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I started off as a hcrv 801010 almost 2 years ago and kept at it for about a year or a little less, and gradually switched to rt4 and now have a cooked meal almost every night (which I hate having but can't seem to quit). I've become so chunky and am miserable but everyone just says "you're not fat" etc etc, but I truly am. I have gained so much fat on the front of my body(stomach, boobs, quads, face, arms) and i just don't understand why. I see so many rt4 people thriving and losing weight, and here I am gaining fat and hating myself and unable to enjoy anything. I have tried several times to go back to fully raw, but I always mess up. I feel like my body does best with fully raw since it doesn't seem to digest cooked carbs at all. I just wish I knew how to get back to fit, lean, and healthy without continuing to mess up. I'm so tired of being fat and not feeling good about myself.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on getting back to lean and healthy, or on getting back to fully raw?

I can't live like this anymore. I just want to be happy

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You have been under eating for all this time and highly stressed (probably mostly related to the under eating).  You have to follow the 30BaD or rawtl4 protocols if you want the results others are getting.

I don't feel like I've been under eating though. A sample day for me would be: 1000cal date smoothie made with a liter of water for breakfast, the same thing for lunch or 6-10 bananas, then 2lbs grapes and 1-2lbs of salad or 4 cups cooked rice or 3 lbs cooked sweet potatoes. I also drink 2.5-4 L water a day, workout (lifting and cardio) 5x/week for lifting and 1-2x for cardio. I sleep 6-9 hours every night as well. I'm very unhappy though for the past few months and stressed about my job. But anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough...maybe too much and my body just can't process it?

I was going by what you wrote in your most recent post, you said you get between 2000 to 3000 everyday, and by what you were posting some time ago that you could not make yourself eat enough as you were used to eating 1200-1400 calories a day (April 2013).

Are you still doing farm chores and weight lifting and cardio?  In any case, even if you are inactive, >this/a> is how you know how much to eat, lots ladies eat a minimum of 4000, whatever you need, to feel awesome, go for it!

Eating more is the easiest trial to give yourself to see how you feel.

I thought 2500 cals was the goal amount? I usually reach that: sometimes a little under and sometimes over. I am still doing all of that, and working as a produce worker at whole foods now about 30 hours a week. I just feel like my body isn't hungry anymore and I honestly don't feel any emotions anymore except tiredness and unhappiness. I don't feel hunger or excitement or anything. It's like I'm dead to things :/

2500 is the bare minimum.  I recommend you read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! including all the links again and as many times as you need.  It takes all of us time and effort to undo all the bad programming we grew up with.

From 30BaD guidelines:

*  We recommend womyn eat at least 2500 calories from fruits daily and men get at least 3000 calories and more if one wants to live an active, passionate lifestyle.

Thanks shell. I've just been feeling so lost lately, and I truly appreciate your help. I'll read over the guidelines again since it's been a while, and hopefully I'll be able to get back to fit, lean, and healthy again. Xoxo

Some things have been added since you joined too! :)  Many well wishes and kudos on your progress so far! :)  If I were you I would just do high calorie stuff and bring it to 4000 minimum for 3 days and see how you feel, my bet is you will feel much better almost immediately.

I saw lots of new stuff just glancing at it now! Thanks. I'll try to get to 4000 starting tomorrow and update on how it's going and how I'm feeling. Hopefully it'll be the solution

Happiness is a choice.  If it isn't working for you change it up. Eat foods that fill you up and give you energy.  Once you have energy then you can exercise and be active and the lbs will shed. Good luck and glad you are keeping at it!

I too gained weight (maybe 15-25 pounds) during the first three months of going from ~1800 cals/day of high carb low fat vegan (ate this way for about 10 months) to 2500-6000 cals/day of high carb low fat vegan. after those three months, i've begun to lean out again, and for the past month, i estimate i've lost about 8 pounds.

for me, the weight gain was very depressing and isolating, as i couldn't fit into any of my shorts or jeans, and was limited to dresses, tee shirts, leggings, bike shorts, sweatshirts, and baggy jackets. however, i reminded myself that any short term weight changes were nothing compared to the health i was gaining long term.

for the past month, i have made changes, and i'm not sure which ones are significant.

1. first, i went back to fully raw. i was doing raw till 4, wishing i could go back to fully raw, but not being able to. then i slowly transitioned back, first eating cooked potatoes in favor of rice or pasta, then decreasing the amount of cooked vegetables in favor of raw, then eating less cooked taters and veggies and more raw fruits and vegetables at meal time, then stopping all cooked and eating sweet winter squashes (kabocha, ambercup, and butternut) and yams (especially the okinawan purple yams) raw (i ate yams in very small quantities and squash in large quantity), and then stopped the squashes and yams over a week long transition.

2. also, i did cut back on the exercise i was doing, in favor of focusing on the main tasks i have: graduate school classes + student teaching, home work, eating, and sleep. 

3. i get 9-10 hours (sometimes 11 hours) of sleep a night. i have to be up around 630am, so i often go to bed at 8:30pm.

4. i cut back on eating smoothies, juices, and dried fruits, in favor of eating the foods as they'd look on a tree or stem. 

these changes were natural progressions for me. i like eating food without needed to cook, cut, and mix it so eating food in it's raw and whole form isn't a hassle one bit. 

5. finally, i've starting weighing my foods again, to track how many calories i end up eating. i don't mind doing this, especially as i'm still learning. my calories seem to settle at ~2500-3000 a day. i haven't restricted my calories, since my 1800/day days.

my stats when starting are: 5'4" 113 pounds, and now may be at ~125 pounds.

wishing you the best! ^_^

I am with you...

Had a major spine surgery 27 days ago. My 3rd spine surgery in 25 years.  Up until yesterday I have been free of all cooked starch (had air popped popcorn and quinoa and today a little oatmeal)  I felt better without it and despite not being able to exercise, except gentle walking, I LOST WEIGHT!!! From this day forward I want to ditch the cooked starch, it is bondage for me. Great for those that it works for, but I am not at peace when I eat it and one bowl turns into a big pot.  



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