30 Bananas a Day!

i eat like 1000g of carbohydrates a day im an active person. been doing this for months.

why am i so sore? my body my muscles.

i eat low low fat.

mostly fruit with some potatoes and grains.

veggies and greens too i havent been doing alot lately but lots of the time i get lots in :)

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I'm no expert at this..at all....but try getting in some more leafy greens! btw what type of exercise have you been doing lately?

work around the house inside and out, running around, running, cycling, climbing, pushups pullups, stretching, just a little bit of everything.

@Alison and Chris,


Take one day a week off of work and training for rest, repairs, and rejuvenation!

Peace, PK

i feel like im not recovery as good as i can or should on all the carbohydrates i am getting. i only weigh 120. and i am sore sore and am not seeming to recovery as quickly as i should! :(

thank you.


How many calories are you getting?  It is probably calories from low fat fresh fruits you should be counting.  Carbohydrates come naturally if one is eating enough.

Do you use a program like Cronometer to count?

3,000 is a minimum just for rest and relaxation.  If you work, exercise, go to school, have a family, walk the dog, etc, you need upwards of 5,000 a day. 

If you exercise, you need for calories increases.  There is really no need to increase fat or protein as when one increases calorie sources, the grams of fat and protein automatically increase too.

Peace, PK

Recovery is not good? Hey join the millions of athletes using protein powders, steroids, epo, caffeine, recovery aids etc world wide.

Your a newbie to the athlete world. Embrace DOMS as its part of getting fitter bro. I set a pb up Mt Lofty today. Fastest ever time in 10 years of running it. Fastest time anyone has recorded on strava.com. Im gonna be a bit sore in the morn Im sure. :)

haha yeah no the soreness is kind of nice i was wondering about it though as it was long and drawn out. yeah im a newbie thats why im posting this.

and no dood i dont need to join they lame ass shit as me being an american i hope you know i have already done quite a bit of that i have experience in that shit.

Im sure i have my expectations quite high for a diet alone thinking it would be working like the drugs and all do! im trained into my mindset but im makin a change! haha..

thats sick though good job on the mountain man :) hey if i wasnt such a noob id love to go ride with you well stay up brotha.

whats strava?


Sorry about the soreness and sometimes this happens during detox, and some of the things you are eating may keep you in a state of detox and or degeneration.

If possible, try to do the diet 100% focusing on fresh raw fruits and leafy greens like romaine lettuce.  Eat a minimum of 3000 calories a day, and eat a rainbow of fruits n greens over time. 

Skip the potatoes and grains.

Potatoes may have a high protein content that may cause indigestion, an acid condition in the body and long term effects with various degeneration, and arthritis.

Spinach is high in oxalate and may cause some autoimmune problems with some people.

Avoid other cruciferous veggies. 

Last by not least, actually one of the most important things here...


Stop eating them as they are a cause of arthritis, digestive disorders, and other long term degenerative conditions.

Please read this book as it proves even on a low fat diet, the problems with grains:

Improving on Pritikin, You Can do better By Ross Horne


For optimum results please (re)read our Banana Wagon Tour which is based on years of experience by your 30BaD team, and in our dealing with other members:


Good luck and peace, PK


One more idea here:

Oranges, pineapples, and cherries have natural pain relievers in them.  So until this problem passes, eat a lot of these things.

Peace, PK

ok i definetly get 3000-5000 cals a day now (when i started it was 2000) i have used nutridairy a lot. i went cold turkey on 100 for a couple months and then retracted back and put a little cooked in ( as i live with everyone who eats 80%+ cooked ) it was a little hard for me ill admit because my body was going through stuff! it was hard i have continued 80/10/10 in my total energy almost constant for past 4 months. my muscles yes sore its like i would love a massage! haha but no one gives love like that around here! i eat like 80% raw (if im being 100% honest) at the moment and can easily raise that to 90 and even 100% raw as i have before its just - i dont fit in like 1 bit! hahah /: when i eat cooked all i eat is veggies grains potatoes (no oils no salts) keep it simple.

i will check out the book and the forum soon! thank you much for all your input! (I weigh 120 lbs BTW and have for years so the huckstas can #$%^ off - and actually i may be showing some weight gain from this diet for the first time in my life if i can pull it off and maintain it im moving upward tward 125 naked firsthing morning weight.)


If it is possible, I encourage you to do 100% even if people you live with make fun of you.  Trust me, I have been called a monkey too.  At first people were being mean about it, but after about two plus years, we all humorously call it a monkey diet, and it is accepted that I am a bit eccentric.  By living my truth, several other people have taken small steps in the fruity veg direction too. 

I kind of get what you are saying here.  For you, you have always been skinny, but the moment someone thinks you are doing veg, they blame it on the veg.

In my case, I was born with a genetic neuropathy which causes me to be a little weak, and do to this weakness, I did not fair well on SAD food and ended up with some illnesses, and eventually a damaged kidney.  I turned to raw foods for healing, but guess what, when i have a bad day, the raw foods get the blame! 

At the end of the day, you and I both have to live in our own bodies and do what makes us feel best.  For me, that is 100%.  Those people who make fun of us do not have to live in our bodies, and they, at least in my case, will not pay my medical bills or take care of me if something goes wrong. 

It is each man for himself and survival of the fittest.

BTW, I still wish that you feel better soon. 

If it is love and social support you need, keep coming here to 30BaD.  That is what I do.

If it is a massage, may be try a warm bath.  Actually, in your case, I am not sure what is better.  For me, a warm bath is good for my sore nerves and tense muscles.  However, I know the most up to date recommendation for sports recovery is actually ice baths for healing, and I guess you can google that to learn more.  I think professional football players do that.

Peace, PK



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