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   Hi there! I'm Michelle, fairly new to the 30BaD community. I'm fourteen years young, (never old, always young. You don't grow old ; you become more wise.) and I have been a vegetarian for over two years. A few months ago I made the transition to vegan, and am now easing into the HCLFRV lifestyle. It's a bit harder, mainly considering the fact I am so young, so if any of you have tips for teenagers starting out please let me know. :) 

   At the moment I am following the "raw until 4 plan." 3,000 + calories of fruit, vegetables, and starch daily, no regrets.

      So I was wondering, whether you are new to this lifestyle or not, what made you decide to become a high-carb, low fat, raw vegan? What are things you've experienced? Feel free to reply with your journey so far! I would *and I am sure others* love to hear. :)

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The choice of this lifestyle came from not only from me luckily I believe stumbling across a random Durianrider video back in June 2012 while attempting to do the Paleo diet, it all just made sense, and I was sick of starving myself and eating almonds all day, I enjoy being a monkey than a squirrel LOL.

What really made me go through with this lifestyle, was just the fact of being sick and tired.  Durianrider and Freelee's videos really shed so much wisdom on the right dietary practices that your inner intuition just cannot ignore it.  I felt like I was not living life to the fullest daily when eating chemical rich junk food, and their is not lie in that statement, because you are not living, I realized that eating terrible junk food I was really trying to escape from reality, if that is the right word for it, like instead of me really listening to my inner "light" as some people would call it, I for some reason was afraid to live the life I wanted to live, which I think for everyone is great health and happiness, like really doing something for the people around you, instead of what I like to think of myself at the time, a person looking for a escape of a reality that was never going to change until I did something positive for myself, and decided to become a RT4 high carb, low fat vegan.

I remember one night, it was so random this feeling inside of myself, I felt a great not depression like sadness, but a sadness in the way that I was really neglecting my body in the way of terrible eating.  I do not know where this wisdom came from, if you can call it that, but out of the blue in the darkness of the night I was like "what the heck am I doing to myself" I was like eating very healthy in the day, then at night eat like pizza and cheese pasta and just all kinds of soda, just really I would say abusing my body.  I just really had enough of not eating the way nature intended us to live, and I was the only person that could do anything about it because the people around me sure were not eating healthy in the slightest and still believed the SAD myth.

Living this lifestyle for me it was not for the weightloss and fit body, that was pretty much guaranteed, I really was doing it because I needed to really do something for myself, I want to help the people around me of course, and the world, but I had to start with me first.  I remember waking up in the morning and looking at myself, and just feeling like I was just letting myself down, not disappointed in my life, I love my job and friends/family, but still that inner intuition was reminding me that I needed to quite the junk food, and really live this healthy lifestyle, and I do not know why I ignored it, I could not tell you really, I want to say fear, but I do not know what was to fear in this lifestyle in the first place, nothing but excitement and happiness was to be experienced from this lifestyle lol.  

I love the fact to that you are not only doing something extremely positive for yourself, but I have noticed that even people around me (SAD eaters) who of course try to debunk this lifestyle, they all are starting to change their eating habits, you cannot deny the obvious health you get from this lifetstyle compared to a for lack of a better word, zombiefied SAD eater hitting the coffee every two hours.  I did not want to participate in the self destruction of my body through junk food, so I won't lol.  I just love how much positives come with this lifestyle it is amazing, and benefiting the people around you and the planet we live on.

because im my own god

im 15 years 'young' too :) my only advice is to read up on all the facts so when your friends say what your doing is unhealthy you can hold your argument! (read freelee's book, DR's book, 80/10/10, and the china study). i started this lifestyle to get over restrictive eating and heal my digestion!

Hi am 15. I am currently trying to persuade my stubborn parents that this lifestyle is healthy and sustainable, but I am not getting very far :( What has persuaded me to want to become a HCLF raw vegan is the cruelty done to animals, My terrible health (I have just recovered from anorexia), the unsustainability of eating meat, fish & dairy and the happiness I see in people eating and living this way. Well done for carrying out this lifestyle keep it up! Hopeful I will successful persuade my parents and if any would be willing to give me their previously experiences, tips and advice, I would be love to hear. :)

As a Mom, I always want to tell the young folks in here that maybe showing your parents a cronometer reading of what you eat so they can see the nutrients you are getting will ease their anxiety (and yours too). They are probably worried about you and haven't heard about this type of diet. As a Mom myself if I didn't know about it I would want to learn.

I choosed going vegan because of 2 things- keeping a good racing weight and second- I can eat loads of food everyday and not gain weight.

I think this post has been around for a long time and I MAY have already answered somewhere in here, but my reason for first going vegan was for my health and my reason for staying vegan (6 year anniversary in Dec) is for the health of everything, me, the animals, the planet, those I love.

It actually just made sense. I've always been a very health conscious person, people look at me weird when I bring food that they consider to be 'weird' like quinoa or raw oatmeal.

When I was a powerlifter, I drank around 6 gallons of milk per week, I ate 60 grams of protein per day (animal protein), and I strong but I realized soon after that I couldn't even walk around without huffing and puffing. It took me several years after that to come across durianrider, minimalism and vegan videos that I wanted to jump right in. Haven't looked back since.



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