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Hi Guys, 

I am currently in my final year of university and I am working on my dissertation which is on Information available for weight conscious consumers, focusing on topics such as misleading information and fad diet plans and long term success on diets, and obviously the focus on veganism and high carb vegan diets. 

This discussion is part of my research, therefore, I wanted ask you guys, what make you choose this lifestyle and what do you love and hate (if at all) most about eating the way we do!!

Any help  and opinion from you guys will be extremely helpful, if this project goes well, it will even be  published therefore put the message out to more people! 

I look forward to hearing from all of you and thank you so much in advance for you help and contribution!

Lots and lots and lots of love to you all, 

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I came to raw veg for health reasons as I have many sensitivities such as gluten and or a damaged kidney.  This works best for me and I am also attracted to keep at it for the sake of animal rights and environmental reasons. 

I have had the privilege of moderating here @30BaD for several years now and I have been able to help people trouble shoot problems with a raw foods diet and kind of perfect what really works for long term success.  

This has led me to work on a project of a series of blogs not only based on our collective experiences, but I have been able to back up those experiences with legit scientific references.  Some of my research with references is available here: 

Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! - 30 Bananas a Day!

Hope this helps and peace, PK

What made me choose this lifestyle:  I was tired of constantly being tired.  I tried 80/10/10 and got my energy back.

What made me stay on this lifestyle:  As an unforseen consequence of 80/10/10, my psoriasis went away, and whenever I eat things other than raw fruits,vegetables,nuts, seeds, my psoriasis comes back (as do bad skin, low energy, heartburn, ect...).

What I love about this lifestyle: the simplicity of it.

What I dislike about this lifestyle: Gathering over cooked food is how most of this world bonds, and I can't bond in this way with my non-raw friends, and have to search for alternative means of forming bonds with those around me.

scroll through these testimonials


Check out this discussion :) 

You hear it practically EVERYWHERE. 

   "Eat less to lose weight!"

   "Eat less to be healthy!"

    "Low-calorie recipes!"

    "Low-carb recipes!"

No wonder people nowadays have eating disorders.

  Most people in the 'health industry' do not really want you to be healthy. They want you to buy their products, supplements, books, magazines... Tell you that you need this supplement or powder to be healthy.  In my personal opinion, if everyone in the world changed their diets, doctor's would only be needed for things such as broken bones.

 When you go to see a doctor, they never really ask you about your diet. They usually send you home with over-priced medication and have you re-schedule an appointment that costs far too much money. If you go to the doctor due to being overweight, most of them suggest a low-calorie, low-carb diet, which leaves you unsatisfied, as you are depriving your body of the glucose calories it needs to run properly. This is why most people who follow a low-carb diet eventually binge and gain all of the weight back.

  The day I decided I wanted to become healthier, all of these 'low-calorie' and 'low-carb' fads where thrown at me. "This magical superfood will help you lose weight!" It overwhelmed me and about a year later I developed an eating disorder. I was anorexic for 5 years, bulimic for 2. I was sick of being sick. I wanted to be able to eat food and not have to worry if there are too many calories in the dish I was eating. I was already vegan at the time.

  One of my lovely friends online recommended I check out the high-carb vegan diet. She said she lost 30 pounds eating over 3,000 calories and participating in light exercise. (about 2-3 hours weekly of walking)

  She gave me the link to some YouTube channels made by people following this lifestyle. (Durianriders, Freelee The Banana Girl, FullyRawKristina, and FoodnSport.) I've watched practically all of their videos, and I have found more wonderful people who eat this way and are happy, healthy, and vibrant. THRIVING, not just surviving. 

  I found the link to this amazing forum, joined it, and jumped on the bandwagon. I am now on the raw till 4 program, eating 3,000+ calories a day, and feeling better than I ever have in my life. My systic acne has cleared up tremendously, I have energy, I'm not clinically depressed or anorexic anymore, and my athletic performance (I'm a runner and a female rugby player) have improved dramatically.

   *Good luck on your project! :) *

I started eating the majority of my calories from fruit since april 2002. Ive tried just about every diet out there and can honestly say that fruit provides for the best slimness, most stamina, best flavor and peak digestion. The only draw backs are finding daily amounts of edible  tasty fruit as most fruit these days is grown for low sugar and picked way too early. It also is not an affordable lifestyle for many unfortunately. I spent over 250USD the other week for just ONE day of organic fruit consumption.  I like to eat variety during the week and if you want to do that in Australia, you have to pay for sure.

Thank you so much everyone for such insightful information! I truly appreciate it. This should help me write my report! Many of the reasons you have given is why I have chosen to eat this way too. 

God bless all for a wonderful healthy life!

Love to all!

I came to this lifestyle entirely for the animals. My whole life I have loved animals but I used to think pretty much everyone did. The only animal abuse I knew of was animal testing until I saw "The Cove" and "Sharkwater" 4-5 years ago back when I was in grade 10 and it absolutely blew my mind.

After seeing them I cut out a flew clips from the movies and put them on my iPod to show pretty much anyone I talked to. No one cared. They just said stuff like "Oh well who cares, dolphins have babies" and "Sharks are mean anyways" and began to taunt me about it. It really pissed me off to the point where Id get in fights over it which made me care for the animals even more. Being so young and living in the country there was really nothing I was able to do about it so I eventually calmed down and just kept my thoughts to myself.

3 years later I moved into residence at the university I was attending and right off the bat met a pescatarian and talked animals for hours. I began eating all my meals with her and I started feeling great. She told me about one of her friends that was a raw vegan and I was like "Woah, that exists? That's hardcore" so I began eating only fruits and veggies for about 2 months until my parents who were paying for my groceries and a meal plan at the school basically forced me to stop.

I ended up dropping out of school for mental health reasons and then lived the next year and a half of my life doing lots of drugs and drinking lots of alcohol. After finally finding where I belong in the world I started to become more positive and actually do stuff instead of doing literally nothing all day and seeing no one. I started spending hours a day searching the web for animal rights petitions and reading/listening to the lyrics of my favorite vegan bands. Then one morning after hearing a line that pretty much changed my outlook on everything I said "Fuck it, todays the day I become a vegan." I didnt even think of how healthy this diet was until a few days after my roommate being 100% into broscience and the paleo diet was like "Wow man your body is going to love you." I then thought to myself "Oh shit eh, I guess this is pretty much the healthiest diet out there and began googling stuff about raw veganism. First link I clicked was this website and I saw there was a video of an attractive girl dancing and eating fruit so I went to Freelees youtube channel and binged. Thats how it all began for me.

I love this lifestyle because the food tastes so good, its so simple, I look great and I feel great although not perfect since Im still working on my mental health issues. The only negatives to this lifestyle I can think of is how expensive it is, the fact that I smell McDicks every day because I park my car at one for free parking, having to control myself when people ask me dumb questions like "where do you get your protein?" and living in Canada.

Although I was trying to be to the point with all this I dont think I was but hopefully this helps you out. I really hope this project goes well for you! Good luck!



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