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Why do people always get addicted to what makes them sick?

Im talking mental, emotional, physical addiction...there's this saying you know 'you're drawn to what makes you sick' this is of course only so true sometimes while other times it may be false. but I find it an interesting irony from whatever created this world and life that addiction is almost always connected to what makes people sick....hmmm well ok sometimes it's not I guess...and almost always start as the attempt to fulfill some essential need but eventually just running amok for whatever reason and not upholding the delicate balance.


but I would like to hear your thoughts on this, would you have any.



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Here is a lot of the addictive substances that are found in harmful products such as cooked grains and animal contents. It may be a ".com" but I've thoroughly checked the references it has to more credible sources.

Or does the addiction make them sick because they are doing to much of whatever it is, even a good thing? 

For example, I could say that I will eat bananas only for the rest of my life, but even though a healthy food, I could end up sick.  It is not necessarily the bananas themselves making me sick, but deficiencies in other areas that I am neglecting.

As the old adage goes, moderation is usually the key. 

Just a thought.  Peace, PK

but this thing...you know just any kind of addiction...like from a historical perspective the large majority, even wise people...seems to go off into the aether sooner or later (not talking about dying here...just becoming increasingly attracted to what will eventually lead to their own demise...maybe

Like obsessive compulsive disorder? 

I wondering something else also...how does universal balance between dualities fit in with being in a state of harmony (unless someone's reached some spiritual heights) I mean darkness/light. im asking since I haven't experoience it mysefl

Addiction - physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects


I think people naturally seek stimulation, but in our unnatural world, we come across stimulation that is dangerous. I don't honestly think people seek that which makes them sick, I think that many people just want the power to be able to do something that will stimulate them and give them pleasure.


I really think a lot of it has to do with wanting control over how we feel.


BUT, I feel its very important to understand some people are prone to addictions. I'm reminded of when I used to watch "Dexter" and in one episode he is standing on the edge of a roof, trying to "feel alive" and while its important to note Dexter is a fictional character, and honestly not a very accurate depiction of a sociopath (way too perfect, functional, and introspective) it does point out that there is the reality of people who need to go to extremes just to "feel alive." People like this are far more likely to be the type who get addicted to things that make them sick. Some people don't have the same emotional pain that leads them to avoid things like hard drugs, only certain types of people can really get addicted to the really hard stuff, but plenty of people can still lack the capacity for enough internal hurt that would lead them to avoid drugs like alcohol for example. I was definitely one of those people who had a bad experience and got sick from drinking, told myself I would never drink again, and then went back on my word once I was distanced enough from the previous pain. I honestly feel like as I get healthier I am losing this capacity, though. I'm not willing to put up with the same discomforts as I used to, and I think part of it is, when your unhealthy, there's always a part of you that hurts, or is sick, so the risk of adding more sickness doesn't seem so bad if it also gives you some pleasure. The sicker the person, the more potential for addiction, I think. 


I read Anthony Keidis biography awhile ago, very informative in regards to the subject of addition, I remember after I read it I felt like I understood addiction way better than most people, unfortunately I forgot what the key points were that I learned... I think it has a lot to do with control, not being in control, but wanting to. 


Oh, so quick conclusion, for some people it doesn't even matter if the stimulation is positive, as long as they can stimulate themselves. I'll be honest, I once realized that I kind of liked a certain feeling, that I was probably addicted to when I was in my teens, which was basically a fearful rush from doing something dangerous/illegal, and one time I got this rush and realized I had probably subconsciously sought this rush because I liked how alive it made me feel. I think this is the rush that might get some people addicted to things people don't consider addictive or don't understand why they're addictive. I bet gambling gives people this rush, and probably a lot of illegal and dangerous things in general. 

Look at what people are addicted too. Things that raise their blood sugar.




Ice Cream


Drama (raises adrenaline and adrenaline raises blood sugar)



They all raise blood sugar. People are so carb phobic as a society that they constantly run low on glycogen and have so much fat in their blood their blood sugar dips so much each day. They have to take these things to raise blood sugar. The body starts to crave em each time their blood sugar drops.


Thats why people that load up on enough carbs find it easy to stop the damaging 'addictions'.


'No DR, thats too simple man! Ive been spending thousands with counsellers and stuff and your solution is too simple..I want to have an identity of a victim so people gimme attention and I can justify my complacency to myself and others..'



why do people get addicted to choosing the story of why you can't?

You're awesome DR.  I always love hearing you SIMPLE explanations.  They always make so much sense!!


well said... thanks!


A while ago I made the decision I would always cave in to junk food cravings - provided I have some fruit first. This strategy has never, ever let me down.


The video is a bit long but I think it's what you are looking for.



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