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I can not see any logical reason why one would believe in a god as there is no evidence for an actual god existing.  That's why I wonder why so many people believe in a god.

So why do you believe in a god? :)

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Its certainly a hahaha for me  ;)

then you should have no difficulty appreciating why several people here consider belief to be a hahaha. :D

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The middle ground would be when we think we know something to be true, but this middle ground leaves us open to other possibilities. Thinking something is, is a part of knowing we do not know. When we believe something to be true we risk gluing ourselves into a corner unable to see or accept other possibilities. While there is the possibility of changing ones beliefs, all to often we can go through life glued into a corner of delusion even at the expense of harm to ourselves or others. The key is to be open to all possibilities, and beliefs all too often will not allow this.

The less beliefs we hold the greater our ability to perceive the one true reality and therefore live in harmony.

As can be seen in this world of chaos there are many people who cling to their delusional beliefs unable to live in harmony.  

The less beliefs we hold the greater our ability to perceive the one true reality and therefore live in harmony.

yes well said!

undisciplined beliefs are no different than superstitions. they cloud vision and insight.

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Beliefs can be based on rationality, yes?  One can have reasonable beliefs...

of course, as expressed by that michael fellow you quoted.

for instance, belief in a phenomenon because there is evidence for its existence is not a superstition. that belief may change as new evidence comes in and that shows good discipline.

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when dealing with direct experience i see it more as a inherent knowing via verifiable sensory input , than a belief or disbelief per se.  i think i remember reading on Brights Central that we don't really need to believe or disbelieve ,  in a dynamic world those brave enough to trial and error will discover new stuffs that can and do change our previous understandings. 

i see it more as a inherent knowing via verifiable sensory input , than a belief or disbelief

yes. this belief thingy is vastly overstated. some people try to run the argument that you believe what you know and that way try to instill the permanent pedestal of belief. however, that is a somewhat trite effort because:

a) it's a bit like arguing that background radiation is radiation just because it's radiation - true, but a pointless tautology.

b) not likely always true either because there is inherent knowledge as you put it which all animals including humans act instinctively upon. for example, when a child is hungry do we have a case of knowing or believing. :D

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The ultimate state is being open to all knowledge, wisdom, understanding...beliefs can block that...

I always thought this was an interesting 'argument' for the existence of god:  from CS Lewis's Weight of glory:

“A man’s physical hunger does not prove that man will get any bread; he may die of starvation on a raft in the Atlantic. But surely a man’s hunger does prove that he comes of a race which repairs its body by eating and inhabits a world where eatable substances exist. In the same way, though I do not believe (I wish I did) that my desire for Paradise proves that I shall enjoy it, I think it a pretty good indication that such a thing exists and that some men will. A man may love a woman and not win her; but it would be very odd if the phenomenon called “falling in love” occurred in a sexless world.”
So basically, throughout all of mankind, humans civilizations of all different kinds have had some sort of innate 'desire' for a God/spiritual something... - something that doesn't seem quite attainable in this world, so the conclusion is that there must be something out there that could eventually satisfy this desire because you can't have an innate longing for something that doesn't exist.

Exactly, the same way we have physical and emotional needs, and none of them can be reduced to the other but they can be correlated, we have spiritual needs, needs beyond the matter and relationshipsAnd this need is manifested in many situations. Fanatism in science appears when the existence of this need is negated because some prejudices as thinking mind must be an epiphenomenon of brain, when all reason point to the contrary conclusion.

Besides, there are some common conclusions in all spiritual traditions, so we have a phenomenon we can study from a scientific point of view, of course in this case the lab is our body and our mind, and this can be so legitimate as a physical lab, or more.

I am God I am part of God I am God All things are possible because I am God! We are all devine lights part of a higher being we all are contected. We are her to learn and gain knowlege. I have never questioned it! God is all around us. Nature, people, animals ect.

God is all around us. Nature, people, animals ect.

here is a story that has much merit:

the stone

nanak was a travelling guru. he visited many places in india, arabia and mesopotamia.

in mecca is the ka'aba, the sacred stone of the muslims.

one morning nanak was found sleeping with his feet turned to the stone! some muslims were furious!

"how dare you be so insulting! how dare you sleep with you feet towards the face of god!"

gently, nanak says: "very well then. turn my feet to where god is not."

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Do you believe in God, prad?

belief in god is irrelevant. as i wrote to you in another post: "the universe doesn't wait for the sanction of our beliefs."

If so, why does God allow evil?

it has not been established that this is so.

If not, why does life/reality/nature allow evil?

perhaps so we don't shirk our responsibility.

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