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I went vegan last year after I found out I was lactose intolerant. Then after watching Earthlings and Freelee's video I realize it's not cool what we humans are doing to animals and I want no part of it. So now you know my deal. So why did you go vegan?

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Hi Faithfully Fruit!

I went vegan just over a year ago when i was listening to an Anthony Robbins talk called living health and then went on to read the China Study :)

I still have yet to read The China Study. St the moment I'm reading 80 10 10. What diet do you follow? Rawtill4?

Hey, great post.

I think the first thing I can attribute my veganism to was my upbringing. My love for animals was instilled in me early and strong enough that I think veganism was always inevitable. My mother ran an in-home daycare, and the first rule was "Be kind to people and things", animals of course included (as people). We had many adopted pets, including dogs, cats, snakes, and one turtle. My grandparents subjected me to many hours of nature documentaries, which further reinforced my wonder and respect for animals, wildlife, and the environment.

I first went vegetarian when I was 4 years old. My sister, 7 at the time, had decided to become a vegetarian and was asked on Thanksgiving dinner whether she would partake in the turkey. She declined, to which I responded, "Come on, it's not like the TURKEY is actually made out of a TURKEY." To which everyone at the table said, "Yes, it is." I then sat there silently, dazed and traumatized. Shortly thereafter I followed in my sister's footsteps, although I was on and off with it for many years to come.

When I was 10, I met a friend through my homeschooling group at the time, whose whole family was vegan. I asked my mom what that meant and she explained it to me. It seemed then to be the natural next step for me, so I tried it out briefly but soon reverted to ovo-lacto.

When I was 15 I learned about raw vegan, then fruitarian, and started exposing myself to more vegan points of views. By the time I was 16, I had made a solemn and permanent commitment to it.

How old are you now?


If adults stopped lying to children, more of them would make the right choice. Adults cover and lie and lie and lie and lie :'( 

Most importantly they lie to themselves.

Actually, if you think about it deeper there is really not one single reason not to go. :-)

You are right.

I always knew it was a disgusting thing to do, to eat the flesh of our friends, and became vegan when I realized I did not have to. My ma became vegan first after detesting meat her whole childhood, and I soon followed once I moved back home with her. I will never again knowingly contribute to the hideous treatment of my friends. 

Hi Faithfully Fruity,

I've been interested in a vegan diet since I was a teenager. It started when I read a book, The Celestine Prophecy, and it is about synchronicity, the energy body and recognizing our spiritual nature. The book opened up my mind to eating a healthy diet for the purpose spiritual fulfillment. Unfortunately, back then, I thought a vegan diet consisted of eating salads... and only salads. So, I didn't stick to it very long because I thought it was too restrictive. Then about a year ago, I found Freelee's videos on youtube and was drawn to it because I was unhappy about my weight, and her 'What I Eat In A Day' videos taught me how to turn this diet into a lifestyle. At first, I wasn't ready to completely eliminate all animal products from my diet. After learning more about veganism, it become obvious that veganism isn't a choice anymore. So, my path went from spiritual benefits to health benefits, and finally the ethical/environment aspect sealed the deal. 

If I had to sum up in a single word what made me vegan it would be the Internet.

I grew up believing you HAD to eat meat. I had uneasy feeling about the ethics of it, but it was something you just had to do or you would be sick. This is what everyone believed. It was only with access to genuinely uncensored information that I discovered that not only do you not have to eat animal products but its very unhealthy. I also discovered about the appalling treatment of animals in the meat and diary industries. After 4 years of being vegan:

I no longer have skin cancer.

I've stopped drinking alcohol.

I've lost weight. I'm  63kg and 186cm.

My hair has reverted to its original color.

I'm full of energy and cycle or play tennis most days.

My advice: become a vegan and stick with it.



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