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Already lost 150lbs. How to drop the last 40lb by transforming my lifestyle and mindset?

Hey everybody! I need help!

Although I did not start 80/10/10 in order to lose weight, it seems by many of the posts that it is a pretty standard by-product of a long term HCRV diet. I have been doing this since Christmas time (I know that's not long term, but should account for SOMETHING) and I have not even lost 3 pounds!

I track in cronometer.com, and I exercise regularly. That means 30+ minutes of cardio, 3-4x per week, plus some calisthenics like sit ups, squats, push ups, etc. I am proud of myself because I'm learning to run, which is great. I know I could go harder but I feel like I shouldn't have to! haha. I am currently just over 200 lbs and surprised that I have been maintaining my heavy weight on such a fabulous diet.

Oh, I've been vegan for about 5 years, but have only become gluten free and high-carb raw in the last 3 months.

I eat the following on a daily basis:

A smoothie for breakfast (usually 6 bananas, 6 dates, and some berries)

A smoothie for lunch (again 6/6 and greens powder or greens)

A huuuuuuuuge salad for dinner, with leafy greens and other yummy veggies.

I eat whole fruits (mangos, oranges, etc) for snacks, if I even need a snack.

I may occasionally have some cooked carbs like baked potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, etc. I have eliminated overt fats almost entirely. I may have a bit of avocado, coconut, or cashews every few days (maybe once a week?) just as a flavourful treat.

So what gives?

I will be totally honest and say that I have not been following this description for the last seven days, as I have had a lack of ripe fruit and I was just overall feeling frustrated and was craving fats - too much peanut butter and coconut oil during this week. This is the first time since Christmas that I have had this problem though. I know it's because I wasn't eating enough fruit. I was craving fats big time and also just overall frustrated with the fact that I'm not losing weight, when I want to be.

My pants DO fit better and my body feels more light when I stick to Raw 80/10/10. That alone is enough for me - I love how I feel when I eat this way, so I'll stick with it whether it can be used as a weight loss tool or not, but... if everyone else is shedding the pounds, I want to, too!!


PS: I just had a revelation: I eat a lot of Tamari. I use it as salad dressing. Could sodium be a factor? I don't know that is would actually hinder weight loss THAT drastically?

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I eat a lot of Tamari. I use it as salad dressing. Could sodium be a factor?  yup it can 

Thanks. I will give this a shot and see if it works. It doesn't feel like it should be enough to hinder all progress, but... all I can do is eliminate the variables and see what happens I guess!

Thanks! It's SO hard for me to throw out the scale!! I have watched Freelee's video about not weighing yourself, and I KNOW what she says is true (as I am either SUPER happy or SUPER bummed after I step on the scale, depending on the result,) I know it needs to go... now I just have to suck it up and do it...

Just give it some time, you're doing great so far! Some here lose weight right away, some it's more gradual, and some gain initially before losing. It just depends on the state your body was in before you started raw (what you ate, if you had eating disorders, drugs/medicine, etc.).
I would definitely suggest cutting out the tamari as sodium retains water amongst other things I'm no expert in. :p Also, eat more fruit! Yes really. :) Try adding one more of your smoothies during the day.
Good luck girlie. You'll find the results you seek. :)

Thanks! It's a practice in patience, I suppose :)

that occasional cooked carbs and excess fat are probably why

Do you think? I can cut the fat out, no problem (although sometimes I just really want something with nuts or avocado in it) I guess that will have to be more like once a month instead of once a week, if at all. :(

The cooked carbs are a hard one for me to ditch because I don't have a lot of money right now, and having baked potato or rice is the most inexpensive way for my partner and I to increase the $$/volume of our meal plan. I can try to limit it, but unfortunately I can't afford to REPLACE it. I'd be going without instead of replacing... which is fine unless I'm not meeting my calories I guess. Thanks for your thoughts, I'm going to try to work this piece out.

12 bananas + 12 dates and some greens and snacks REALLY doesn't sound like enough calories. Try tracking until you hit 3000cals per day consistently.

Edited to add: To give you an idea, I eat about 10 bananas now for breakfast. Try getting about 1k cals in each meal.

I eat two 1000+ cal smoothies each day! I have 3300 set as my target in cronometer, and I usually reach my target or close to it. I can eat more fruit, I love it, so that's not an issue. I guess I could squeeze a third smoothie in during the day. Hmm.

Maybe I should increase the bananas and decrease the dates? 

Yup - after reading chuck's post I'd say add a third smoothie and cut the tamari :P

I got this one covered. Instead of eating tamari today, eat tamari tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Salt has no calories so how can it make you fat? Well that is another thing showing the stupidity of counting calories. How much salt is in tamari? Read the label. It could have 900 mg of sodium per tablespoon. That is a lot of salt. Fat looks worse than muscle but water weight looks worse than fat. This explains the science of why salt, with no calories, makes you fat even though everyone is ignoring it when trying to lose weight. Can Salt Make You Fat

40% of Americans, over age 40, have high blood pressure. Because of salt their potassium to sodium ratio is about 1:2. In all the places in the world where the potassium to sodium ratio is at least 5:1 (easy with no salt) less than 1% of the people have high blood pressure. Do you smokeWebmd.com has an article saying that cutting down on salt is better for heart health than quitting smoking. This means that quitting salt is better than quitting smoking. So if you quit salt and start smoking, you will be better off than now! The above article says "Half a Teaspoon Less Salt a Day Would Prevent 92,000 Deaths, 99,000 Heart Attacks, 66,000 Strokes."

Thanks for this info! I love Tamari so much, but I am going to try cutting it out. I've heard how bad salt is for you, but I guess I was just HOPING that sodium in something like this was a little different than outright sea salt or something. Okay - got it... scratch Tamari off the menu! Thanks.



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