30 Bananas a Day!

Already lost 150lbs. How to drop the last 40lb by transforming my lifestyle and mindset?

Hey everybody! I need help!

Although I did not start 80/10/10 in order to lose weight, it seems by many of the posts that it is a pretty standard by-product of a long term HCRV diet. I have been doing this since Christmas time (I know that's not long term, but should account for SOMETHING) and I have not even lost 3 pounds!

I track in cronometer.com, and I exercise regularly. That means 30+ minutes of cardio, 3-4x per week, plus some calisthenics like sit ups, squats, push ups, etc. I am proud of myself because I'm learning to run, which is great. I know I could go harder but I feel like I shouldn't have to! haha. I am currently just over 200 lbs and surprised that I have been maintaining my heavy weight on such a fabulous diet.

Oh, I've been vegan for about 5 years, but have only become gluten free and high-carb raw in the last 3 months.

I eat the following on a daily basis:

A smoothie for breakfast (usually 6 bananas, 6 dates, and some berries)

A smoothie for lunch (again 6/6 and greens powder or greens)

A huuuuuuuuge salad for dinner, with leafy greens and other yummy veggies.

I eat whole fruits (mangos, oranges, etc) for snacks, if I even need a snack.

I may occasionally have some cooked carbs like baked potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, etc. I have eliminated overt fats almost entirely. I may have a bit of avocado, coconut, or cashews every few days (maybe once a week?) just as a flavourful treat.

So what gives?

I will be totally honest and say that I have not been following this description for the last seven days, as I have had a lack of ripe fruit and I was just overall feeling frustrated and was craving fats - too much peanut butter and coconut oil during this week. This is the first time since Christmas that I have had this problem though. I know it's because I wasn't eating enough fruit. I was craving fats big time and also just overall frustrated with the fact that I'm not losing weight, when I want to be.

My pants DO fit better and my body feels more light when I stick to Raw 80/10/10. That alone is enough for me - I love how I feel when I eat this way, so I'll stick with it whether it can be used as a weight loss tool or not, but... if everyone else is shedding the pounds, I want to, too!!


PS: I just had a revelation: I eat a lot of Tamari. I use it as salad dressing. Could sodium be a factor? I don't know that is would actually hinder weight loss THAT drastically?

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Yes I do that already :) I buy everything by the case, and in the bulk section. I am an extremely thrifty person by nature!

Calories in VS Calories out. If you want to lose weight you need to burn more than you bite!!. Try lowering your calories in the evening. So bigger meals in the day, and you will probably not be hungry later at night so you can effectively lower calories before bedtime. Sleep burns fat pretty well! I just read Chris P's post, and before he yells at me, you can keep calories high, just eat less around bedtime so your not digesting food at night. during sleep your not using much energy moving around so whatever is in your stomach will be stored.

Roxanne has already dropped 150lbs lol! TOP STUFF R! :)

I remember meeting a large person once. I thought 'wow! they are pretty bulky for a raw foodists...'

Then I learned that they had dropped 220lbs lol!

Cut the fat first. Cut the cooked next if you can´t now. The key is the fat.


Hi Roxanne, I am new and still working it out, but have very quickly come to the conclusion some self discipline is required at the start re any craving we might have, until we get the right amount of calories from all the right departments and those left over cravings are no longer.  

I have learn't that to feed a craving, AT ALL is to make it stronger and don't we really want the opposite?  Little alarms go off at the words mango's, avocado's, nuts, cashews and HUGE salad (what's in it?) with the clincher ... Tamari (but looks like you've worked that one out;).  

I got some very helpful tips about the craving I've been having for salty foods and that was from try it and make note of the effect (e.g. next day, diarise) to COLD TURKEY :) and I took it and learn't at the end of the day I want to peddle away from the cravings as fast as I can, not ride them.  Also, I was playing with cooking, that was part of the salt problem but it is now behind me after gaining that bit more information, building the good fruit and well, just letting some quality time pass ...

I agree with the comments about salt, especially the reference to the stats not being accurate, e.g. you say you are within 80/10/10 but likely high on Sodium which does not translate into  any of the boundaries of 80/10/10.   I think you will find if you follow most of the advice people give you here on this thread it will make a HUGE difference :) All the best Roxanne :) 

Someone posted on my youtube that they had dropped 300lb since being a vegan.

Wow! That's got to be a big difference, I mean I can't imagine how that would feel, probably like you'd need ballast to keep from floating away after carrying around all that weight for a long time! :)

Lots of salt equals lots of water retention

+1 ! Yeah 150 off is really something! 

Thats like me walking around with another DR on my back! lol! Imagine that! 2 loud mouths on youtube instead of 1!

big congrats to you on your weight loss!!! i'm recently down from nearly 300 to almost under 220.

now... many more experts on this matter have probably already answered you sufficiently... but i must state my reaction to your post. from what i read there, i would recommend (because this has helped me a lot) increasing the amount of high water fruits into your diet. this has helped me tremendously in my weight loss... and i know everyone is different, but i had to just let you know that the high water stuff has really worked for me on my weight loss journey. thank you for sharing, and good luck / god speed!!!!

***just to clarify too, i have had zero overt fats and salt (plenty of celery and tomato when i feel like i want to taste something savory / salty. obviously i would like to enjoy a nice homemade guac or coconut cream and berries but i am holding off until i get to a higher level with the raw diet and my personal fitness. but you are on a good steady path it seems so keep it up!



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