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A pretty popular youtube fitness star named Scooby very recently posted this short article on his facebook. Maybe someone would be kind enough to reach out to him and give him and his MANY MANY fans some correct info. Scooby needs some schoolin... ;)

Why Are Winners of Vegan Bodybuilding Contests Unimpressive?

By the way, don’t get the wrong idea. I am not saying that vegan bodybuilders are at no disadvantage when it comes to adding muscle because to me, that is crystal clear.  All you need to do is look at the winners of vegan bodybuilding contests to see that their physiques are no where near as muscular as those found in natural (but not vegan) contests. I know there is something about the nutrition of vegans that inhibits their ability to add muscle, its just not clear to me what it is.  Is it as simple as the fact that they cant consume enough grams protein per pound bodyweight without becoming fat?  Is it just the lack of a few essential amino acids that are difficult for plant eaters to get?  Or perhaps, there is really something about our bodies that require amino acids in precise ratios.  Honestly, 1 and 2 seem more likely to me.

Seems to me he obviously very uneducated about protein if he is asking questions like, "Is it as simple as the fact that they cant consume enough grams protein per pound bodyweight without becoming fat".

Does anyone else find it funny how some groups of people-especially the bodybuilding crew- focus so much time consuming and trying to learn about protein- yet they know so little about it.

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it's hard for vegans to get the same "bulky" muscle because their muscles are leaner and not blimped up with fat. that's probably the root of this. 

Yes true, i hear DR mention things like this... especially when he talks about Twin Muscle Workout :D

so some contributing factors for non vegans having bigger looking muscle could be:

1. animal protein is inflamitory so it puffs the muscles up to look bigger. Plant protein does not do this thus is better for athletes because muscles perform better and recover faster when not inflamed.
2. Higher bf%. Having a layer of fat over your muscles is obviously going to make your muscles appear bigger.

anything else? some research to back this up would be nice.

I did find one bodybuilding/supplement website who actually stated in their FAQs that protein supplements are not necessary and are simply a way to ensure sufficient intake. My brief optimism for team bro was put to bed when I found this on another bodybuilding website, cheesey broscience at its best:

"Your muscles need protein in order to grow. Without it, you'd be shaped more like Skeletor than He-Man (not a good look, if you ask us). Daily doses of protein are imperative if you're looking to improve your health and physique, but not all of us have the means or desire to chomp chicken breasts four times per day. That's where protein powder jumps in and does the Hokey Pokey. Because protein, after all, is what it's all about."

What's funny is that Skeletor is actually pretty ripped himself, they didn't even get that right.

Anyways, my take on all this is that size means nothing, there's no performance benefit in it and it's arguably much more unhealthy. Health and performance need to be combined or else what's the point?

Umm Germany's strongest man is vegan and he's a 300lb monster.

Lol, good point.

um growth hormones? used in all meat products.

So the fact that Billy Simmonds 2 times winner of "Mr Natural" (not a vegan contest) is a vegan doesn't count?

Body fat % argument doesn't count as body builders cut back the body fat % to make the muscles look more prominent.  My question is how hard is Scooby hitting the juice to get those pecs that look like he's implanted concrete pavers in his chest?

Meh, it's bodybuilding, who cares how BIG you get, if you can't do anything with it.  Jordan Jovtchev, there's someone I admire, 7th place in the London olympics mens gymnastics at 39 years of age, competing injured (torn bicep % partially broken wrist), competed at 6 Olympics, and at 40 this year, still doing demonstrations  http://www.allthingsgym.com/jordan-jovtchev-still-strong-on-rings/  .... that's what you can do with the human body!!

IMHO, he is asking a loaded question.

Vegan bodybuilders are less impressive? By what standards? Sure vegan bodybuilders are usually a little smaller due to being leaner, but we could easily ask: "Why is it so hard for non-vegan bodybuilders to get truly ripped and lean like vegan bodybuilders. Why do they all look so puffy and bloated most of the time?"

sarcoplasma loading, or high water content muscles.  Again body building is so heavily over rated (sorry Billy!)  Check out Frank Medrano and Noel vegan fitness star on youtube.  Lean, ripped and strong.

Scooby is on roids. As is TMW, Elliot Hulse etc. 

Thats what I find the most amusing. Ive got mates that take roids. I was introduced to steroid usage back in 97. I know what to look for and these guys make it obvious to anyone that has any experience with 'gear'.

Why are vegan winners of bodybuilding comps unimpressive? Cos most people go vegan for health and steroid cycles and the comp level bodybuilding lifestyle just aint healthy.

This is true, several years ago I took moderate steroids for 2 years and was biggest I've ever been.  Since then I've grown up and my motivations have changed.  I'd rather be smaller and healthier and live longer. I'm glad I did it, it gave me great perspective on life.  Also, back then I cared so much about what other people think and today I'm a Buddhist and my happiness comes from within :)



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