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Guys, I'm having a hard, hard time...I keep flip flopping between being raw and wanting cooked food. I know that this is the lifestyle for me but I just cant seem to stick with it. I did 100% a few months ago for about 2 weeks and felt fantastic. Then I ended up second guessing myself because of my family and ended up eating cooked food. After that I just couldnt seem to get back on. I started to feel sick every time I'd start eating raw again so I just gave up trying to do 100%. After that I did 1 fruit meal a day and that worked well. i got really inspired so went a hundred percent again for a week but the circumstances were ones that made it hard to stick to because I have been traveling. Today I tried to start my day raw again but was feeling really out of balance and started thinking that maybe this lifestyle is just not right for me. So I ate cooked and now I want to be raw again! So every time I am raw I feel like its not right, but every time I stop being raw and eat cooked food I realize that I really want to be raw. This is so frustrating to me! I think this is all in my head because everytime I try to commit myself to it I feel like I cant do it. My question is first of all, can you please offer some advice and some help here because I feel very discouraged. My intentions are pure. I know that this is right for me. Why is it so hard? I dont come from a SAD background. I come from a very "healthy" lifestyle. What gives? Is cooked food that addictive? I know we dont condone doing this gradually but should I just continue my one fruit meal a day for a while and just see where that takes me? Thanks so much for any help you can give me. I love the support here and I hope that I can do this! 

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Oh Heather join us! It would be really good to be part of a group of people that are all going through the same challenges. Some people can somehow just jump right into this lifestyle and never look back. Some of us really just keep flip flopping. It would be good to talk to each other about our challenges when we face them :)

Thank you so much for bringing up your struggle.  Clearly from the responses, you are not alone in this flip flopping.  I have been struggling as well to let go of cooked food.  I notice the same responses, feeling good in the moment, but not feeling good after I eat cooked.  I think eating 80/10/10 brings up so much more than just challenges of eating raw.  It brings up many challenges socially as well, which pose issues for me, and I am sure you all, to face.  I have just joined this forum and would love to be a part of any support we can all offer each other! 

I am currently  eating 800 calories of steamed organic potatoes and 2500 calories of fruit .  Been working for me and it is where I am at and I happy with it for me and cuz its animal friendly . 

Maybe its ok to eat some nice cooked carbs ?

Maybe even a benefit to eat some cooked carbs for some of us ? 


Cool! I feel like when I tell myself that I can eat cooked food thats when I want it. If I were to just have the freedom maybe it would make it easier? thanks for the tips!

I feel very comforted by having cooked carbs in the winter. Being at college and having to walk outside from building to building in the snow, and waiting on the bus for forever in the cold draws me more to warm and heavy foods. In the winter I love to make vegetable soup or have cooked potatoes. I know it's not as good as keeping 100% raw, but it makes me happy and is still okay I feel.

Thank Viktoriya, this is a issue that I am also struggling to come to grips with myself. My wife is fully SAD and we spend most weekend traveling which makes the raw lifestyle hard enought so when i keep struggling with raw v cooked cravings it makes me very frustrated.
I also start the raw lifestyle with good intentions of fully committing to only raw, but after a few days I seem to crave cooked food. I thought it was just me so to have you raise this topic has made me understand that I am not alone in this struggle.
I have been reading a lot of articals by Dr McDougall so between that and 30bad I am trying to make sure I keep to the lowest fat intake as possible regardless if it raw or cooked. So far I am managing to do fruit during the day (most days) potatoes and veg (cooked) in the evening.
Hopefully we will both be able to remove the flip flopping and achieve the fully raw lifestyle that we desire.

Hey Graham, its so tough when you are surrounded by people who arent on the same lifestyle! My boyfriend eats everything cooked, including meat. It feels like taking baby steps is the way to go. Hope we can figure it out too!

It's so difficult to have a partner on SAD! My boyfriend eats SAD and it's so tempting when he comes to visit me, because he always wants to take me out to eat and more times than not, I fall into the temptation because he knows what I like (indian food, thai food, sushi, etc). I appreciate him, but I just wish my town had some raw options!

For me it is a matter of variety, above all greens, when I have access to enough greens and a minimal variety of fruits, beyond only bananas and dates, I am able to stay 100% raw during all the time I want without cravings at all.

Here in Yucatan we are having problems with having enouch raw food all the time and more greens apart from lettuce, so it is difficult to stay 100% all the time (we stay 90% globally), I am dissapointing with that (I am coming from North of Spain, much better here but I was expecting other thing,  as I know in other mexican cities is), so we are planning to go to other city the soon as possible.

With 25 different fruits and greens at good prices it is impossible not to stay 100% raw if one really wants that.

Yea there is a lot of fruit everywhere here so I do feel lucky! Greens always make things easier for sure. I like to juice ( i know thats not recommended though). We have to find what works for us right? Its so good to hear that others are also struggling (not that I want others to struggle or anything, I'm just glad to hear that I'm not the only one). Thanks for the support! :)

Hi Viktoriya,

Yes you just described what I´m currently going through! DG says that its really easy to be raw inbetween meals (cooked) and he is right. Straight after finishing my veggie curry I´m all excited about going raw and staying raw and I know its right and I want to feel really good all the time. But sometimes being 100% raw makes me miserable - not wanting to eat fruit and salads at night.

I´m mainly 100% raw this last week or so, still using some salt - to be honest without a bit of salt on my salads I wouldn´t have been raw. I also recently started Hatha yoga which has also really helped as it keeps me fit and busy in the evenings instead of having to battle with my head regarding what I really want to eat. It also helps having a social support, I dont know anyone personally my city who is 811 but have been to a few events and a huge difference when you are surrounded by people doing the same.

Also don't be hard on yourself if you want a baked potato o a sweet potato soup - just make sure there is no or very little fat. There are a few websites for low fat vegan plant based cooked meals, which I think would help with transition. 

I don't know whether others have noticed but I think its easier for men to go 100% than women, just in general. Does anyone agree? Perhaps not so attached to cooked as a coping mechanism.

Let me know if you start a group!

I think one of the final hurdles in being successful in this lifestyle is having support and encouragement from positive like minded people. I'm in your shoes 100% sweetheart and I get very little if any support from my family simply because they don't understand and are uneducated on the purity and benefits of a hclf RV diet. This is not an easy lifestyle for many/most people which is why I appreciate this website so when we find ourselves struggling we can post a discussion and low and behold, you are not alone! We all have the ability to succeed it really just gets to a point in mind over matter, focusing on the incredible health benefits and doing your best to achieve your goals.



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