside from it not being a good source of energy like a carb? When I read the China study he seemed to talk about how bad animal protein was but that plant protein was ok. Refresh my memory.
Too much plant protein isn't harmful for your health. Especially nowhere near animal protein. They are two separate issues. Obviously, we all know the problems with animal protein. In relation to plant protein, the reason why some people choose to eat a low amount of it is to keep their body weight low or if they are chronically ill and need a diet that isn't taxing on the body by any means. Eating potatoes, fruit, and some green veggies will be super easy to digest and process. I know that when I ate a can of beans per day, along with my daily rice and fruit and broccoli, I gained some weight. Now that I have stopped eating the daily beans and switched to more potatoes, I notice the weight slowly coming down too. It's just quite bulky to eat high-protein foods, even if they're plant based. But, I do know how healthy beans are and in the future I might add them in again once I have reached my weight goals. Beans are excellent for your health (fiber, antioxidants, low fat) and if you don't mind maybe putting on some minor weight, then go for it.

too much protein, not enough carbs. i just rather eat potatoes or corn pasta instead.

I love beans, all kindz of beanz ! I have them several times per week, and have no digestion problem. Watch Dr Greger videos, beans have plenty of benefits on health, and they are *cheap* ! Why would anyone avoid them !?

i eat them pretty often. had some channa masala yesterday (naturally vegan indian dish) with ezekiel bread at whole foods yesterday. soooooooooooo good.

I really like beans as a dinner option. I love indian spices (turmeric, curries, etc.) and chick peas and dal (yellow lentils) are so yummy served with basmati rice (I always have basmati rice in my home). But I think beans take some getting used to, as far as digestion goes, like fruit (only not as nutritious).When I first started eating more fruit I was 'uncomfortable'. All that good fruit stuff stirring up and ridding some not so good stuff in my body ;)



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