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I mean, obviously they're not ideal - so why would anyone's brain make a person want to eat that stuff over sweet fruits & such?

Can you become addicted to fats? If so, how would that happen?

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windwalker you truly are a lovely person

Lol, you beat me to it Windwalker. This is a great book to answer your questions Kati. Dr Lisle has all so put out a lecture/talk vid on this subject.

Watched the pleasure trap vid by Dr Doug Lisle - Great vid, thank you for sharing!x

So does this somewhat imply that being as we evolved in this feast/famine cycle and we are inclined to seek out more dense foods, are our bodies more adapt for this? Are our digestive systems evolved to deal with this type of cycle? and if so should we feast every few days while fasting between?  Is pigging out every day(even on just fruit) good for us when considering this? I wonder... A million years of feast/famine and then all the sudden times of plenty? We may need another few hundred thousand years to adapt to this. By then who knows where "we" will be...

I have a weird hypothesis: do men need more dietary fat?

Just thinking of all the men I've known enough to eat and drink with in my life - my dad, dates and partners, colleagues...always this craving for fatty foods and drinks.  

Also in posts on this forum regarding 9/5/5, I have observed a predominance of males vehemently denouncing the practice.  Is it possible they actually need it more than us womyn?  Or, are they more inclined to develop addictions in general?  

Perhaps they are simply undercarbed from what this culture terms "normal portion sized" meals.  Me too!  

But I do stay overt-free this last 3 years; not from any effort, I just find since adopting a pattern of carbohydrate sufficiency, overts now make me nauseous; suppose I just don't need them.

I've been wondering about this lately: the difference between the effect of animal fats vs. plant fats on the body..

One other reason (other than that fat is calorie dense and the body just genereally craves calories), is that maybe there are parasites in some which require fat for survival. 

I'm sure many would not agree w/ this (?), but I came across a really incredible article yesterday on this: http://www.iadvocatehealth.org/protozoal_infection0.aspx

Have just been thinking about this today because recently I saw a documentary or something on a particular parasite that causes it's host to want certain things.  (I think, in this case, the host was a cow..)  But I've often heard that systemic candida, another parasitic-like organism can cause humans to have cravings for sugar.


Who knows.  .. I just find it interesting. 

Oh, in reference to your question, gluten and casein (or dairy) is highly addictive - like an opiate - to those with heavy metal toxicity.  (metal dental fillings and other dental metal like bridges and implants)  But as far as the fattiness of the food, that's a great question..  I think it does tend to have to do w/ the fact that when we're eating a SAD/Standard American Diet, we're generally not getting sufficient carbohydrates, and have to make up the calories somehow, so the body craves fat.  Maybe it's also linked to long periods of calorie restriction, (which most of the poeple I know have practiced for decades.)

But, to my knowledge, fats in and of themselves, are not chemically addictive.... Although, Peter has a point.  I tend to think (and this is just my theory) that addictions more tend to happen, though, when something is missing.  (Like not enough carbs=craving fat, Long periods of being broke lead to gambling, etc..)  And conversely, when those the good things are habitual and in abundance, I don't think the addictions are present. and now that I've read more -pretty much the basis for what windwalker talked about with the book, The Pleasure Trap.


People are attracted to fatty foods because of the sugar or salt or other flavorings in the food.  Plain fat does not taste good all by itself.  It's rather bland  



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