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This is kind of the most confusing aspect that I can't wrap my head around...  I totally understand the low fat, low protein, living foods.  But I don't understand why fermented foods and herbs are not included in the recommendations on this forum?   They are low fat, low protein, they were definitively a natural part of the diet of primates and humans before we invented fire(the fermented foods were limited but they still existed to some degree such as fermenting fruit or pants that naturally fermented given the right conditions)

And I have only noticed benefits from consuming these.  I'm not talking about the herbs that are meant to "treat symptoms".  I'm taking about herbs that improve immunity, detoxify the liver, improve brain function, kill parasites, the tonics ect...  Basically, I feel much better including these and not only eating agriculture foods...  And just wanted to know your reasons for not consuming them?

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could you please say which herbs you consume and what benefits you experience because of this?

they were definitively a natural part of the diet of primates and humans before we invented fire(the fermented foods were limited but they still existed to some degree such as fermenting fruit or pants that naturally fermented given the right conditions)

could you please give some examples of this?

do you eat any fermented foods? if so, which? how do you feel after eating them? how does it compare with a (non-fermented) fruit/greens meal? what kinds of things do you think of fermenting?

thanks in advance for answering. 

in friendship,


Ok the herbs that I love are 

Ho she wu - Taking this herb makes me sleep so much better, and ever since I started taking it I really look and feel younger...  It also reverses gray hair in a lot of people.  Its suppose to be the most antiaging herb...

Ginko biloba - every time I take this I feel like I could focus and study better...  

medicinal mushrooms (there are at least 24, I eat a blend)- every time I consume extracts of these I feel my respitory system opening up.  I also feel more conscious and my brain becomes more functional as well as a boost of overall energy!

Milk thistle and dandilion - Everytime I take these I feel a healing effect, almost the polar opposite of what happens when you drink alcohol, liver damage.  Literally these herbs detox and repair the liver, and it feels extremely beneficial to your sense of cleanness in your blood.

gynostemma - this herb makes me feel extremely calm and basically it heals the nervous system, I had so much trauma in my life and this herb has caused a resetting effect on my nervous system.  It teaches the body to adapt to stressful situations...

And as far as fermented foods, I mostly consume kombucha and sauerkraut.  I make both of these myself and find them much more effective than store bought.  Every time I consume these I feel like I could breathe way better.  I also feel like I could digest a lot better too.  Basically the normal fruits and veggies give me all the calories and almost all nutrients but the fermented foods have a power to improve immunity beyond that - resetting the natural ecology that we need in the intestines, which gets imbalanced due to unnatural living condition we humans live in this day and age!  And sometimes my body tells me that it really needs fermented foods.   (granted fruits and veggies has some good bacteria, they don't have as much)


That is very wise, Anthony! You have surely done a great job in finding these herbs out!

Thank you so much for sharing this information with us!

If those herbs do you good, I see no reason for not consuming them. I'm even thinking about trying them out!

Also, I must say I love sauerkraut! But i've never eaten kombucha...

Could you please explain how do you prepare them?

Thanks in advance for answering. 

In friendship,


Thank you for your interest!  I love to share! 

So kombucha is made out of tea - green, red, or black.  You can even use a few herbal teas like herba mate but I don't because it has caffeine.  Basically you either make a cold water tea by soaking the herbs in water for a day, or you can simmer or boil it on the stove for a while, depending if you are 100% raw or not.  

once the tea is made you strain out the herbs, put it in a glass container and add water until you dilute it to about 1 gallon of tea

Then you add 1 cup of evaperated can sugar to 1 gallon of tea, and stir vigorously until the sugar and tea mix and there is no sugar at the bottom.  Then you add your scooby (you can buy these pretty cheap on ebay) or some people say you can add a kombucha from the store and it will work but it has to be a certain brand...  I recommend buying a scooby on ebay that looks like a mushroom because I tried a store bought kombucha once and it didn't work very good for me...

And basically you leave it covered for 7 to 10 days with something breathable - a nut bag strainer or a sock is perfect, to prevent fruit flies and other kritters from getting in there.  

After it is fermented you can pour most of it out and refrigerate except leave the scooby and a little bit of the liquid the size of the scooby so you can start the next batch.  It will basically last forever at that point.  

I also love to add things to my kombucha (in the fridge only, not while fermenting) because it makes foods so much more absorbable.  You can add herbs, chia seeds, goji berries, chlorella, spirulina (I know those aren't recommended here but I use them a few times a week and notice benefits) And it actually tastes amazing and has some calories because some of the sugar is still present..

Sourkaut on the other hand is a little different search on youtube how to do it, it would take too long for me to type that out...  Basically it requires some cabbage and sea salt, but honestly I find as long as you consume very little salt, you'll be fine.  You don't have to eat that much of the sauerkraut for the medicinal effects, so you're not getting that much salt.  Its really the only food with salt that I consume.  And I only consume like 2-4 celery sticks (not stocks) a day so I actually might need a little bit more sodium anyways.  

Do you actually improve the cabbage or nuts or whatever you ferment by this process? No. You have processed them either by blending, chopping, liquifying, grinding or whatever. You have fractured the foods and encouraged oxidation and nutrient loss. You have allowed fresh and wholesome foods to slowly decompose and rot from bacterial action.
What do you gain from all of this? Better health? Mysterious benefits? Nothing at all. If there's no benefit to fermented foods, why go to all the trouble of adulterating your food? True, you are using the best of ingredients with no harmful additives. But by encouraging these foods to putrify to give them a sour taste, you are wasting them and doing yourself no good at all.

The bacteria predigest all the nutrients for you, making all the nutrients much more usable (not to mention the bacteria produces b12).  It adds a healthy bacteria culture, in the proper ratio, to help defend you against aggressive microbs that cause disease and illness.  Try it and see if it helps you or not.  If it doesn't than don't eat it.  I strongly believe intuition will give you the answer even more than logic or science because these only see a small spectrum of the variables.  

How can you be so sure that the bacteria which are present in the culture are b12-producing or even beneficial?

I'm not entirely sure how harmful or beneficial the consumption of fermented products would be, but I am certainly not willing to consume any salt at this point. And certainly not sugar.

Maybe I am a bit of a fundamentalist at this point, but I sometimes prefer to follow rigid rules when dealing with potentially addicting substances, because they defy our very freedom and will to act. 

In friendship, 


That's a legitimate way to deal with the situation.

All human knowledge begins with intuitions, proceeds from thence to concepts, and ends with ideas.

Immanuel Kant

True Science is founded upon Intuition and built up through the use of Logic. Therefore, your argument is mute, since True Science and Logic are not the enemies of Intuition but its allies. Just as there can be no Science without Intuition, in the same way unaided Intuition is powerless without the orienting structure of Science, which organizes all perceived phenomena in a coherent whole from which predictions can be made. Although Intuition will always remain essential because our understanding of the world will never be complete, it will never be sufficient because our cognitive capacities are limited. Intuition and Structure will always remain inseparable allies, each one of them being as essential to the other as it is powerless on its own.

The Mind is capable of forming metaphysical notions, but cannot hold them for long.

Évariste Galois

Human reason is by nature architectonic.

Immanuel Kant

Induct to deduct, in order to build.

The right frame of mind consists, more than anything else, in forming the simplest hypothesis appropriated to each case.

Auguste Comte

There is no clear-cut separation between the systematic domain of Real Science and the spontaneous field of common Reason.

Auguste Comte

There is no absolute separation between observing and reasoning.

Auguste Comte

Know, in order to predict, in order to provide.

Auguste Comte



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