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why are long fasts recommended to be supervised? is it more for people who have a bad diet beforehand? what exactly needs to be supervised?? id love to do a 40 day water fast but the idea scares me, my longest fast was 3 days, nowadays i havnt gotten past one day, i just feel so hungry but i know its a mind over matter thing. how many days does it take for the "im so f**king hungry' stage to subside somewhat? also im someone who feels ungrounded very easily and dont like feeling so edgy and irritable, does that subside too?

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so you don't die
Even supervised fasts are not guaranteed to either make you well, or not die at the end, or especially when refeeding starts.

Arnold Ehret wrote about a meat eater fasting for 20 days, and drops dead when started to eat some dates. ... and other interesting stories about what can go wrong with a fast longer than a week.

If you want to conduct a fast that long, I would suggest reading Arnold Ehret's Rational Fasting Book and the other important book of his: the Mucusless Diet System. This later book explains why it's important to transition towards fasts, and not just jump into them. Fascinating works.
Ironically I think Shelton was shut down after some of his fasters died.
In my opinion (which I have some knowledge grounding for), any fast over a week is not healthy for the body. I know this goes against what many advocate including Dr Doug Graham. It is both possible to completely heal or cleanse the body with short fasts or through proper nutrition and environmental conditions.
Since it is possible to do the 'aims of a long fast' through other means, it does not appear sensible to risk serious health complications, or deplete your life giving reserves through a long fast.

If you are going to attempt a long fast, I agree with the previous poster that it is important to transition up to it. But you need a seriously good regiment to replinish your mineral, fatty acid and other reserves and eating a diet of just excess fruit IMO is not going to be sufficient. You'll need seaweeds, algaes, nuts, seeds, vegetables and lots of greens to rebuild In my Opinion and also in my experience.
I'm but one man who goes within to find answers in myself and my body. About what I know in my own knowing. I no longer follow any teacher in this movement because I have been manipulated from pillar to post, and my health has suffered from too many 'cooks' spoiling the raw broth. and no one having the right broth to suit my body..

In my experience seaweeds have helped me, and my body reacts well to them. In my knowing, i know them to be one of the more mineral rich plant life on this planet. I also am big into oceanwater agriculture and I fertilise the fruits and vegetables I grow with dilute oceanwater and they thrive. Oceanwater holds all minerals on our planet in a suspended matrix. I can go long and hard into the deeper reasonings as to why this is so and the bigger existential theories I have and research, but its not a topic well suited for this forum.

Oceanwater holds all 92 minerals required for human existence in optimal health. Seaweeds can contain up to 60-70 of those minerals. Dilute sea water fertlisation of my plants increases the mineral content of the food I am eating because it supplys all the inorganic minerals needed by plants without killing them through over salinty of the soil (i fertilise only once every few weeks and different ratios for different plants). Since going fruitarian and suffering failing health, by 'remineralising' my transformation of intellect, strength and vitality has been increasing at a rapid rate and I put it down to the increased mineral content in my food.

I probably dont need to eat seaweeds since I consume plants with all 92 minerals, but I like to eat them time again to cover off minerals, plus I like more savoury foods since being fruitarian and going mad without this taste.

Sure the ocean is a cess pool of toxic waste. But so is the water being used to fertilise commercially grown crops. Toxicity can't be avoided, but health through mineralisation gives you greater protection. when I was fruitarian my immune system weakened significantly. Now its restoring.

You can survive on not all of the minerals - particularly trace. But you can and will thrive when you have all 92 minerals coming into your bio-mass.

On this plane of topic we will invariably fall into the arguments of salts. While I agree that inorganic forms of salt are toxic to the body, organic forms are not. There are trace levels of inorganic salts on washed seaweeds, however they largely contain organic forms of sodium and therefore both my knowing and my intellect and then finally my body, finds that they agree with me.

If you choose to believe that all seaweeds are bad because you heard this from a teacher or a peer then you are closing yourself off to possibilities that could benefit your own healing experience and progression to a higher consciousness. Go in your own knowing, what you truely deeply feel to believe and also how your own body reacts. Take it from there and you will find the right path for you. I am an advocate strongly that what works for one person might not be the best for another. Therefore I cannot advocate seaweeds to all persons in all cases. Thats a matter for them to decide.

Just my take.
I am aware of his work and I own that book. I agree largely with his conclusions. Don Jansen has taken over his work since his passing.

Dr Murrays research is undeniable especially the massive yields, and superior taste compared to produce grown on the exact location under the same conditions, but without the sea water. Minerals do make a difference to the quality, flavour and therefore nutrition of food. Not all fruits of the same type are equal. Thats why some people can get sick just eating one type of food like mineral poor bananas for an extended period of time, whereby another person with a mineral rich banana might do fine over the same period of time.

This year is the first year I am growing fruit (i.e. tomatoes) with sea water fertiliser. I'll let you know how they taste in a month or two :) Last year when I grew them in 50 mineral rock dust they were superb. This year I have both the rock dust and sea water on them. They should all do well.

As for my greens, they are doing great and they taste great and sweet (when they are young and tender). Organic farming is still hard, the insects and snails love my garden even more than me I think! But I am still learning how to grow greens better and better every time I try. I hope to perfect it one day.
I think if you are not really sick then maybe you need to be supervised. . I did a 20 day water fast. It usually takes after the third or fourth day for the hunger to stop. I found a water fast the easiest and the most helpful for me. I have done many fasy over the years and I have not had a problem. I found that some days I was irritable and some I was very calm.
thanks apple man, thanks everyone
Medical complications can arise during fasts. People can get too low blood pressure for example, and someone needs to be there to monitor this kind of thing.

Fasters can also become so weak that regular activities become dangerous. For example fainting after deficating during a fast can lead to serious injuries from blows on basins and toilets, and in extreme cases heart attacks due to the severity of constipation.



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