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Why can some people eat heaps of fatty foods and stay slim?

Here are 2 questions.

my brother is a body builder who has always been skinny like you and he eats fatty unhealthy foods like burgers and whole chickens 10 eggs for bfast, deep fried french toast hardly any veg or fruit and tonnes of that crap and was always skinny  until he started following arnold swazinger diet of steroids and suddenly bulked up. he says the same old crap we hear all the time that bananas and potatoes don't have enough 'protein' for him because he wants more muscle... but that is still anecdotal not scientific i mean he ate tonnes of fat and meat and was still skinny like you even skinnier. I just know that if i ate like him i would be 300+ LBs.

the experts/gurus with real scientific evidence that you recommend (vegan doctors like mcdgl, eslysstn, campbell etc) all say that too much processed sugar and processed carbs will raise insulin / tryglicerides in a lot of folk, you put me onto these guys now you are saying they and all their scientific evidence is wrong  ? that doesn't make sense mate.

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My answer is that people can do anything for a period of time and 'get away with it'. But the damage internally is adding up.

My Dad had bulimia. He only ever told me. I told my Mum and she said 'Thats nonsense! Your father never told me that! It has to be nonsense!'.

You would be surprised how many people vomit after meals and then eat big fatty meals in public to hide the eating disorder. You can guarantee if someone is eating obesity food and looks rail thin for many years, something else is going on there. 

Calorie restriction in private - person eats a lot in public but then cuts back when they go home.

Vomiting after meals - person eats a meal in public, then vomits it after.

Anorexia athletica - person eats heaps of grease then loads up on stimulants like caffeine, pre work out powders and burns it off that way.

People think its crazy, but when you have seen what Ive seen over the last few decades, its all explainable. Your brother WAS skinny, but not any more. Even with steroids, you have to eat a lot. Steroids can increase appetite  for sure. If I took steroids and didnt eat extra, I wouldnt grow that much. I would just have a bit of extra water retention, glycogen retention and blood volume weight increases.

I know teenage kids that eat crap. Hey I was one and stayed rail thin. MOST of my calories literally came from McDonalds but I would only eat 1 large meal a day and that was limited by $. So I was getting maybe 2000cals a day on average but being very active with walking and running from the cops and its associated stress. So someone would have seen me in macca's eating some burgers and think 'wow that guy is skinny!' but they didnt know I hadnt eaten for the last 20 hours cos I was out of cash.

There is ALWAYS more to the story. People see a peach on the tree but they forget it just didnt appear. It took years for it to get there.

To put on weight faster is actually an advantage when i comes to survival though,  just sayin

Anyone eating that much crap and not doing sport, 1000% they are vomiting or calorie restricting when not around others. 

Even doing lots of sport won't allow someone to stay that lean otherwise guys like Lance Armstrong would eat crap every day but they don't. Ive trained will all the big name pro cyclists in the last decade and they ALL are uber weight conscious.

my father definitely has anorexia athletica, he eats pretty much everything lots of meat too, but is thinner than me. He drinks at least 3 coffees per day, is taking a nap right now (14:44) and is instructing spinning class for 2 hours each day. Moreover if I counted all his cals for a day it would add up maybe to 2000 or so. 

He is often nervous and can´t handle stresfull situation with ease, take everything personally and too serious about minor BS. 

I bet that if he did blood test it wouldn´t be to good and his theory, eat whatever you want, but exercise would fall apart quickly.

Next question is on refined sugars raising triglycerides. The studies they quote involve people being fed high fat and animal protein diets. I agree, blood values will be whacked out when one is consuming animal products regularly.

Look at my tri's. Try and find someone who eats as much sugar as me yet as little fat as me over a 10 year period. Exactly.

I never said ALL their scientific data is wrong. Only you made that exaggeration. I feel they are wrong on the 'sugar raises tri's'. Ive seen people do water fasts and their tri's go up! 

Nobody agrees on EVERYTHING. I disagree with those guys about the fruit/sugar. High inuslin levels = heavy people. No way I can do this little training year round and stay so lean when my genetics are more obese than lean.


We should do a tour group going to remote villages where no oil or much animal products are used and no gyms. No running races or training groups BUT everyone is slim and living on refined carbs of corn, rice, flour and sugar.

I've been reading some about body temperature and metabolic rate. A lot of obese people have a lower body temperature. Less of their food is burnt off as body heat and goes straight to fat.  Eating tons of carbs can help raise the body temperature and turn you into a food burning instead of food storing machine. The problem is you might have to go through a period of packing on the pounds to get your temperature up. Theoretically, with consistent high carb intake, your weight should eventually even out and then start coming down. I would love to test this out myself, but I am almost 270 pounds at 5'5" I really don't want to try this, find that it fails for me, and have a new weight set point of 300 pounds. I did start packing in lots of sugar (bananas, dates) and refined starch (white rice, corn pasta) in the past few weeks, and I'm putting on even more weight in my abdomen. It feels awful. I think I'm going to have to just go back to the Starch Solution and eat to satisfaction, not past it.

If I weighed about 100 pounds less, I would be much more likely to play with this theory and see if eating 3000+ calories everyday would eventually get me to lose fat. Right now, I just don't want to wait for months or years when this weight is already debilitating and depressing enough for me.

I have lived in a small village in Thailand near the Cambodian border. Stayed there for 5 weeks. That was before we worked on the net full time. It was 30$ a month rent.

EVERYONE was lean. They LIVED on refined sugars aka white rice. They ate green vegetables each night but the calories came from the refined carbs. They didnt use much oil and they used animal products as a condiment. A saw lots of bottles of soft drink piling up in the recycling pile. They also had bunches of bananas and rambutan each day on the porch. I was there 5 weeks. 

They did no real high heart rate exercise and drove motor scooters around. They wore flip flops. All of them. You can't run very far or fast in loose flip flops lol!

They had extremely poor cardio fitness levels. 

They got most of their calories from refined carbs.

They were extremely slim.

They had ample calories to attend work each day, run a family and smile a lot. 

i observed very little sugar in remote villages in  asia and africa 

in thailand they put sugar and oil in the sauces but not very much 

 they had no  money   for soda  esp in africa it was served only at weddings

although  i remember seeing lots of tea drinking   with several spoons of sugar 

but most drank at most 2 cups a day     india/sri lanka  very sweet tea with milk

africa in morning and british afternoon tea time   so say two cups of sweeten tea  

say 3-4 teaspoons a day     maybe more for the guys?  they had more time to sit around drinking tea   women worked 3 times as hard every day

me and my gf are doing this high sugar thing, adding unrefined and refined sugar to smoothies, juices and water sometimes. I feel personally very good, my athletic performance is going up.

My gf however feels good too, but her blood pressure is 140 over 90 and her pulse is 90 to over 100 when resting. She said it was lower when she didn´t add sugar and that she is gonna leave it again. Plus she was on medication for high blood pressure for 6 years prior to starting veganism. After 6 months of veganism she got off the medication. 

What´s your opinion on that?

In science there are very few things that are absolute. In his case the nutritional science is sound that a vegan lifestyle with the abstinence of meat and dairy is the healthiest way to live for heart disease, stroke, and cancer prevention. Mcdougall, Esselstyne, Klaper, and Campbell are all correct in their science but again it is not absolute in the sense that if you don't eat this way you will get fat. Quite the contrary, we can see many people who eat terribly and yet remain slim or somewhat thick but not nearly fat. There are medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism that result in extremely revved up metabolisms leading to constant thinness despite caloric load but skinny does not by any means equal healthy. That being said having a poor diet may not make some fat but it for every individual that stays skinny on a poor diet there's probably 100 that get fat. However, when eating completely vegan and sticking to whole foods (not processed) it is extremely difficult to get fat, but more importantly it secures long term health. In terms of your brother I do not even need to touch base on the issue of steroids, but with his diet do not let his physical appearance alone convince you that he is healthy, I did bodybuilding for 4 years, heavy meat, did the juice, got to 220 lbs solid, then cut down to be a fitness model, got to about 180 lbs and pretty ripped, then got a heart attack at age 18. The pick I provided here is me just 2 months before I had my incident, judging by my appearance no one thought I was unhealthy, in fact quite the opposite, but I provide this as proof to you, physical appearance does NOT mean good health, 

Thanks for your story and honesty, Adam.

The old "don't judge a book by its cover" rings just as true in physical health as it does in literature.  



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