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Guys, I'm having a hard, hard time...I keep flip flopping between being raw and wanting cooked food. I know that this is the lifestyle for me but I just cant seem to stick with it. I did 100% a few months ago for about 2 weeks and felt fantastic. Then I ended up second guessing myself because of my family and ended up eating cooked food. After that I just couldnt seem to get back on. I started to feel sick every time I'd start eating raw again so I just gave up trying to do 100%. After that I did 1 fruit meal a day and that worked well. i got really inspired so went a hundred percent again for a week but the circumstances were ones that made it hard to stick to because I have been traveling. Today I tried to start my day raw again but was feeling really out of balance and started thinking that maybe this lifestyle is just not right for me. So I ate cooked and now I want to be raw again! So every time I am raw I feel like its not right, but every time I stop being raw and eat cooked food I realize that I really want to be raw. This is so frustrating to me! I think this is all in my head because everytime I try to commit myself to it I feel like I cant do it. My question is first of all, can you please offer some advice and some help here because I feel very discouraged. My intentions are pure. I know that this is right for me. Why is it so hard? I dont come from a SAD background. I come from a very "healthy" lifestyle. What gives? Is cooked food that addictive? I know we dont condone doing this gradually but should I just continue my one fruit meal a day for a while and just see where that takes me? Thanks so much for any help you can give me. I love the support here and I hope that I can do this! 

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Go with what your body tells you vs your mind. ;)

Its like when I used to sell sports shoes for a living. Girls would come in and I would say 'yep, your a size 11 I will be back in a second' and they would say 'NO! Im a size 7 MAX!'. 99% of the time they would be happy wearing the size 11 and listening to their foot vs their head.

A handful listened to their head vs their body. I would never sell em the shoe though. I would just say 'Im on lunch now, that guy over there will help you, hope you find what you like'.

thats the thing, I dont even know what my body is telling me anymore! What a great metaphor that you give here though. Wish I knew what was right. I feel so scattered!

Also its not about 100% raw really. I mean some people compare canned chick peas in your salad with a big mac. They compare vanilla soy milk in your pulsed banana smoothy with a thick shake at macca's. Bottled juice with coke etc.

100% raw could be 811 and 100% raw could be cashew butter on flax crackers for breakfast and crackao brazil nut smoothies the rest of the day and then domino's meat lovers pizza the week after.

no I know what you mean. I know 100% raw is not the most important. I fear that the combination of having some fruit meals and some cooked meals will be bad for digestion though. Thats why I keep doing the all or nothing approach.

That seemed to work for me before but I always get super excited and end up cutting out all cooked food for a few days but after those few days pass I feel like I'm missing out on cooked food or something so I end up giving in. Thanks for the awesome advice though, I know that its best to let go of cooked food "cold turkey" but everytime I do that I feel like I'm depriving myself or something. Its weird. As soon as I eat the cooked food I realize that there is no way that I could be depriving myself when I have all this fruit. Its just so back and forth

"everytime I'm do that I feel like I'm depriving myself or something.  It's weird."

Ya know, Victoriya, I think you've hit a really good point without knowing it.  Although we know that our taste buds are becoming addicted to something because of the increase stimulation and highs that we get from cooked food, there is also a mental block that keeps people coming back to cooked food.  Ask yourself, what about cooked food is so good?  And honestly answer it.  There is an answer.  Once you have that answer for yourself, and you start craving cooked food, remember your answer of why it's so good.  Then compare it with the reasons why it might not be worth it.  The catch lies in when you crave cooked food and what you say to yourself during that time of craving. It is knowledge and brain power that keeps you through those times... with whatever reasons you need to tell yourself... perhaps, "cooked foods will not help me heal, they will create malabsorption of nutrients," or "we are not meant to eat cooked food, even if my family/ancestry/all fricking society thinks I should do so", whatever you think is true, etc. Try it and see if you make it through a craving, eat fruit, and feel better.


I tend to have a hard time understanding the balance of "listening to your body", because if you have an addiction to something, you cannot simply do what your body "wants".  While your body may "crave" something, your body may actually need something else and your mind is getting in the way- i.e. thinking "well, my body says I need this right now, so maybe I do".  Your body is probably saying, "I need you to help me right now, and the only thing that I'm used to is this stimulant, so I can't think of anything else."  That is where your logic of your own past experience comes in.   I see that you have experienced that when you say that you feel good after eating fruit, and then wanting to eat fruit right after cooked because you don't feel good.  You can choose to support your body with fruit because you know that cooked hasn't biologicallly satisfied you in the past.  Of course, you may feel like you're "missing out on something".  What do you feel you are honestly missing out on?

hey vikotriya, first of all you are doing amazingly well... remember some people can take up to 10 years to fully know this lifestyle is for them... give it time. you came to 30bad because you believe in the lifestyle - no matter how frustrating it becomes at times.

cooked food is addictive, especially salted cooked food which is why i think i have become too fond of potatoes because the ones i have been buying have so much flavour i assume they have a higher sodium level than most others (or my tastebuds have become alot more sensitive)

if you want we can create a challenge for ourselves together, one that we can commit to. we can either make a forum post or send emails... and íf we do make a forum post, we can get others to join because i am so sure that you and I are not the only ones on the 'i crave cooked food then when i eat it i dont want to eat cooked food again but oh look i have eaten it again the following day' wagon... phew that was long ;)

you can do this!!!

Thanks Juliana, I am trying. I just cant help but get frustrated with myself for being so indecisive. I usually dont even eat stuff that is too seasoned. The challenge idea is such a great idea! I'd like to do that. Thanks for the support :)

to viktoriya and heather... i'll start something up in the next few days just so everyone can get a bit prepared... I don't think we should make it we have to stay raw for this whole week, because if we don't manage to do it, it might appear like failure or something... and i am not in for feeling ashamed... so how about we make it a day to day challenge, see how long we can hold out from cooked food and seasoning, and if we cave, we'll just pick ourselves up again and give it another go.. and each time we do it, we'll just get stronger and stronger =) does that sounds good?

That sounds so great Juliana! I'm so excited to do it :)

Man, I used to be a smoker and I remember how it felt when I would stop. Stopping cooked feels exactly the same! I even feel the similar feeling of withdrawl that I felt when I quit smoking. I remember I would just sit around and not know what to do. so interesting! Why is cooked food so addictive? I dont really put any spices or anything on the food. 

I can totally relate to what you're going through. I feel that 100% LFRV is right for me and I do well for days and days at a time. Lately, however, after 5 days or so, I will cave in and eat a meal of cooked vegan food. It feels good in the moment and then...10 minutes after I'm done eating, I feel like crap. Then, I concentrate on drinking lots of water for the next hours until bed time trying to clean out my system. I want the taste...but I just don't like how I feel when I eat it. I like Juliana's idea. I would love to be part of a small support group of people that are going through the same thing. So, count me in! Also, I believe that we should keep in mind that this will be a process. It may not happen overnight and instead take time to get to where we need to be.



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