30 Bananas a Day!

For the past few days i have had terrible cravings for steamed fish, raw fish, oysters, steamed veges. I have also been craving salty things like the kitz crackers.
I thought maybe i need to eat more fruit so i stuffed myself with fruit but i was still feeling irritable and unsatisfied. Nothing would stop these craving, i had an avocado salad. I had a handful of brazil nuts and macadamias, but still i was craving seafood (raw or cooked).

This has been happening for the past 3 days. Fruit has satisfied me in the mornings but then after lunch fruit is the last thing i want.

I have been feeling so good lately and i just want to go back to how i was feeling before, this is horrible

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Yep your right Rachel, we dont subscribe to the emotional eating gig. Spending time with Roz I honestly believe that Roz would feel a lot better if she guzzled some more water and ate more of her fav fruits. Roz has a lot on her plate and (in my opinion) by underconsuming water and sweet fruits, I just cant see anyone, no matter how skilled, reaching their optimum.

I guess we have to spend time with people to see how they could improve. Thats why I hang around peeps that can offer me some tips.

I remember spending years thinking I was an emotional eater and wondering why I just didnt have the fitness/emotional stability etc I really dreamed off. If we 'emotionally ate' how come supercrew like Tony Robbins are losing the battle with the bulge? Why? Cos they buy into the fiction of emotional eating and just restrict their calories and binge, put on weight, get emotional, restrict calories, get more emotional, binge, get emotional, get more disciplined, restrict harder, do more courses, read more books, binge like a champion, 'Im losing my grip so I just gotta commit more and really get serious..oh my, binged again...

Im a control freak, I like getting the right results for myself and others. :)
I believe in emotional eating in terms of comfort, for the same reason I like to wear PJs and cuddle with a blanket even if I'm not cold. Somewhere along the line the brain started considering some food as comfort items, like a blanket or PJs or a favorite song, instead of simply nutritional fuel. I can tell the difference between being sad and turning to ice cream vs craving sweets and turning to ice cream (I actually don't like ice cream, but it's a common one for many).

For example, my husband is away for 5 weeks and just left Friday. All day Saturday I had sweet cravings because I didn't have enough ripe bananas in the house and didn't eat enough fruit. That night I had cooked food because I was craving more carbs.

Sunday I was depressed (it hit me how long he was going to be gone) and couldn't find anything to ease my depression over the absense of my partner. I had plenty of water, fruit and greens, 9 hours sleep, two hours of sun and exercise (mostly because I was trying to lift my mood) but I couldn't ease my mind. Instead of dealing with my emotional state (I couldn't figure out how to at the time) I turned to cooked food that I somewhere along the line attached a "comfort" tag to to try to ease the depression, much like the blanket I had over me and the chick flick I was watching.

I have a hard time denying this is emotional eating, but I'm always open to new ideas. It does seem one would have to deny finding comfort in a scent, feel, sight, or sound to deny that one can find comfort in a taste.
Hey Sami :-)
When did you last have salt?
Have you got a log of how many calories you have been consistently eating over the past week?
When is the last time you had your mums crackers (the salty ones)?
When did you last eat cooked food?
How much exercise have you been getting?
How much water have you been drinking?

Thanks X
Hey Free :)

I last had salt on the weekend in mums crackers
I have between 2500 to 3000,
I last ate cooked 4 weeks ago before i baegan this diet
I usually exercise between 1 to 3 hours and have one sometimes 2 days a week off depending how im feeling
I always make sure i drink at least 3L of water each day
Hey thanks Sami :)

Just a few more questions so I can help you as objectively as possible..

What does the 2500-3000 cals look like? What foods do have on an average day?
1-3 hours is A LOT of training!! I'm guesing you would need up to 4500 cals a day for that workload or even more!
Great to hear you are getting in 3litres of water a day, are you peeing clear at least 8 times a day?
If you are still eating salt you will still crave it because its still circulating in your bloodstream and distorting your tastebuds. Salt is a poison and should be eliminated from your diet permanently and as soon as possible.

Here is a great article on Salt by Dave Klein...

Thanks babe
Yes true Ryan, we should be asking peeps how many calories they burn through exercise, this is a very important factor in determining ideal calorie intake. Thanks for the link!
Your such a gem Free :)

Well for breakfast i usually have 1kg of bananas, then throughout the day lately i have been having a whole red papaya and few large bananas, before it was 3 or 4 custard apples, some dried bananas (about 200g). I have started adding celery throughout the day. I have also been having a handful of raw nuts (well i have done it twice) im not sure if thats a bad thing or not??? I always feel very full and a little heavy afterwards but i also crave them. Then at night i will have a salad and if im still really not satisfied ill have some more fruit after dinner.
I have been logging my calories on fitday and it has been telling me that i burn around 3000 a day so i have been really trying to keep it a few hundred under what i have been burning.

Thanks :)
Fats are fine as long as we find em so. If not then its great to cut em out for a period or just cut way back.

I rarely eat less than what IM are burning in a day and the blue moon days that I do, its cos I was out bush and food was limited..But I NEVER do it intentionally. I just leads to hating exercise and fat gain paranoia.

Doesnt sound like your getting 3000cals on that ration diet Samster. Sounds more like 2000..just! :) Id be hating life on that much and by the looks of it, you trained even more than I did last week!

Have your fats as last meal of the day or your gonna hamper your glycogen restoration and that means life starts to get heavy. Give it 1 year on this path and youll be writing on the forum 'Im too light, Im getting blown away by the wind in training..help!'
Thanks Sami, haven't been called a gem before cool! :-)

I must say I estimated your calorie intake to be around the 2200 mark, maybe a few hundred more with the occasional nuts and dried fruit, so with the amount of exercise you are doing this is far too low to keep you on the LFRV lifestyle long term. Nutridiary.com is ment to be a little more accurate than fitday.com, both services definitely have their flaws but they seem to be the most accurate calorie-counting tools out there...also you might like to try cronometer.

You must remember to just keep yourself ticking you need a certain amount of calories, probably like 1400 at least even if you stayed in bed all day, so then when you add your exercise the total then comes to like 4400, so aiming for at least 3500 calories a day would be a great goal with the quantity of exercise you are doing....if you feel like eating more then yes eat, you must!!

Reducing your calories to burn fat is counterproductive, it will never lead to sustainable fat loss, sure you may lose a little fat for a while but it will be minimal and mainly water due to the lack of carbohydrates being consumed, for every gram of carbohydrate we need 3 more grams of water to store it so predictably when people cut carbs they lose water weight, sometimes many kg's but rarely much fat...If you gave up salt you would find your body would most probably release a fair bit of water weight. Undereating on carbs will eventually cost you your emotional poise and your great fitness level. Not only will you end up back on cooked food really quickly (& lots of it) but also with a "bonus" couple of pounds due to a slowed metabolism as a result of the starvation-storage mode your body goes into.

The best and really the ONLY effective way to lose fat sustainably (& not just for the summer) is to get fitter, like you are doing Sami but to consistently get fitter you not only need the exercise but you also need an adequate intake of carbohydrates or you won't be able to maintain your current level of intensity or your raw goals.

It's also important to get clear about why you want to follow a LFRV lifestyle, if it's purely for fat loss then this path will be extremely difficult to maintain...I wrote a blog about it here....

What is your BF and weight now and what do you want to be? You can email me if you would prefer :)

Have your fats as last meal of the day or your gonna hamper your glycogen restoration and that means life starts to get heavy.
- Totally agree with this Harls

Lovefree X
Thanks for that Free :)

I started off thinking like that, eating as much fruits as i wanted and not worrying about the calories in calories out thing. But somewhere in the last week i got back on the cutting calories. I just need to keep reminding myself that this does work.

Weightloss isnt the only reason i want this lifestyle, i suppose i just want weightloss so bad that sometimes it distracts me. I am currently sitting between 62 and 63 at the moment and i would like to get down to 52-53. I dont know what my BF is, where can i find that out????

thanks so much again Free :) so appreciated!
That ride we did today Sammi, thats what builds the stuff we want and get rid of the stuff we dont. :) Good work!

Big meals to fuel big hills pays the health and fitness bills..
good girl,get those carbs in...Cut the fruit and we soon find less that optimal foods attractive. i hear you are going great guns babe.Keep up the good work SJ.Hey you have Harls and Free on your door step you lucky duck.

Wish i had 've been on that ride, i am a little green around the cheeks thinking of the fun you would have had :)



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