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I don't know why I am gaining weight. I have been on the HCRV diet for a few days now and definitely see that my stomach is getting larger day by day. I've never had an eating disorder and am actually already overweight. I don't totally understand how you can have weight loss on this diet because I thought if you don't use the carbs you eat they store as fat..?

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I don't know what you're eating so how can I tell you? Is it a lot of processed vegan food? High fat vegan food? High protein vegan food? Are you eating tons of salty foods? These should be avoided. Some excess carbs will be burned off as thermogenesis, where as excess fats are not. Almost 100% of excess fat is stored as fat, where as some % of carbs are burned off, it's hard to get a definitive answer on how much that % is with carbs. Some say it's almost 100% I completely disagree and have read it's about 35% and agree with that number, but I think there's many variables that come into play. Some of those variables would be metabolic rate, activity levels, genetics, and what it is you're actually eating. Anyway you've only been doing this for what a few days... Weight gain/loss occurs very slowly. Sounds like bloating/water retention. This high carb lifestyle works for sure, I've been at it for about four years and I can barely maintain my weight 5'7'' male 34 years 120ish pounds. 2/4 thousand calories a day. Carbs keep you thin.

Yeah you know few days isn't anything! Maybe you're just bloated, or detoxing or water weight etc. And some details would be helpful if you want helpful advice (; 

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Please also keep in mind what time of month it is. During PMS many women tend to retain lots of water and get bloated.

Give it some time mate
Very true guys, it hasn't been long at all!! I trust this lifestyle enough to give it time. I've been having 2 bananas and 15 date smoothies for breakfast, dried fruit and mango for lunch, and potatoes with tomato sauce or corn pasta for dinner. I think I kind of freaked out unnecessarily when I didn't see results immediately which is silly. Hopefully in a few months I'll have a good update!

Hi Natalie and welcome to this lifestyle. A great place to start is to go through all the literature which are provided below, and many more throughout this website. Many questions you have will most likely be in these links.





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The first period of changing your diet, is a transitional period. Where the body is changing lots of stuff. Imagine you have a house full of furniture, and now suddenly you are re-decorating the house. It becomes a chaos during that process.
So as others have said, and as you have said now, you cannot know how your body respond to this diet until that transitional period fades out. The transition is the most intense in the beginning, and then it gradually fades.
Especially the digestive system gets chaotic, until only your new diet is flowing through it. Which can easily cause bloating.
If you have cooked food in your digestive system, and eat lots of fruit without enough time apart (half a day+), that fruit will crash into the cooked food because it travels much faster in our digestive tract, and ferment. Which cause bloating. Which is why eating fruit should be done at the beginning of the day, and cooked food at the end of the day, even after your transition period. So that your sleep can give that cooked food a very good head start.

To really know if you are gaining weight, I advice you to weigh yourself every morning, before eating or drinking. And observe your weight for a period of a couple of weeks. That is the most reliable way of knowing your weight. But also give you and your body a few weeks to adjust this big change in your diet, before you really consider the numbers you are reading.

And congratulations for starting on this healthy path! And welcome! :D

Edit: And please feel free to ask more questions as the show up! :D

This is very helpful! I'm about two months in and I was gradually losing weight at first but now that I feel like my detoxing is wearing off, I seem to be gaining... Could this be just another stage of detoxing? 

I eat mostly dates, rice, oatmeal, potatoes and bananas

That is wonderful, I am happy to hear :)

So, you have achieved a rhythm now and you feel fairly stable in your new hclf vegan diet? Two months is a good span.

And you seem to gain weight. What I think is relevant is if you are below or above your bodys natural biological weight. The weight that is most ideal for your body. What is not so relevant is what our internal image of how our body should look like. Because through our environment and our own beliefs and attitudes, that image can become distorted. We can easily feel too thin or too thick regardless of what our weight is, that is how powerful our mind is at projecting onto reality. So we need to be completely honest with ourselves. Which is a challenge often, because of our ego.
When you eat low fat and high carb, and you eat just what your body needs in calories, your body should gradually stabilize its weight on the natural ideal for your body.
If you eat less than the daily need for calories, your body will loose weight. If you eat more than the daily need, your body will gain weight.

So my question is, if you are gaining weight and you don't like that you are, are you gaining weight from your natural ideal weight? Or are you underweight from your natural biological ideal and gaining towards your ideal?
In other words, how much are you eating compared to your daily need? Do you eat too much, more than the body need to be satisfied, or are you eating to little, or just right? Do you feel hungry ever? Do you also eat out of cravings?

As your body is running cleaner on your diet, as it will after a while of stable hclf (e.g two months), it seems to need less food. It will assimilate your food more efficiently, and you might gain weight on the food that maintained your weight before. So if this is the case, just eat less. Follow your hunger, listen to your body, when eating low fat high carb.
The percentage of fat in your diet, will be a guideline for what percentage of fat your body will keep and have. If you eat 10% fat in calories, you can expect to have about 10% fat in your body. Very approximately. Others might know more accurately the relationship, but its in that ball part.

What do you think now? I threw out a few different perspectives and ideas.

This is great, thank you!

I am a ballet dancer so I've had a past of disordered eating/severe calorie restricting and I just rebounded back from being severely underweight. (This rebound happened before I went vegan)  So it's hard because I knew that's what my body needed to do to heal, but I am expected to be pretty underweight so my perspective is a bit warped still. But, I'm trying to stay focused on my health above all.

Also, what you've mentioned about my hunger decreasing a bit is true and something I've been thinking about. I am eating a lot more than I have in a while... but I feel like my appetite is starting to normalise again. So, we'll see! 

Also, I have noticed some muscle gain so it could be that with some fat I haven't lost yet. 

Yeah, I get that. It can be two quite different worlds, to focus on external expectations and to focus on our needs and health. And to find a balance between those two, is a process also, and a learning.

Those are valuable observations. I hope to be able to follow you and see where this will lead you in regards to your weight. A bit exciting I think, to discover how our body and we work together more.

By the way, congratulations for having rebounded from being severely underweight! That is so wonderful to hear :) It takes determination and strength, and self-love.



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