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I can not see any logical reason why one would believe in a god as there is no evidence for an actual god existing.  That's why I wonder why so many people believe in a god.

So why do you believe in a god? :)

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no.  beyond illogical it seems irrational too in that you are not working with others to find a common understanding.  it divides unnecessarily

punishment and rewards systems are outmoded

all ? (suspend logic use exaggeration?)  things happen with cause and effect do we know the root of our needs? no but does that mean we lie and make it up? no , it means we work together to form better understandings that we have previous.  

Stalemate. Neither atheists or religious people can prove or disprove of a god. Don't waste too much energy worrying about it. 

thing is it is not about wining or loosing but about understanding that those who jump the gun do harm to society for quite some time now in order to 'control' .   I have not met a person with a Bright worldview that does not accept that things they can't know,  and the same with a leader of a denomination they have said no they can't know too.   

so where does this leave us.  a Bright world accepting each other and working together.  Just some don't understand their Brightness and may still exist in the closet about it based on their family.

Stalemate.  Precisely.  I know people use titles to lure people into a discussion, but RawNorway's discussion actually appeared to genuinely want to know why some people believe.  But it has become apparent that she really wants an argument.  I would love to have heard why people believe, and I'm sad that this discussion turned into a debate.

I have never had a conversation about religion that didn't turn into a discussion about facts and truth. I don't believe, although raised as a Christian, because the more arguments I hear, the less sense it makes to me. However, I believe that religious faith is a vital life support for some people - part of their identity. I wouldn't dream of changing that, but at the same time I expect them not to try and change me either. 

I believe Karma is the thing that matters the most in society: be fair to the world and the world will be fair to you.

Religion is responsible for the development of many different cultures. So, whether it's all superstitious fantasy or not, it has definitely been a sculpting factor of societies around the world. There is no denying that - it's fact, in fact. So why don't I believe there is a God? Because,  when science evolves and constantly finds new answers to our questions,  religion usually is at a stand still. Of course I'm mostly referring to Christianity. It's what I know about the most. I studied the Bible as a child and was raised to believe there was a God looking at me 24/7. When I look at how the wind rushes through the leaves on a tree, I find peace in thinking it is how the world has turned out by incident. Mystery is OK. If there is a God, I don't believe this God is perfect. I think this God is the creator of everything, including devastation and accident. Those are in our lives constantly. Some people are born brain damaged. Some people kill innocent people. Tsunamis are terrorizing otherwise peaceful places on earth, where innocent people are hurt and killed. Is that not the work of God, the almighty creator? 

I'm referring to the many varieties of etiquette around the world hahaha. Also, I refer to architectural aspect of cultures. Whenever science makes historical discoveries through archaeology, say of ancient Rome, many findings show not only parts of the technological timeline, it also shows parts of the current belief system at the time.

I think it is fascinating how some religions have been exchanged by others. In Scandinavia we had a plethora of deities - the Nordic Gods, and in ancient Greece and Rome they also had quite a few different Gods, each with their own area of expertise and responsibility.

I believe Karma is the thing that matters the most in society: be fair to the world and the world will be fair to you.


I wish this was true.  Seems bad things happen to good people and vice versa all the time.  However I guess those who believe in karma wouldn't see it this way but rather that they must of had it coming. I guess that's one way to deal with the evils of the world; no need to get involved; just let karma sort it out.

IMO karma isn't about consequences for our actions.  Karma gives us what we are.  If we do something bad and let it weight on our conscious, we're going to have a cloud following us around making life rough.  If we do something bad, learn from it, accept it, forgive ourselves, decide that's not who we are nor choose to be, our karma will be free and clear.  Really, karma is only going to give what we ask for.

We could live as saints but if we're always focusing our thoughts and attention on the negative things happening around us we're going to continue to live in that negative consciousness and have "bad karma".

Often times I will have days where everything I touch fights me and the smallest tasks take extreme effort.  Then other days everything falls into place perfectly and effortlessly.  It's all a matter of my state of mind and how well I'm connected to external energies. 

no need to get involved; just let karma sort it out

That is actually also one of the Catholic teachings, by the way. Although they word it differently, I think.

I live by the rules of Karma, and I know it works for me. Not only does it put my mind at ease, thus making my life less stressful, it has also proven fruitful on a few occasions. Recently, I was out riding with a couple of friends. I had bought new cleats for my bike shoes - by the way, stay away from Vangárd's cleats, they are not worth a dime! Get the original brand of cleats for your pedals! - and I was still adjusting to the way they felt underneath the shoe.I have a saddlebag where my keys and wallet and a few tools are. I had this bag open to check my phone, which was in there at the moment and didn't zip it all the way shut when I took off again, being distracted by the new, uncomfortable cleats. My wallet fell out of the bag, luckily as the only thing out of many. I was late in discovering this, but when I did, I closed my cards and quickly made a mental note of what I would have to do the day after, in terms of getting a new wallet + content. There was some cash in there, but only about Dkr 100 (USD 20). We carried on with our ride, when suddenly my phone rings. I pick it up and the person on the other end claims to have found my wallet, with the cash inside and everything. I told him to keep the cash if he would meet me to return it. He would hear of no such thing, but insisted on driving by my house to deliver it, and so he did a few hours later. He asked for nothing in return, but hoped the same would be done for him, should he be so unfortunate.

It is a difficult thing to answer and to believe...let alone say in words.

What I believe in...won't be of much concern. For it is like much what my "ancestors" would believe in. Except...the tides of war and destruction does wipe out a lot of traces of the past.

If you were born in the East (India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philipines, China, etc) [typically Asian countries included], most people there do believe in something that would "relate" to "god."

If you can bear with my vague explanations...do continue reading.

In all "religious" scriptures...no matter what culture...they do have differences...yet they do have commonalities. But because of language barriers and greedy people who tend to use "spirituality" for material gain, that would trigger abuse and "fear mongering" towards the general population who don't have those "unusual experiences."

When I say unusual experiences...it is something that is sufficient to make you not tell the world anything.

Sufficient experiences that are "sufficiently convincing" that you'd believe that "there is something out there that is protecting this world...but not within reach yet"

Most spiritual practioners who are legit, and do it for the sake of compassion and the world....they do get.. "results." They won't tell anyone. This is for the sake of being humble. Even if I had results myself, I wouldn't even tell it to anyone. Such experiences are immediate and sufficient enough to tell you that "spirituality ain't a joke." Such results that are sufficient to convince one's self...that...like I said earlier "there is something out there protecting this world, but isn't within reach."

Saying that, in general, such scriptures would generally state that a virtuous way of life will "bring heaven into this hellish world."

Obviously being vegan....doesn't matter what you believe in.....will save this world. DUH!


The commonalities of such scriptures...they tell of "heaven, or a world outside of this world, or a world after death that is better than this world." Of course, they will say directly...that this physical Earth we live in...is imperfect and will have suffering, and to be free, we either change this world into a peaceful world (vegan world obviously) or we "connect with the Divine" as some sort of "practice" so we don't "come back to this world" [referring to scriptures that talk about "reincarnation"]

So because of such scriptures...they are only a tool. But they are not the "complete truth" that does NOT compare to experience or what our intuition senses. But at the same time, they are merely a guide, that could be moulded and exploited (ever wonder why there are certain branches of people who call them "christians" that bring fear mongering? I doubt the crap they follow is even the real Christianity or the "Word of Christ").

I'm terrible at explaining these things. If you are really sincere and curious...just check out Osho's works. Or the Supreme Master Ching Hai [don't mind the name, the "master" word was just a merely direct translation from Asian words, meaning "teacher"], or Srila Prabhuprada who started the Hare Krishna movement here.

Sure they all have different tastes of how they describe things....just take what works best from these influential Spiritual Teachers...and one might find an answer.

Sometimes, the best "logical" thing is your intuition. Even if such a rare experience is enough to change your way of thinking..like it did...many people who would never talk about their experiences out loud. Doesn't matter what "religion" a person follows. I don't even have a label on myself. Who needs labels? Everyone is welcome to "connect with the unusual forces that feels like Love and Home."

And lemme tell you all right now, even if there are people "following religion" or just merely "practicing spiritually" regardless of what experiences they have....nobody's perfect. We all still carry our bad habits and acknowledge our flaws and only aim to be "better people." =)

It's a very difficult subject to explain in words. Hope this helps anyone..maybe someone might turn it into better words than I.

Before that question can be answered first god must be defined. As I see things at this point in life, god is not a bigger better person, god is all consciousness, of which we are a part and we are the whole of. There is nothing else and there can be only one. 

I honestly believe in God because he answers my prayers without fail.  And while things obviously do not go all according to how I want in life, whenever I lean on him (pray/read the Bible), and also when I ask him, he gives me peace and joy. 

That's the best (or, at least most simple) answer I, personally, can give.

You're welcome to msg me if you are ever intereted in talking about it more.  Or on here, too..



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