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Why am I worse again? And please don't tell me its "detox"

When I started this lifestyle I went from eating raw red meat and animal fat for 3 months and it was a digestive disaster, I would lay in bed all day long just to digest my food and counting every minute for the next meal that was going to put me back in bed. Then before getting into this lifestyle I introduced some raw vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms, celeries and they were digesting decently(I was using digestive enzymes at the time).

Now when I went fully raw 80/10/10 I added dates and banana and all kind of other fruits. I was doing quite well for the first time in months, I had energy again so much that I had a difficult time sleeping initially and I my digestive improved, I could eat a lots of dates and banana and I was finally able to get the nourishment that my body was craving.

But now I CANT digest as properly anymore, I could eat 30 banana and about 1750 worth of calories in dates without much problem and even tossing some lettuce in there. Now I had to cut lettuce and I'm down to 20 bananas a day and I'm considering lowering it because it FREAKING HURTS! IT HURTS! BAD. It feels like a rock is scrapping my digestive system when I eat and it takes the WHOLE day and the night to recover from it and then on to the next meal and its PAIN again, IM SO SICK OF FEELING PAIN FOR A WHOLE DAY AFTER EATING, I was finally happy to be able to eat again and now it seems like I'll have to eat like a baby AGAIN because I get so much pain from eating,

My bananas are SUPER ripe, it doesn't matter if I eat 5 or 10 I get the INTESTINAL scrapping feeling. I just bought 150 banana and it seems like I'm have to froze them all and find some other food source for the 10000th time. I did a 90 hours water fast and it didn't help me at all, I was just stuck in bed without being able to breathe and so lethargic i couldn't walk or stand up. I'm so sick of being sick. I think my body is beyond repair and this is all really hopeless, I don't have 12 000$ to go to the tropic to fast for 3 weeks either.

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Is there more to your medical history?

Here is a copy of my background story that I posted in another thread, there isn't much new stuff but what I added in this topic.

"I seemed "healthy" all m life, I would have terrible hay fever and colds at times but that was my only complains. 3 Years prior to getting sick I also had a chronic episode of constipation and nothing I tried at that time worked until I tried a naturopath supplement which fixed it for the time being. I had no digestive issues beside the constipation, I could eat all the sugar, gluten or dairy, drugs or alcohol I wanted, except ironically for bananas, I got a severe intestinal upset during the constipation period and I end up laying it bed for hours so I never tried banana until far later.

Then a few months later from recovering of the chroic constipation, I started working out a lot, 3 times a week and became very fit while I was still abusing pain killer (advils) to fix my hay fever, I would take up to 8 at times and I was at one point I even started mixing it with antihistamine, advils AND antihistamine, (don't give me that look, I feel guilty enough already) this of course was only in the hay fever seasons so maybe a few months a year, spring and summer. Btw I stopped taking any pain killers 1 month before getting sick and haven't used them since.

Then 2 years down the road of being active, one day out of the blue I developed abdominal bloating after eating and so I went down a path of trying thousand differents things to no avail. I had been eating mostly 5 meal a day at that time which consised of spaghetti sauce with dark chocolate, cereal with frozen fruits and almonds, 4 peanut butter toasts, wheat noodles or rice, oatmeal with frozen berries and almonds. That's basically what I ate for years with variations, I wasn't drinking alcohol much but I smoke marijuana a lot, 2 once a month in the prime times, until my abdominal cramps got even worse after smoking that I had to stop smoking it.

Then after struggling with the bloating, I started to eliminate problematic foods, initially I cut out gluten and it worked great but then it only lasted 2 weeks and symptoms kept worsening, abdominal cramps and spasms of all kind, lacking energy, constipation, brain fogs, shortness of breath.

These people on that celiac forum I was on kept attributing my symptoms to, anxiety, detox, withdrawal, other sensitivities, hidden source of gluten and more, so I push through for 3 months on this "gluten-free" diet, and only got so worse to the point of being bedridden and having no energy at all to get out and had no stop working out and I could barely tolerate any food at that point.
So I struggled and I was trying to find food that wouldnt cause pain, so eventually that was down to cooked vegetable soups and then later I reintroduced fish, nuts and buckwheat. Within 2 weeks I could workout and eat 5 meals a day again but then fish gave me problem so I cut it out and then veggies and so on and so I found myself bedridden and food intolerance again.

So I baffled with finding food I could tolerate for a whole year, going for one thing to another, elemental diet (whey protein powder, glucose powder, coconut oil), rotation diet, cooked veggie soups. Nothing would last more then 2 weeks without giving me severe intestinal inflammation, felt like I had my intestines got burned.

Eventually in Feb I started my last radical diet before this one, going on raw animal food and fat, I never developed intestinal burns which got me to push this for 3 months, but was resulted was much worse, I felt so clogged, literally like I was trying to digest rock and even raw eggs or fat was just as bad in the end. I would get nausea for 12 hours at time trying to digest a pound of fat and yet i was still starving and the next day when doing my coffee enema, all the fat would get out undigested.

Just to mention here, I had started doing coffee enemas about 5 weeks ago and when I did those it gave huge relief and I had better digestion for a short time, and then I found those things called "ropeworm" some kind of made of biofilm parasite, either way. Now Ive been on 810rv for 2 weeks, mostly doing banana island atm. I also stopped the enemas as I'm hoping my body fix itself and I would rather not force my body to detox and do more harm in the end.

My symtoms are everything related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and IBS, lost 35 pounds, constant hunger not matter what or how much I eat, bloating, abdominal cramps and spasms enough to write a novel. Food intolerances, brain fogs, headache, dizziness, nerve disfunctions or what seems like it, shortness of breath, muscle pain, joint paint, and so on and on.

Now I'm eating fruits only, mostly bananas and I'll give salad a break for now to see if digestion improve without it, I use no salt, spices, herbs or pills of any form. I took melatonin for 4 years in excess and I wasted thousand of cash on herb that did nothing and food that I couldn't eat without pain. Going to stick to this diet for a while as it's the best thing I've found thus far. Definitevely don't see what else I could do anyway, I won't be eating animals anyway, not for ethic reasons, I just can't digest them, I'll eat however is needed to heal, I ate rotten raw flesh and it didn't work so banana is a much better choice for now(hoping I can stick with it). I'm also not going to eat cooked food anytime soon as this always gave me severe inflammation, rather it was veggies, meat, dairy or grain."

What do doctors say?

That I am a "particular" case and puts me through more scans that just increase my radiation level, I refused the last time I am done with doctors. Every time I do their tests I get worse.

Like food? Because it doesn't matter what food i eat or how much, it cause distress, banana, melons, dog poop, all cause pain, it still makes no sense to me, all that VERY ripe sugar should be soothing my intestines not SCRAPING THE HELL OUT OF IT, I swear my intestines must be so teared apart and bruised to hell, I don't have any more faith in healing anymore.

He hasn't lol.

I'm with you Alex.  I have some people close to me who have been in similar situations although different kind of problem;

Stick with it, that is the search.  It may end up being the simplest of things.  There isn't any telling.  My friend finally got relief from that problem with "light therapy", which cost $100 all told, after spending tens of thousands and many years on other worthless stuff.

All I can think of, have you tried all fruit but no bananas?  Maybe isolate it that way?

I haven't but I will, unfortunately the only other stuff that I could afford to live off with to meet my calories would be frozen fruits which of course if full of pesticides and devoid and damaged or cheap bought dehydrated dates/ dehydrated fruits. The awesome thing when you are sick is that you are too sick to earn money so you get even more sick.

I still have a ton of supplements some I didn't even tried using because of my new belief in natural hygiene that the body should heal itself through proper diet, so if I can't find any food to tolerate for a price I can afford I'll try some of my useless supplements again. (aloe vera, diatemaceous earth, colonics, mullein and the other useless stuff)

I see no mention of water.

Yes or no, do you drink a 1-2 liters of water first thing in the morning, every morning, before anything?

What is your timing of water before dates? Do you eat bananas before dates, since bananas go down faster?

Have you ever considered endurance sports specifically? Distance running, cycling, swimming, on a regular basis?

How much sleep do you get per night?

8-12 hours of sleep

I don't see how the hell i could drink 1 to 2 liter of water first thing in the morning. Eating a melon first thing in the morning like yesterday got me to pee clear SIX times in 3hours, adding 2 liter of water would explode my kidneys. Didn't Douglas-Graham say we were not design to drink water and should get all the water from food? I mean after peeing SIX times from 1 melon I don't really feel like tanking 2 liter of water.

I haven't had dates in a week so this is not the cause of the matter and I always wait 3 hours between different type of food. Endurances sports? Hell I wanna workout but I can barely sit on the computer long enough to enjoy a freaking video game before I have to go sleep again. I do take 30mins walks though. I sleep 8-14hours with naps throughout the day depending on how bad my insomnia is, usually more like 8-10.

When you say melon, do you mean water melon?  This will make you pee a lot right away.  Are you peeing consistently 10 times or more in a 24 hour period? 

As for whether to drink water depends on the water content of your fruit, ideally you will eat enough high water content fruit to get all your water needs met to pee 10 times or more daily but this is not always the case so we may need to drink water then.

any melon but it was a honey dew when i peed 6 times , today i had cantaloupe and peed 5. I pee around 3 times during the day from just banana alone without melon but then I night i wake up like 6 times to pee.



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