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Why do most people on this diet seem so lean despite varying fitness levels?

Everywhere you read online they say carbs is the main fuel and if not used it stores as fat, so how does it not store on a raw vegan diet from fruits? Where does it go?

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The concept of carbs turning to fat is called de novo lipogenesis.  You have to eat about twice the amount of calories for it to START to happen, and when it does, 30% of the calories are wasted being converted.  It's a very inefficient process.  I've never seen a longterm fat high carb low fat vegan.

What happens is that carbs are burned off in dietary thermogenesis.  Increased body heat basically :)

sorry but that increased body heat-thingy sounds very unlogic to me

coz how much should the body-temp raise to burn like 500, 1000 or even 2000 extra carb calories? 3 degrees? that would be like having fever nonstop. 

Sounds very unlikely.

And recently someone told me that raw vegans have a lower body temperature. :


So this explaination doesnt make sense to me.  

But this topic was chewed 100000 times before. It just ends in ... dont try to understand it... it is just how it is (at least for certain ppl)..... 

lol touche! I think your right thats about how it always ends! haha.

normal body temp. is 37 Degrees Celsius.

1 degree increased? thats high temperature.

let alone 2-3 degrees... which is like alarmingly high Fever for adults.  


Excess skin not being supported by underlying tissue that is plumped up with sodium etc.  If one is over 35 or 40, looses weight, genes, lack of muscular stressing/growth, there will be excess hanging skin. 

Thanks for reminding me to get the weights out!

+ to answer the subject question, food doesn't create muscles.. In case you were wondering. Otherwise everyone eating 'muscle food' (whatever that is, if it existed) would be ripped even with a sedentary lifestyle.. :/

You simply can't eat more fruit than you need longterm.

Ever seen a spider so fat it can't climb up a wall?

Ever seen a deer so fat it can't run away?

Ever seen a person eating this way for 10 years and isnt a lean bean?

Doesnt matter if you start at 600lb, you WILL get down to a lean racing weight in due time.

You can use the short term fad diet rebound people as examples of long termers. Id say 5 years doing something is starting to become long term.

Look at Freelee & myself. We have eaten more fruit than any individuals on the planet in the last 5 years. How come we are so lean when there is people out there that train WAY more than us but are not as lean as us?

How fit, healthy and lean are you KK? Post some recent vids on youtube. Show us where you are currently at.


so true. No free in nature living animals  eat  more than they need . 

Seen fat bears though or other animals that have to get fat for hibernation. But thats another story. 

Some Humans do overeat though ( even on fruits and veggies) . And then gain weight. 

If they could go on overeating for a long period like 10 years.... no idea... maybe... maybe not. 

I had the same questions when started out too. I didn't understand dietary thermogenesis but I knew that if I had a 15 date smoothie I would warm up and had tons of body heat and great circulation to go run miles in the snow when my team all had freezing toes and fingers and were sluggish. I do this lifestyle 100 percent 80/10/10 Raw vegan style and I have amazing results. I started to notice I was leaning down when I ate more fruit!  From food experiments I did in the past I know that if I remove ALL carbs and eat protein shakes and high fat I can also lean down but that comes with a price of wicked mental fog, irritability, anxiety, depression, bad breath, and zero energy to move which leads you into a stimulant binge and compounds the issue almost as much as your bowels. This is short term and you will binge due to stress unless you take appetite sup and loads of dangerous pills that give you nausea so you don't eat! If you eat a "society balanced diet" of 35% fat you will store it unless you calorie restrict on celebrity diets or 1200 or less cals. Ive done that one too... olalalalala that's a roller coaster of a waistline. You have to keep 4 different pants sizes in your closet because your metabolism drops to what cals you are taking in, get the cals low enough and you will binge out and freak out. This is the only lifestyle that works for me and keeps me lean and mentally keen!!!!! Im still learning more of the exact science and I know it works! Jump in and test it out fully! Your going to love how much you can eat and the lean bean you let yourself become! Remember to keep the fat low or the fat will store! Very good question!

nice reply lady apple. very motivating ! +1



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