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howdy!  i was wondering if anyone would have some insight into why i am gasey and bloated.  i increased my water intake hoping that that would increase bowl movements and thus decrease my discomfort, but that isn't doing it.  i just don't get it.  i eat about 2200 kcal a day and drink about a gallon of water a daily, workout daily and sleep well.  other than that, i am feeling well, but this has definitely been not so cool.


thanks everyone!

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Yes what are you eating first of all, and second have you ever had a colonic before?

hi mike-why did u ask if she'd ever had a colonic? Are u for them?Just been listening to DG's perfect health program-said colonics are not good-i.e can cause damage if not done properly.

Could be food combinations. I try to eat fruit all day then veggies at night. Don't eat fruit on top of veggies or fat cuz it will ferment and make you gassy.




When I started LFRV I was like that for about a week before it chilled out. And I get it back when I slip off the wagon. It doesn't hit me till I start eating the fruit again. If you're new to LFRV, it will probably go away if you just give your system time to clean house.

good morning.  so, i have been 811 for almost 3mths.  i eat fruit all day and then do some fruit pre-dinner and then salad for dinner.  i seriously feel like i am not having adequate bowel movements. i have only been going once right when i get up in the morning.  the bloating and gas has been going on for the past few weeks. could dates do it?  we just got 10lbs of dates and i eat about a 6-12 a day.  hummm?


i have had colonics in the past and was just thinking about getting an appointment.  good thought!  thanks!


so, that is where i stand.  thanks everyone!  :)

oooh daaaling, lol,  sorry, I'm crappy at being humourous..


3 months is nothing! You still wear a lot of bad food in the pockets of your colon

and when you eat fruit, even on an empty stomach, it ferments there and you get bloated.

It will go away, mine stopped after about a year, but i'm still not 100% raw

so it may take you less.


Just give it time and yes, the less fruits eaten together, the better.

The more greens, the better.




Eat more cals from fruit. Aim for 3000. Add more water if needed. I drink a litre upon rising and a litre directly before bed and a couple in between. Food combos are definitely an issue as well

yes thats is causing the problem.

I always wake up and drink 2 big tall glasses of water and wait 20 minutes before eating.  You should hydrate everything and sort of get it ready for digestion cause it is importiant for the colon me by well hydrated.

Also! I always wait 2 hours after eating before I drink anything else because it dilutes your stomach acid. I was told to do this and I definitly find it helps with bowel movements alot. Mine are pretty regular now.

Dont food combine certian things.  I eat mono right now because I dont know what to mix. But I think bananas and dates are good with eachother. Protein and fats dont mix with fruit. etc.. I only know a few, but it is easy for your body to digest one thing.

I think you are correct on your food combination idea. You should never combine fruits and vegetables, but you can eat vegetables with nuts and seeds if that is a part of your diet. Fruit should always always be eaten alone. You should not eat or drink anything else for 30 minutes before or after a fruit meal. That is just what I have learned.


Food combining is probably the problem


acidity fruit diagram

Important: Only combine where circles touch directly!

sweet fruits sub-acid fruits acid fruits melons
Banana Sweet Cherries Grapefruit Cantaloupe
Dates & Figs Sweet Apple Orange Crenshaw
All Dried Fruit Sweet Berries Lemon Honeydew
Persimmon Apricot Lime Muskmelon
Prunes Papaya Pineapple Watermelon
Sweet Grapes Pear Pomegranate
Mango Sour Grapes
Sweet Peach Cranberries
Sweet Plum Sour Peach & Plum
Sour Apple
Sour Cherries


Note: This is off of http://www.acidalkalinediet.com/food-combining-chart


Here's another good chart: http://www.internethealthlibrary.com/DietandLifestyle/food-combinin...

thank you everyone!  so, i think that i pegged the issue.  we got a case of cantaloupe 2 weeks ago and thus i was eating tons of it.  however, i may have been eating other things too close to eating the melons.  thus, improper fruit combos.  i should know better, but i guess i need more time in between. 


i so need to reread dr. graham's 80-10-10 again and really keep tabs on some points.


thank you so much!  you guys rawk!



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